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I Noticed a Hand Print On My Husband’s Back

Hello my name is Dionna. One morning I was talking to my husband and noticed he had a perfect print of a hand on his back. He didn’t notice anything off and was not in pain. So we was wondering what it may be?

He thought it may have been is mother. Because it was small like her hand. She has past but he did say that he had a dream about his grandmother the night before.

We just want some answers really.

Asked by Dionna

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Large Hand Print

I have been sick for three days and I woke up this morning went to the kitchen and for some reason pulled up my shirt and there was a large red hand print on my tummy it was the fingertips and the palm clear as day I showed it to my husband and he said it looked like a hand print to him about two hours later it went away and I am no longer sick.

Asked by Candice


Demon Wont Go Away

Hi, the other morning I woke up to an adult sized hand print on my abdomen that didn’t go away until an hour or 2 after I noticed it. I am sure it is a demonic spirit, as we have had many issues with one in our family.

Over the last 3 years we had an exchange student in our home that would practice and talk to a dark side in the middle of the night. Since then we have had numerous demonic dreams, crucifixes falling off our walls on a regular basis, seeing black ‘grim reaper’ looking figures walk next to us, appear in the shower, and charge at us when sleeping at night. We have had our beds shake and unable to move or talk as if we were held down. Multiple notes left by it saying things such as HELL or 666. Waking up to scratches bruises hand prints…

We’ve had priests do exorcists on our home multiple times after numerous attempts at blessing our home just aggravated it. I believe that our exchange student was truly possessed, the priest told us to put blessed salt and Holy water in her food to see if there was any reaction and sure enough, after one bite she started shaking out of control and pushed the food away and said she felt very sick. We did this multiple times with the same reaction each time.

My younger sister has had 2 exorcists performed on her as the priests believed the demon had specifically gone after her. They each seemed to work for awhile and then it always starts up again. I moved out and bought a house and think it has attached to me and followed me here as I have been having demonic dreams, waking up with handprint on my stomach, and we hear noises all times of day that have no explanation to.

We have heard footsteps walking upstairs and my younger sister spent the night here one night for a sleepover with my boyfriends daughter and both came in our room crying and scared because they seen what appeared to be something jumping on the bed and heard a large thump on the floor as if it had jumped off. We are a very religious catholic family.

This thing seems to not want to leave no matter what we or the priests do to kick it out.

Can anyone help us out or have any input? My biggest concern is with the hand print I found on my abdomen the other morning, I am pregnant and feel that was a sign from it trying to tell me it is going after my baby. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Asked by Steph

Dreams and Sleep

Hand Print With Four Fingers

So this morning my girlfriend woke up with a hand print on her leg that was too small to be hers. The weird thing is that it is right above her knee and only has four fingers, no thumb. Another weird thing is that on the opposite leg she has the outline of finger nails right below her knee, but the fingernails are too large to be hers as well. I have pictures of it but don’t know how to upload them.

Another strange thing is that she proclaims to have been able to see ghost or spirits when she was younger, and recently she has seen this black figure that used to hang out in her old room at her old house, but she just recently moved into a new house.

Also about 3 weeks ago her phone went off by SIRI, but neither her or I touched the phone to activate it, and it said “watch your brothers”, which was really odd to us, but last night we did happen to sleep in her brothers room because of a long story (but its irrelevant).

So yeah we don’t know why or what happened maybe its her or something else but it wasn’t me because I wasn’t even in the same bed as her.

Also she said she had a dream that she was in a prison…

Please let me know, very peculiar…

Asked by Travis

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A Hand Shaped Blood Print

Hello good day. I came from Philippines and I have this friend who’s telling a story about what happened in him 3 years ago and still experiencing up to now.

He is a boy. One night in their school, he and his friends walked and passed by in a dormitory inside their school. While walking, they are telling a story about the lady ghost walking in that area.. my friend sai, he won’t until he see it with his eyes.

