What Is A Succubus And Incubus?

In the Michael Invocation, I have noticed succubus and incubus mentioned. I was wondering what they are. Are they bad spirits or demons?

I still have some activity in my house, but I think things are getting quieter.

Asked by Nancy Abbott

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Hi Nancy,

They are not ‘spirits’ they are sexual demons. The succubus has sex with living men, the incubus with living women, though they are actually the same entity. They are very hard to get rid of, because they attach to people through their basic instincts for both survival and procreation. Definitely something to be avoided.

I did have an experience where two men wrote to me, at different times, on another paranormal site, demanding that I connect them with a succubus because they were told it would be the ‘best sex of their lives’ .. one of them got very rude when I refused!

The demons ‘feed’ on sexual energy. They ‘turn people on’ by playing with their genitals at inappropriate times, such as in the middle of class at school, or at work in the middle of a conference, or when talking to someone important, or at family gatherings; they will drive away living partners for the person with their behaviour, because the person can become addicted to sex with the demon, and withdraw from society because of that, or from the sheer embarrassment of not being able to control their bodily reactions (men being the most obvious) when the succubus decides to ‘play’ with them.

Anything addressed directly in that Invocation is a negative entity, Nancy. Spirits, people who have crossed into heaven and come back to visit, would never do that to someone they love.

And that’s another thing – demons lie. An incubus/succubus might say it loves you but don’t be fooled. It only wants to use a person up and destroy them.

Love & Peace

Thanks Ama, I was just wondering, because it was included in the Archangel Michael Invocation.

I recite that every night before I go to bed and I do think things have quieted down a lot. 🙂

Thank You,

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