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Animal Ghosts?

Can Cats or Dogs still stay around after they are gone?

I’m sure that my cat still lays at the foot of my bed like she did for 18 years.

Asked by Virginia

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I have heard from several people that when their long time animal companions have passed, they would still hear them walking around the house or scratching at the door. I believe it is just as possible for animal spirits to stay on the earthly plane as it would be for human spirits and this is a key belief of many old world and new age religions. Keep in mind, demonology and occultist philosophy also identifies spirits with a dog or cat like appearance as symbols of demonic or mystical beings.

Hi Bonnie,

Demonic or mystical .. the demonic you can’t mistake for anything but what it is .. the mystical, would include the spirits of our much loved pets, so they are not something to worry about.

If someone doubts that the ‘pet’ they see, is actually their pet – command it out of the house. Better not to take chances. The pet will understand, they know our hearts, much the same way they did when they were alive, but with greater understanding.

Love & Peace

I didn’t mean to imply that the poster’s pet may not actually be their pet and I apologize if my adding that information as a side note muddied the waters. I do agree that if our pets return to visit us we would know them in our hearts and that there would be no reason to fear them.

No problem, Bonnie, I never read it as implying anything, and you did well to warn people. Strange things do happen, and today some people will act without caution, just for the novelty of having a ‘ghost’, or whatever, in the house.

Wishing you a lovely day,
Love & Peace

In my house we have what we refer to as the “ghost kitty”. It isn’t always around…I sometimes hear the sound of cat’s feet hitting the floor as if one has jumped from a high table or chair. I have felt it climb onto my bed at night. I have known and loved many cats in my day…I just wonder which one of them it is. 🙂

Hello Virginia,

I have a dog, his name is Gus. He is hanging around the house watching us pack. I saw him in the lounge room the other day, ears down, looking very worried (he nevered liked cardboard boxes). I told him, now he’s passed over, he can move with us, just the same as he would have done when he was alive. He looked much more cheerful then, and vanished. LOL

I have a cat. Her name is Meg. She’s buried near Gus down the bottom of the garden. Gus and I, when he was alive, watched her stroll through the kitchen and out into the hall, the same as she usually did when she was alive. We both looked at each other, then back at Meg .. then got on with what we were doing .. me cooking, him waiting for treats. 🙂

I have another cat. Her name is Lucy. After she died she was seen by more than 20 people, upstairs in my healing centre, in Armidale NSW Australia. That was going back a few years ago, but we all still remember. She’s flit across the stairs, trailing her little tail, and people would ask me if we had a cat ‘up here’. Then there was Cinnamon, you will guess I’m a cat person, who, after he died, curled up behind my knees just as I was going to sleep, head-butted me the way he used to .. so I turned on my light and checked .. no cat .. and the bedroom door was closed ..

Yes, our animals will be around us until we can let go. They don’t have the ego issues we have that trap us between the planes. They cross into heaven and come back, to suit themselves. Lucy, Meg and Cinnamon are gone now, but Gus .. had some issues .. so he’ll move to the new house, see us settled, and then hopefully he’ll go and play ‘over the Rainbow bridge’.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

I have had many cats and dogs in my lifetime, and I am frequently visited by them. It is so reassuring, and I love it. They don’t all come back to see me. As a matter of fact, the babies that I have had to put down (I almost always have them privately cremated and keep the boxes with ashes on my bookcase) have not yet come back to visit me, although I truly wish they would. And even some of the animals that have died naturally haven’t come back. But I have had wonderful experiences with the ones that do, they even rub my legs, and paw at my face while I sleep. I can’t imagine what I will do if it ever ceases to continue – I would miss it completely.

Virginia, I do not believe that this is related to demonology – these are your passed pets, and would never let this happen to you. Believe that they are good, and that they loved you with all their heart.



That’s lovely. I know my animals liked to keep an eye on me. Lucy amused us with her ‘flick of the tail’ across the stairs, people would stand at the bottom, waiting to come up, just in case she ‘appeared’. 🙂

Love & Peace

I believe it. If I went into the bathroom for any reason, and didn’t close the door all the way, Giblet, my white Siamese mix, would barge in and curl up in the corner. When he was 11 years old, he passed on. For several months after that, the bathroom door would open and I would see Giblet for a split second out of the corner of my eye. My mind just dismissed it as “Oh, it’s just Giblet,” until I realized he wasn’t around any more. I would also feel him crawl into my lap occasionally when I sat cross-legged on the couch. I would look down and nothing was there.

Yes, your pets do remain for sometime after they pass. Like humans they come to say goodbye. I have many do this. The strongest was my loved Fred dog. He actually manifested seven weeks after his death. He was so excited that I could see him that he wagged his tail and came and put his head in my lap like he did in this life. I have been sitting in bed and heard his bark which was the bark he did to one of the cats he did not like in life. Seconds later this cat came flying into the bedroom. All the other cats sat at attention looking at the door as they all heard him. He is around me often and will be waiting for me when I pass. Being a medium I also had a litter of kittens that I was nursing. I lost one and when I was preparing to burying it this kitten told me not to feel badly and that it would be waiting for me on the other side. I had never had a pet speak to me like this at their time of death. It was a great comfort to me.