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7 Knocks?

I am 20 years old living and care taking for my great aunt who is 101. She came to me earlier saying that she’s been having trouble sleeping. I asked her why and she told me that every night she is always woken up by exactly 7 knocks. I’ve looked up what 7 knocks could mean, but no luck. No one has died recently that we know of. At first I thought that it was just her hearing things, but right before I went to the bathroom right next to her bedroom a couple nights ago, a I heard it for myself. This was around 2 in the morning.

They were very clear knocks. Not like an animals. We’ve ruled out as much as we could from animals trees, pranksters. (I had a friend come over and check for kids when the knocks happened, no kids.)

I have no idea if this has to do with the situation, but we live in a duplex. My grandma lives in the house attached. She has an overly creepy basement with an odd room. This “odd” closet doesn’t have a light and is all concrete. I have never opened that door without a few dead rats right by the door inside. What’s even more creepy, there is a boarded up room in that closet. The wood is old and there is a small crevice I can peek through. All I see is more concrete walls, unidentified objects that have bee shadowed, and there is always a breeze when I look through the hole.

I’ve talked to many “paranormal experts” in town, however they all have led me into wrong, misleading directions that sent me into a downward spiral of having night terrors/sweats, waking up in the middle of the night screaming. For about a month I would wake up standing either facing a wall or next to my front door, having to stop myself from unlocking it and going outside to who knows where.

I just want to know about these 7 knocks. What do they mean? Why is the number always 7? Why is this always around 2 am? I’ve never gotten  an answer for any of this.

Asked by Olivia

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Hi Olivia,

I feel very sorry for the rats. They can get in, but they can’t get out again. Have you thought about asking a builder, or handyman (person?) to come and find the hole they use to get in and fix it .. just to stop them coming in a all. There’s obviously a hole to the outside in it somewhere.

I doubt the people you spoke to were ‘experts’ in the paranormal. What did they tell you that frightened you so much? A ghost is just a ghost, and from what you have written, you’ve heard 7 knocks twice .. that’s it. Are other weird things happening as well? The rats are a structural problem, not a paranormal one. They can get in anywhere, and the ‘breeze’ is a real giveaway to a hole being somewhere.

I am not sure why you were having nightmares and walking in your sleep? Is anything else happening in your life, right now, that has had you very worried .. did this ‘walking’ start before you aunt heard the knocks, or after? Just for my clarity. That sounds like a reaction to stress to me, rather than anything paranormal. Do you watch horror movies a lot?

Seven is a very symbolic, positive, number. It is the number of Jesus Christ, if you are Christian. If you study numerology, which I find quite fascinating, it can mean ‘revealing hidden truths’. If you are a number seven personality (add up your date/month/year of birth) then you are a ‘seeker’ (of lots of things, including new knowledge). I am a 9 myself.

As to what it means to whomever knocked .. we can’t ask them, unless you want to get a medium in to talk to the ghost and cross it into heaven. If it was a ghost, they may well have moved on now. It might simply be that the ghost is trying to get the attention of anyone who can help her/him. The other thoughts is that when you were talking to your aunt about it, did you ask what the number means to her? Seven knocks is a very obvious way of drawing attention .. and 2am, when you are tired, vulnerable and a little worried .. and cranky, if you are anything like me .. me awake at 2.00am is grumpy .. then its a good way of getting a flash of fear from you .. and ghosts feed on negative energy, so fear is something they want.

I recommend a builder and the Michael Invocation, which you will find a link to at the bottom of the page. Say it for both your homes, to clear whomever is hanging around into a place where they can find the ‘help’ they need. Then you can get some decent sleep.

Ghosts are weird, but often they are simply people who have died and not gone into heaven, asking for us to help them .. and the early hours of the morning are their time, because the energy is softer than, or usually is, and we are sleepiest then .. or just back from astral travelling, which is something normal that we all do when our bodies sleep.

Unless there is something you haven’t told about the situation, it sounds like a normal moment of haunting .. so clear the ghost and things will be fine.

Love & Peace

My grandmother believed in the death knock. Have you ever heard of that? It is three loud knocks on the wall. One after the other. I heard it before my Mother and my sisters died, even though I knew they were ill. My grandmother was the one in our family that was physic.


we live in a house that when we were remodeling it we found 3 closets that we didn’t even know were there the had sheetrock covering them,weird also that room may be keeping bad spirits in and some times they leave an article for a blessing in that closed off room ours had nothing in them tho ,becareful may be a portal

my wife heard the same 7 knocks last week around 4am around last week of April 2018. our windows are facing our private backyard. no one was there. i will like to learn what was that ! thank you all !

Few days before my papa died he kept on knocking the wall. Now its 9 months since he passed away. It started may 4 2019 and may 5 at midnight. Ive been hearing knocks on the wall coming from his room where he died same thing what my papa did before the following day i went to the cemetery lighted a candle and ask him if he is the one knocking please not do it again not to scare me…now on the third night.Im waiting if it will happen again….now may 6 2019

Last night my dog was barking outside at about 2:30 am. I got up to go shut him up so that the neighbors would not be disturbed. I came back into the house and layed down. As I was drifting off back to sleep I distinctly heard 7 knocks. It sounded as if someone was using a wooden stick to make a knocking sound outside my window in my driveway. I woke up and saw that it was approaching 3:00 am. None of my dogs alerted, two sleep with me on my bed. So it the knocking could not have been inside my house. It’s the first time this has ever happened to me. I fell asleep wondering what that knocking was. My mom passed back in May 2018. The knocking sound didn’t scare me but it left me wondering where such a distinct sound could have come from in the middle of the night.

I have heard knocking for less than a years time. It has happened 3 times. The first time there was 3 knocks, the second time there were 2 knocks and the third time there were 2 knocks as well.
The first 2 times nothing happened but after the third time my brother’s puppy died 3 or 4 days later.
All the knocks add up to 7 and I don’t know if it symbolizes anything but my brother had the puppy for 7 days.

Does anyone have the answer and can you please help?

thank you

Today July 20, 2019, I was woke from sleep by seven very distinct marks. They sounded urgent, but when I got up no one was at the door. We buried my grand uncle (father’s Uncle) Last Saturday seven days ago. He was 95 and the last of his generation. Nothing was so distinct! This is happened before when I’ve heard that knocking and woke up however I don’t remember all of the details. It is extremely weird. I wish I knew what it meant.

I heard 7 knocks about 2 this morning. Out side my window. We live in development in the woods in eastern PA. It went knock knock knock knock knock (very short pause) then knock knock. Curious to see if this knocking pattern in being experienced by anyone?

When my cousins hubby died, l heard it for the first time.l don’t know if he was a lodge man, l thought. He was Christian like his wife. In any case l don’t think it’s a good omen and it’s always between 2 and 3am.

My son is also 20 years old and heard the seven knocks at the window in the middle of the night we all went outside with my husband to see what was out there the dogs did not bark or come out there was no sign of anybody who had broken in but the knocks on the window were fairly loud