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Dream Of Old Man Giving Me Money So He Could Sublet My House

In my waking life I have a property that was gifted to me by a friend.

In my dream an elderly white haired man, he was brittle face but cleanly dressed in a hat and tweeted suit came to view my property. In the dream there was another person there that I knew like a friend that owned the property before. We took the elderly man around to look at the property on viewing he was complaining in in the dream that the ceiling decoratoration was to white. The property had been newly decorated. The person with said that’s the way we painted it and it could not be changed. Then I found outside on top of the the building we the elderly man was making a lot of people laugh.

We then went back into the property where I asked if the property was for himself or someone else he said himself. He then proceeded to bring out a wade of monies from his pocket for immediate payment of rent. I was not comfortable taking the money from him as I would have preferred he goes through my appointed agency for all the necessary checks. He however forced the monies into my left hand.

I asked he hold on while I consultants with my friends that was with me.

I asked my friend what he thought. He said the old man seemed okay. I said I would be more comfortable the man went through my agency as I had no references of anything to go by. My friend said it’s most unlikely the old man would want to go through the agency route as he would have enough monies to pay the agency fee.

Was till trying to make a decision that’s when I awoke from my dream.

In my waking life my registry papers have not yet gone through so I’m not yet ready to sublet the property do you think the dream is a warning. Kindly help to interpret.

Thanks loads

Asked by Kola

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One reply on “Dream Of Old Man Giving Me Money So He Could Sublet My House”

Hello Kola,

A dream can often be wishful thinking, or your mind puzzling over choices you can make in challenging situations. It can also, sometimes, foretell the future.

Right now you are thinking about what you would do if an old man, or woman, did turn up, cash in hand, and wanted to rent/sublet your home without going through the agent you chose, and have their references checked. Given the dream, I believe you are telling yourself to stick with the plan of giving the house to an agent to rent out, because, in the long run, ‘a wad of money’ might not be enough to cover long-term rent, or guarantee honest and reliable tenants.

Love & Peace