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Dream Haunting Me

I’ve had this same dream more than 8 times within the past 6 months. I know that I’m dreaming and for some reason I NEED to wake myself up. I become surrounded by a big bright white light. As the white light gets closer my body starts to shake and convulse. I try scream but I’m only able to make whimpering sounds. I have to be shaken to be woken up.

The very last time I had this dream (and I had it 3 times in the same evening) as soon as the lights turn off I begin to hear music in my head mixed with a loud ringing sound. My son literally has to shake me for a minute before I was able to get out of my dream. I still have the ringing in my ears and go to sleep 3 more times and every time having be shaken awake and every time being scared.

The last and final dream of that night I felt something pulling me across my bed. After the final dream the music finally stopped.

Asked by Melanie

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Hi Melanie,

Investigate the topic of astral travelling. There’s information all over the internet. It sounds to me that your mind is waking up either just before you leave your body, or just before you return to it. Disconcerting but not really a problem once you understand what is happening.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

The ringing is really high pitched and it’s as if I’m exiting some sort of thing used to travel or I’m being pulled into it. One time it’s like I was walking out of a dark room. I was “watching” myself from a faraway distance but my whole body was shadowed in darkness except for the bright white light behind me. And I was scared and didnt want to go or go back. But almost a calm scared. I know it sounds crazy but I’ve had the same experience one more than one occasion.

Melanie the high pitch ringing in your ears, is a sign that your guardian angels are present at that very moment. A low pitch ringing would be your spirit guides.
Its understandable why you felt calmness, with the divine light of protection around you.
I do agree, astral travel/astral projection is what you may be experiencing.
Joe Treacy has a great meditation on u tube, named, “astral projection”.
I do suggest you research astral travel as well. What your experiencing, Is not crazy at all.