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More Orbs!

Hi All. I took some photos in a UK wood a month or so ago of a very strange area I saw. A perfect circle of dirt around a tree. The wood is small ish and owned by friends who live there so the area could have not have been caused by people. Anyway I decided to take some photos of it and even though I cleaned lens and moved I kept getting orb type things on picture.

I sent pics to a friend to look at, sadly she was unwell and couldn’t tell me anything. I would love to send them to others to see what they think. Some people think animals caused dirt area (I work in woods and have never seen anything like it), mum thinks its something unexplained.. Love to hear ideas..

happy to send pics to anyone interested

Asked by Rider

Just received this note and photos:


Enclosed are the promised orb photos..

I took the picture in a friends wood, it was the circle of bare earth that interested me. I live and work in woodlands and have never seen anything like it before. It definitely wasn’t done by people, it’s a small wood, and my friends live in a caravan just around the corner so they would have seen anyone in the wood.

I also got a really strong feeling I shouldn’t be there. Heavy sad feeling in the air.

Anyway, I took the pictures of the earth patch, noticed orb after first pic, so cleaned lense and moved, same thing, cleaned again and moved.

I also took other pictures either side of the orb pics that where fine. Just when I pictured the earth patch.

Feel free to put on website, love to hear people’s opinion

Many thanks


NOTE: The following photos have been resized due to space constraints. I have not enhanced or altered any colors or anything else. They are presented only for better discussion of the question on this page and provided by Rider, the author. ~ Click the images to view larger and to see in slide show. CareTaker


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Hi Rider

Damn! Forgot all about those piccies …. so sorry. (insert sad smiley face here)

I kept going back to have a look over the course of a week or so, but really couldn’t latch onto anything, other than they were taken around the time of the summer solstice as I recall so thought the sapline might have been placed there due to some sort of druid ritual thingie??? Problem is, things can get a bit ‘distorted’ in photo’s so I might have missed something important!!!?

Is it possible for CT to attached the pictures to your OP? Might be worth an ask.

Again, so sorry that the pictures completely slipping my mind – I blame me age! LOL!


Hi Rider,

I think Caretaker can post photos here, if you care to share?

Ants make circles around trees too (around their nests).

I won’t be able to say what I see until the photos turn up .. ??

Nice to see you again
Love & Peace

Morning Rider,

How many big trees are in that location? Was that a post of some kind in the picture? The circle could have been created by whomever buried the post. Was it raining or misty on the day you took the photos? Was it in a graveyard, or did the area used to be a graveyard, or near one? The orb is pretty, very bright.

The orb might be a ghost, perhaps of someone buried there, or near it.

Have you been back to the site to see if the circle is still there?

Love & Peace

Hi Ama

I think Rider said that the sapling is on someone’s private land. It was taken either on the eve of the summer solstice, or on the day of – if memory serves.

There are some curious animal prints in the mud around the sapling (enlarge the photo’s by clicking on them, and you’ll see them). I wonder if there was something nice to eat under that tree? Maybe mushrooms, or some other fungi??

It would be interesting to see if that circle is still there, or whether it has now overgrown with woodland plants?


Hi Ama
No, it’s not a post in the picture, the thing in the dirt circle is a skinny tree. The area is a small woodland in the West Midlands UK. I thought the dirt may have been created by stags, but there isn’t the damage on the tree that would go with stags / deer.

As I remember the weather was cloudy, the area in the photo looks dark as its full of spruce that’s needs thinning!!!

I cleaned the lens after the first picture as I thought it was dirt.. I don’t know what I think about orbs.. And I don’t know what’s in my picture… Hence asking on here!!

I do very much doubt anyone is buried there.. As far as I know it’s semi ancient woodland.. So it’s been there long time and before that would have been farm land.

Thanks for having a look


Rider, you asked me if you could send in some pictures. I replied to your email nearly 2 months ago but never heard back from you. Perhaps my email was overlooked or blocked by your spam filter or something.

I never got your email.. I’m more than happy to send the pictures in, would welcome people’s thoughts on them!!

Is there any chance you could email me again please?


I just emailed you again. Chances are my emails are being blocked or put into a spam folder or something. This will be the 3rd time I sent you a message. So be sure to check your spam folders.

Found mail in spam folder…. Have sent the photos in. Looking forward to hearing what people think about them!

Thanks again


I have posted your note along with the pictures for discussion. (Above with the original question)