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Do Our Deceased Loved Ones Sometimes Contact Us Through Dreams?

Shortly after my mother died in 1991, I had a dream about her one night. I walked into a room that was totally white and the only thing in the room was a table with a telephone on it (the “dial” type phone from my childhood). I picked up the phone and it was my mother, but it was not her normal voice. It was sort of like a clicking, dotted type voice.

I can’t remember everything we talked about, but she did tell me that she was angry that my father had let the doctors take her off life support. I explained to my mother that the doctors had performed many tests on her and had told us she was brain dead. She said “oh, okay.” Then she said something like, “Well, they’re telling me I have to go now.” I told her I loved her and she told me she loved me too.

Was this my mother contacting me or was it just a dream?

Asked by Bridget

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Hello Bridget,

I’m glad you explained to your mother why she shouldn’t be mad with your dad. It must have been a unbelieving hard decision for all of you.

I know a number of people who have had much the same ‘dream’ as you did, when their loved one decided to make contact.

Yes, she made contact. Spirit will come to us in dreams, with messages, if its important. She might come and visit in other ways too .. like a warm feeling full of happy memories, and a sense of presence, or, if you are clairaudient, you might even hear her voice, or you might find something on the kitchen bench that reminds you of her, knowing you never put it there .. or anywhere else in the house.

Our family is alive and well in heaven, we just can’t really see them anymore. We will, when its our turn to ‘go Home’.

Talk to her, she can hear you and she will help when she can. They love us very much.

Love & Peace


Hello Lisa,

CAPITAL letters, means you are shouting at us. πŸ™‚ My dad said goodbye to me too. I’m glad he did. We lived 2000kms apart when he died.

Love & Peace

My dad wakes me when I sleep past my alarm ,Im a single mom an he always helped me out with my children,He know’s how important my job is too me .he wakes me the same way when I was a child tapping the back of my calf .He passed 2 years ago ,I dream about him alot an miss him so much.I lost my mom 13 years ago but for some reason I never dream about her an that do’s bother me some.

Hi Anonymous,

It’s lovely that your dad acts as your alarm clock. Please don’t worry that you do not hear from your mother. When she died the veil between the worlds was a lot stronger, and perhaps she was advised that contact was not suitable back then, and some spirits do contact us, some don’t. My family is of the ‘don’t’ contact group, I think because they already know I know they are just fine.

Have you asked your mother to come to you in your dreams? Perhaps write her a question on a piece of paper and sleep on it for three nights, and see what happens? Or ask your dad to find her and pass on the message?)

Love & Peace

After my Dad passed away he came to me several times in my dream the first one to tell me that he was happy and second to tell me not to marry the men I was engaged to. I was glad for the second I called off the wedding and 6 months later he killed his new bride on there honeymoon. Thanks Dad Miss you,

Yes, I believe this is very possible. It’s happened to me….but as usual, it had to test some of my “sceptical” filters (they were built over time…not always useful to me…haha!).

What I mean by this: I believe I’ve only seen one person that I immediately recognized in the dream. It was my grandfather, about a year after his death.

There was a saying he used when my sister and I were young and in raging fits of laughter (Grandpa was a comedian and always made us roll). He would smile and say “Tee-hee eggs in a haha-nest”. silly saying, perhaps, but it always stuck with me….

Well, one night…and dreaming lucidly, I saw his face….I saw his smile…I heard giggling. Then I heard him say…”Good…you’re still Tee-hee eggs in a haha-nest!” I remember melting down in the dream. I was so emotional about it, that I started floating away from him (when elated or sad, I fly). I could tell he was fine…and that he knew I was as well. It seemed he conveyed a message of “I’ll see you again”…but nothing audible.

Point is…he looked like him.

Everyone else that has visited me in dreams has had to convince me of who they are because they don’t look like themselves. Sometimes that’s just a closer look, or a “flick” (if you will) of their energy/likeness (sorry, no better way to explain it).
Every other visit, post-death from folks I knew, took a similar stance. “ know who I am….in any body!!!”, as they usually looked completely different.

