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Antagonizing Ghosts/Spirits/Demons

I’ve never had a paranormal experience but my roommates both have. So even though I don’t have experience with it, I don’t doubt them in any way, why should I, they are smart guys so I listen. I’ve been told that there are two spirits in our house, attached most likely to the one of them who has had some dark experiences while not technically alive. One is a mischievous one, but not malicious, and the other is very malicious maybe even a demon.

My question is – will I antagonize either, who has so far left me alone to my knowledge since I’m not open to it as the other two are, if I watch paranormal stuff on YouTube, movies, shows, that sort of thing. Shows where they antagonize the spirits or seem to haha. I get paranoid while watching them, but they are fascinating, but I don’t want to actually make things worse here.

Thank you if anyone can give me some feed back haha.

Asked by Sara

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Hi Sara,

For the most part ghosts are human beings without bodies, but still with all their fears and phobias they had when they were living. As ghost they feed off living human energy, which means every time you are startled, or made scared, by watching paranormal programs, that are, for the most part incredibly stupid, you’ll be providing a meal for the ghosts.

If one of them was a demon you would be writing about a whole lot of paranormal experiences that even you would be seeing, feeling and sensing. Nasty ghosts are just nasty ghosts. Demons are a whole different problem. People are too quick to assume that something malicious is a demon, and they should be truly grateful that they/it is not.

So .. I suggest two things. The first is to ask your local minister or priest to come and bless your home, and each of you personally, or you can use the Michael Invocation (below under ‘pages’ to clear your home, and each of you individually, and that should take care of the problem.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Hi Sara,
Like most cases/situations, if you ask for it, you will probably receive it.
Never antagonize. Unless you want something to happen.
To answer your ?.
Watching those ghost shows may or may not open doors. If your not open, chances are you may not experience anything and go on with your daily life.

I myself do see, hear and feel them on a daily basis. I ground myself daily for my own protection and sanity. I would not recommend opening doors to the unknown. It can be scarey, frightening.