After passin by the dormitory, his professor told him  What happened to your polo, there is a blood shaped hand? It was like there’s someone who hold his shoulder. What he did is he throw the polo.. when he is on his way home.

His friend told him that there is a blood running through his forehead. Until now he is experiencing severe bloods cane from his body.

Faith healers here told him that there will be no solution in his case anymore.

We also found out that there’s 9 ghost asking for his help. They were all murdered but my friend didnt know them except for 1. That 1 is our friend who died because of suicide but we didn’t believe in that.

My question is what or how could this be solve? What’s happening in him? He used to kill 2 persons but he is not in his mind by that time.

Asked by nikki

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Waking Up With A Little Handprint On My Arm

So this morning I woke up walked to the bathroom and in the mirror I noticed I had a what you can call a handprint, more like a child handprint looked too small to be an adults and it wasn’t mine my hand was bigger it was on my upper right arm. I’m not sure what it means.

I did have a weird dream last night as well, that I walked in the bathroom and saw a dark shadow and just jumped in the tub and started screaming. It freaked me out.

If anyone knows anything about this let me know.

Thanks, tatiana

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What Was That Handprint On My Abdomen?

Handprint on abdomen, not mine nor my boyfriend’s! What is it and what should I do about it?

I moved into my boyfriend’s parent’s old house in November 2013 with my boyfriend and strange things have been happening to me. I sense that something is watching me all the time but I tend to ignore it. A few months after we moved in, my boyfriend took a few photos of us, but he took loads of photos in one go. We were sitting on the sofa in the living room and there is a stair gate just behind us where we were sitting.

The first photo was normal, the second photo the stair gate was blacked out, like a shadow standing where the stair gate is, the third photo the shadow moved just behind me and the shadow disappeared from the stair gate, instead there was a blue dot, the fourth photo the shadow disappeared from behind me and there was the blue light on my face and the fifth photo there is a hand next to me, looking like it’s going to suffocate me! Me and my boyfriend we’re so shocked. We were worried but didn’t think anything of it.

A few months later I woke up and went to get changed and there was a big red handprint on my abdomen, so I though I had slapped myself in my sleep but I measured it and compared it to my hand and it was a lot bigger! It was also bigger than my boyfriend’s too! I don’t know what it is.

The handprint disappeared after 3 hours. What could this be? Who should I speak to? My boyfriend has also said to me a shadow stands over me whilst I’m asleep. Can anybody please help?!

Asked by Sarah

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How Did I Get A Blue Handprint?

You see I went to swim in the river with my friend. We usually stay at the left side of the river but then I swam to the right side I swam pretty far.

When I got out of the water I seen a blue handprint on my leg. I asked my friend if she can see it and she said she can. It pretty freaked me out.

So does anyone know what it can be? Please tell me if you do.

Asked by Milena

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My Little Girl And Weird Looking Hand Print

Hi, I have a little girl who is 3 years old. She woke up with this weird looking hand print on her right side, all 5 fingers are there and they are really long and skinny.

I’m very worried about this. Its not a normal hand print. What should I do?

Asked by Brittany

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Mysterious Hand Print On Stomach

So, I’m 19. I can see these shadow figures (I call them shadows, I don’t know what anyone else calls them), and they’ve been more active lately but it all of a sudden stopped when I found out I might be pregnant. There’s a random one here and there but nothing like how it was before. I still get this feeling someone/something is watching me. I hate being alone in my house now, which is why I’m typically not home.

But here’s the odd part. I went to bed last night with no problem as I had suddenly became very tired. I woke up this morning with a handprint on my stomach. And its bigger than my hand so I know it can’t be mine. But this morning my stomach hasn’t stopped cramping at all. And it kind of burns a little. Also the handprint is male, and my boyfriend wasn’t here. The only person that was is my Mom and she’s smaller than I am.

Any help with this at all please. Even my friend whose really into this stuff more than I am can’t figure this out.

Thanks, Kristine