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What Was This?

Hello and thanks for your help! Twenty years ago, my boyfriend was involved in a car accident and was on life support and in a coma for 5 days before he passed away.

After being notified of the accident, I rushed to the hospital, but was pretty shaken up when I got there. I decided to sit in the waiting room for a while to calm down and collect my emotions so as not to inflict them on him.

When I finally went in, I stood at the side of his bed and decided to try to “filter/recirculate” some of the bad energy from him by breathing, you know, breathe out the bad stuff from him and breath in good stuff.

I went to take my first breath to do this and all of a sudden it felt like I got kicked in the chest by a horse! Simultaneously, I got a message. And it was weird because it didn’t necessarily come to me in words, it was more 5 sensory than that. The only term I’ve been able to come up with to describe it is an “impression” and as I was feeling the kick in the chest, I got the message, “NO, you don’t belong here!!”, or something very close to that.

Next thing I know, my friend, Jimmy, who came in with me, has got me by the armpits and is dragging me out of the room. There was a bench in the hallway so he set me down there. A nurse comes running up with a wet washcloth saying, “it’ll be ok, a lot of people pass out at times like this.” I told her that I did not pass out, I was conscious (somewhat) the whole time, but she was sure I passed out!! Jimmy tells me that what he saw was me standing there and all of a sudden I came flying backwards and he grabbed me  by the armpits…

What was that? What did I run into that caused that to happen? Is it common in those situations? Please let me know, I’ve wondered all these years, Thank you!  Kat

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Hi Kat,

No, its not common, but does make good sense, to stop you trying to take negativity from your boyfriend when it would not have done you any good. That someone gave you a literal push is unusual, and does lead to questions of what else was in the room with the three of you, apart from the usual guides and angels, but given the distance in time since it happened its really hard to say. I do believe, though, that you were being protected – not from him, but from taking on something you didn’t need, given the emotional state you were in at the time.

Love & Peace