Hence an early fascination with reincarnation…


Siddle, it is funny that you mentioned that you could see and recognize him in your dream. That is how it is for me as well. Usually when I dream, people don’t have clear faces but I just “know” who they are supposed to be, however, when I dream of my grandma or grandpa that has passed…I see them. Very clearly. And it warms me all over. Sometimes I wake a little sad because it felt so real and I miss them but other times I wake feeling so blessed that I got the chance to see them again πŸ™‚

Yeah, I think my emotional state kind of allowed for the visit. Tis life in lucid dreams. πŸ™‚
The more lucid you are, the clearer your environment becomes.
My problem with the visit from G-pa, was that it caught me by surprise….I didn’t have a chance to deepen my state in the dream so that I could ask questions before flying/floating away. I have thus far been unable to “pull” him either (so far, I can only “pull” people that are alive in my timeline).

Everyone has their own method for deepening dream lucidity…mine is a little weird. I feel electricity (energy??) come off of my astral/dream body. Then I imagine I’m allowing it to grow and brighten my environment like a light does (as if something leashed, that I’m now allowing freedom). On occasion, spinning in place helps as well.

I’ve also had some luck (tho others have had more luck then myself) with putting my hands together and rubbing them back and forth (in a way that would cause friction in waking life). This is good because if you happen to look at your hands, and they don’t look right (they usually don’t in dreams)…then it also reminds your mind (consciousness) that this is NOT waking reality…it’s a dream. This should lead to dream awareness (lucid dreaming).
These are just a few of the ways to deepen your lucidity and brighten your ability to see characters in a dream.

But I do understand your plight. I’ve always been able to see people standing to my right, in dreams. The dream characters on my left, are usually always blurry…..not so much blurry, they just don’t allow absorption or deflection of light in any way…so you just kind of “know” they are there (like a void, that represents a dream character)…yet you can sense who they are. As I mentioned, a lot of times, dream characters look different…in which case I just have to ask who they are (if I don’t automatically know who they are to begin with, or to validate).

In my opinion, deepening your awareness in dreams just takes practice and patience….but may allow you to “see” a little more clearly, as it has for me, over the years.

As for why that automatically happens with certain relatives…well, no idea. Could be a close spiritual connection. Or it could be that they were forcing lucidity (some dream characters can do this for you, I’ve found…but it doesn’t happen often).

Oh Bridget I wonder and wonder. I cannot explain why I wonder because of some mysteries which you are not familiar with those but I wonder of god and his great mercifully. Anyhow , yes what you have seen in that dream is real and you have talked your mother.I had a dream like you. I was in a camp. in the corner of that camp There was a public phone I was trying contact my father ( he passed away a few years ago ).I hadn’t a coin to operate that public phone, a child came near and gave me a coin. I contacted my father and spoke to him. I don’t remember what I told him and what he told me but am sure I was talking him and what I heard was his voice.It is necessary I explain I often meet my passed away families in dream, sometime I go to them and sometime they come to this world and meet me ( By God’s permission ). Those who your mother said “Well, they’re telling me I have to go now.” had been watcher angels ( usually they are two angel ) which they have carried your mother soul to that location which she can talk you from a far distance. Another person that he had met one of his deceased families announced me, that deceased had come alone two watcher. Surely they have been two angel. Bridget you have a clean heart and your love to your mother is caused you can talk here I am curious know where are you from just because of my wonder about you.Also I recommend, if you had other vivid (real) dreams and was interested know its interpretation you can send those to me I will be happy send you those explanation ( Of course it is necessary to say every dream isn’t meaningful )

I have had 3 important people die in the past 20 years.
My Father died just before I could get to him, I was fighting 5pm traffic. A few months later he came to me in a dream. The dream was simply that he died in my arms.
My Grandfather who I took care of his last year of life he was 97 when he died, he could barely get around. About a month after he passed I dreamed he was in the upstairs of his home wearing a robe that I had made for him in the 70″s and was lost in a hospital dancing an Irish Gig. In the dream I asked him, Grampa why are you dancing and he laughed and shouted “because I can now!”
My Mom died 2 years ago, I just had a dream of her for the first time, she was standing on the other side waiting for me with 2 different dogs that we had when I was very young, she just wanted to tell me they were with her and they were fine.
Each time I have a dream of these people I feel very loved and at peace.