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Dream of Western Movie Town

Ever since I was young, in my teens or 20’s, I have had a reoccurring dream that I was in an old west town, it was grey and gloomy, there were the old clapboard grey buildings and railroad tracks going down the middle of the street.

A few years ago I was watching an old Spaghetti Western that I had taped the night before. I watched most of it, and was about to turn it off as it wasn’t that good of a movie. It came towards the end where they had the final shoot-out, and all of a sudden there was the town in my dreams. Old grey buildings, exactly the same even to the RR tracks going down the middle of the street. It was kind of an eerie feeling. The credits at the end said the movie was filmed in Spain. I have never been there.

I have done some extra work in movies, and what they usually do at the end of a shoot is tear the sets down and put them up somewhere else for another movie. Can anyone explain this?

Asked by Bofferbings

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I fear I’m going to have to come back to this question a bit later when I’m not in meetings. But I wanted to answer as I am a very lucid/vivid and recurrent dreamer….and the question strikes a chord for sure. I’ve dreamt about places that I later have found were real, but I had never before visited in reality.

My first thought was, “Is the OP talking about a past life?”, because that does seem pretty specific (and, humbly, only if you believe in “past lives”).

So, let me start by asking you a question: What do you mean by “recurring”?

Is it just the dream-landscape that is the same? Or, every time you are there, are you engaged in the exact same actions? Truly “recurrent” dreams tend to get annoying because they are the exact same every time (I’ve had a few of those too).
Starting 8 years ago, I go to a dream city…every night. That is a recurring dream-space, as I don’t repeat actions here. It’s just the landscape that is always the same (I’ve written about it, and drawn out almost a 3rd of it already…I think…’s a big city!)


Hi guys,

I go with past lives as well .. but .. with reservations. I would also like to know why Bofferbings says this is a repeating dream…

Love & Peace

Hi Bofferbings

I am guessing that towns of the era in question in any given country, all had similar architecture and street layouts. This being the case – going along the ‘past life’ route – your dream may well be a memory of a place at a specific period in time.

Trains – steamtrain first appeared in Spain circa 1848 with a line between Barcelona and Mataro. In 1852 the first narrow gauge line was built, in 1863 a line reached the Portuguese border. By 1864 the Madrid-Irun line had been opened, and the French border reached. In 1911 the first line to be electrified was the Gergal-Santa Fe line. This certainly narrows down the era in which we are talking.

Of course, there could be another explanation for your dreams. I used to watch westerns a lot as a kid and young adult, along with my Grandad who was a real Wild West fan. (Rawhide was both mine and Grandad’s favourites – lol!) Once we’d watched them, we’d chat about the film / series for ages, comparing notes. Whenever I watch a western now, very fond memories of my Grandad come flooding back.

It may be your dream is more to do with an emotional response to a childhood or early adult experience in this life-time, rather than a past life memory? Can you think of anything which may link the image of a Wild West town to an emotional response??


I cant really think of anything, altho like you, my dad liked westerns. Books, movies, TV shows, everything. Theres a town in northern Idaho, I cant think of the name of it, its near Wallace that had RR tracks going down the middle of the street, but I never went there until long after I started having these dreams. Its been several years since I had the dream, but I used to have it once every one or two years. Thinking back on it now, I have had a couple other dreams about old west towns. One town I know, Mullan in Idaho. I dreamed I was there at night and someone was chasing me. Ive always had an interest in old west history, when I lived in Utah I would explore the old ghost towns looking for bottles, etc. Maybe that has something to do with it.But I dont know why I would dream about a town from a movie that I had never seen before filmed in a place I had never been to.

Ive dreamed this over again since I was young. Its usually the same thing, it seems I am trying to hide from someone. Im usually behind a door in a building looking out the window for someone who is trying to find me. This is kind of weird too. Sometimes I dream I am naked. Not all the time but sometimes. And sometimes it is raining. The dream landscape is the same. The old western town with RR tracks going down the middle of the street. I have no idea why I would see the exact same thing in an obscure movie filmed in Spain in the early 70’s. Its kind of spooky. I thought that someone who knows about things like this could explain it to me.

Hello Bofferbings,

The type of dreams you describe, someone chasing you, or hunting you, or being naked .. are pretty normal. The scene you describe is one from within your own mind .. as we suggested earlier, it might be related to a past life in which you experienced all those events .. it might not. You might have seen a movie in your childhood that you no longer remember – but our minds never forget anything. They lock it away in storage until something triggers the memory, and that could be an event, a sound or a smell? What I find is that as I age (I’m 50 now) I trigger past life memories related both to my age, and to the life lessons I am learning at the moment. That can make for some strange dreams at times. 🙂

We create our reality. Yours includes a western town somewhere in your past. Absolutely fascinating.

Love & Peace

Thanks guys, you have been very informative. Sorry it took so long to get back. I agree, I think it something that I could have experienced in a past life, or possibly have had a glimpse into the future when they were making that movie. Thanks again, you have been very helpful.