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Handprint – Should I Be Concerned?

This morning I woke up with a hand print on the left side of my rib cage. The previous house I lived in was haunted by two spirits and my current house is also haunted, by what I don’t know. I was wondering if this is something I should be concerned about, or something that I should just let go?

Asked by Hannah

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Hi Hannah,

Another person with a handprint. Seems to be the ‘fad’ going around at the moment – ghosts want to leave their ‘mark’ on people. Was it a child’s size print, or an adult? Apart from one lady, who thinks it might be a sign that someone is going to die (in your family), and she is the only person I’ve read with that idea .. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Instead .. there are two links at the bottom of the page here. The first is the Michael Invocation, to clear your energy, just in case some ghost is hanging around .. and the other is white light shields, to keep them out of the house. The instructions for both are on the webpages .. learn them, use them and relax. Ghosts are normal, in a sense, I guess they just want us to notice them more right now?

Love & Peace

This is a story that I have only shared with my husband my mother was with me when this happen but she did not she is and insisted that it was my own hand print. I was about 6 years old and lived on a farm. My mother and I were walking up our long drive way from the barn after feeding the horses when a green hand with red spots in it grabbed me my the leg and left a huge hand print on my inner thigh, the hand print was way to big for it to be hand it was as if some thing was trying to drag me under ground I remember this incident like it happened yesterday. I had slapped the hand off from my leg and screamed but did not run the touch of it was like nothing I had ever felt, My mother insisted that it was a hos weed that had hit my leg and I slapped at it and the plant a bugs on it and so on but there was no hos weeds that big our drive way and no matter how much she tried to convince me I knew what had happen that is some thing that will never leave my mind. So what ever is leaving hand prints is not a good thing and is evil I can tell you that right now. Let it know it is not welcomed in or around your home and banish it

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