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Questions About Fairies And Other Entities

First of all, thank you for answering all my queries!

I would like to know if fairies, pixies, dwarfs and all these magical entities exist as I have read people sighting these creatures in forests and sometimes even inside one’s room!

If they exist then where do they live? In another realm? And frequently visit our realm? What is it with their whole existence?

Thank you

Asked by shreesa

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Hi shreesa

This is how I understand it …

Their dimension overlaps our own. There are things which are shared and there are things that are not. I imagine it to be a bit like over-laying two pictures, with the top one being ‘see-through’ rather than solid. The result is having two images showing at the same time (the bottom image can be seen through the top image)thus giving the illusion that they are one picture not two.

The four natural elementals are Gnomes (earth), Sylph (air), Salamander (fire) and Nymph (water). The fairies (sylph) are by far the most inquisitive and therefore most likely to come into the home and interact with us. That said, I had a ‘tribe’ of gnomes come and stay for a bit – 5 of them – because they wanted to teach me something. They were quite shy at first but, once they’d relaxed they became as michevious as the fairies – lol!

The job of these beings is to look after mother earth. They help keep balance. They don’t like what we, as the human race, are doing to their planet! The odd thing is, in our dimension we tend to see them mostly as ‘spirit’ whereas in their dimension they are the solid ones and it is us who are depicted as ‘spirit’. That was one strange lesson …….. particularly when tip-toeing between the dimensions!

There is a lot we can learn from the natural daemon, and vice versa.


thank you for your comment AJ! you must’ve had an awesome experience when the gnomes paid a visit, and to teach something!! wow 😀

I work in the woods and i once had a lost tool and a knife that i hadnt even missed returned to a place where i couldnt miss them.
I can still see how they where places so neatly on a tree stump. Although i didnt see anything i do sometimes get the feeling im being watched in that part of the woods, but not all the time..
very odd
Rider x

Hello Shreesa,

I haven’t spoken to an elemental lately, but I have had some interesting conversations at various times, in many different locations, over the years. I agree with AJ on all but one point, the water elementals are called ‘undines’.

One Elder ‘mother’ (sylph) I met on a farm in Black Mountain NSW Australia, was rather more ‘spirit’ than real, but she was very real indeed, as were her family .. if we thought of her as a great-great-great-great-great grandmother .. we wouldn’t even come close to her real ‘age’. There were just many generations of family there on the lady that a human man ‘thought’ he owned. LOL We are destroying their world, and if they treated us the way we treat them (nature), humanity would be extinct by now.

They were here first. Humanity developed afterwards. And part of their species also help to maintain our human bodies .. so we should treat them with great respect and kindness. We could not survive without the elementals .. and they know it.

Love & Peace

I used the ‘common’ name, Ama. LOL!

If we’re gonna get technical, this is a more indepth definition of each …

Earth Elementals:
Common Name: Pygmy
Proper Name: Gnomes or Gnomus
Form: Much Shorter than Human Beings.
Cardinal Direction Wicca: North
Cardinal Direction Celtic: South
Season Wicca: Winter
Archangel association; Uriel

Air Elementals:
Common Name(s): Sylph or Sylphid
Proper Name: Sylvestris
Form: Bigger and Stronger than Human Beings
Cardinal Direction Wicca: East
Cardinal Direction Celtic: North
Season Wicca: Spring
Archangel association; Raphael

Fire Elementals:
Common Name: Salamander
Proper Name: Vulcanus
Form: Taller and more Lean then Human Beings
Cardinal Direction Wicca: South
Cardinal Direction Celtic: East
Season Wicca: Summer
Archangel association; Michael

Water Elementals:
Common Name: Nymph
Proper Name: Undine, Undina or Ondine
Form: Similar to Human Beings
Cardinal Direction Wicca: West
Cardinal Direction Celtic: West
Season Wicca: Autumn
Archangel association; Gabriel