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Question About Residual Hauntings

Wow, I have a lot to catch up on..I read through the wormhole/black hole discussion rather quickly, left brain caught fire so will take the time to read it slower when I get back from my rush today, but loved loved what I read!!

I have a question about residual hauntings… I know there is no spirit involved with these, but, at the time they are made the person is alive, so.. what if we are making a future residual haunting, could we not be haunted from our own past? Maybe, we are seeing a shadow person of our own making that hasn’t had the time or years to grow stronger? … Could by the time we are past on they have developed enough over time like a photo being exposed in a dark room to be seen a lot clearer?

Just wondering what ya’ll may think about it.

Blessed Day to All   Asked by Lisa

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Great question Lisa.

Let me think ….

Residual ghosts are created by the emotions of people, usually at the time of their death. On a day to day basis, we tend to ‘clean house’ or should, sweeping out negative emotions as we clean. It is possible that events, such as battles, will remain as an emotional imprint, long after any living souls have left the battle field – but what most people see are those who died, not those who are still alive .. though that is a very interesting thought, I’ve never read anything like that. A crisis apparition might appear when someone is in trouble, while they are still alive, but it doesn’t just hang about afterwards?

Residual ghosts don’t usually appear as one dimensional beings, the way shadow folk do. And residual imprints/ghosts don’t grow stronger, they actually fade over time. The example I am thinking of is Anne Boleyn, in the Tower of London .. she’s both a residual ghost and a haunting one. Her residual ghost, who ran through the halls screaming, has basically faded away now, though she can, at times, be seen wandering around, with or without her head.

A shadow person is usually seen as a shadow moving on a wall .. so I don’t believe they are residual ghosts. What do other people think?

Love & Peace

“Residual ghosts are created by the emotions of people, usually at the time of their death”, hmmm.. got another question lol… what about the sound of footsteps or the laughter of children that can be heard? You know how the saying goes “My life flashed before my eyes”? .. so do you think when we are at deaths door the last thought that flashes in our mind of that memory is what we leave imprinted? lol… lots of questions, sorry Ms. Ama 🙂 … maybe at the time we are alive our aura is really strong at times it could leave an imprint at that very moment,could be what the feeling of deja vu comes from?


Hi Lisa,

Depending on how dramatic, or horrible, the death was .. a residual memory would be implanted into the place. We don’t tend to become ghosts when we are happy.

Children tend to laugh when they are happy. Spirit children play all over the world. Ghost children also. Perhaps the spirit children help the lost ones cross over? I do hope so.

I don’t think an imprint of emotion would trigger deja vu, unless we were in the space of our own death, sometime later??

Love & Peace

Sorry, little to say on the subject of “residual ghosts” themselves. I definitely think that’s a possibility because scepticism isn’t all that attractive to me (“I refuse to believe, just because!”…haha!). But, have never seen one, personally. Which doesn’t mean much…I have a ridiculous series of conscious filters I’m still working through.

On the subject of “deja-vu” in relationship to these beings/ghosts/what have something I hadn’t considered. A lot of my “possibilities” are found in my vibrant dream world. I know I’ve brought it up on here before, but once I went to my dreamworld (which is very familiar and recurrent) and pulled my wife to the dream. When I asked about the place I keep going in dreams, she answered more generally (I think) and said: “We’ve all been here before…we were here a long time ago”.

Nobody knows the life-span of the creator’s thoughtforms, but it begs the question (and to be more general), are all thoughtforms and energy signatures residual? Are we ALL residual? Or is the human concept of time just that different than the spirit world? Making a lot of beings “residual” in nature.

But to be honest, I have a lot of thoughts on space-time in general. We could live in the future and consciousness is processed afterwards….From the quantum perspective (though I don’t like making macroscopic correlations, much) we could be active in more realities than one, but only perceive them in series (still making them mostly thoughtforms until manifested).

I believe it was Nanci Danison who said we “live out all of our incarnations at once”(horribly paraphrased)….If I take that literally, and the conscious translation of time makes my “here-now” self see this reality only and reincarnation is simply a shift of focus, then possibilities become even more endless. So adding the concept of previous self coming back for a visit, is also quite possible, IMO.

hmm…I’m going to be thinking on this one for a bit.
I’ll be back. 🙂
Thanks Lisa (and Ama)!!!! Brilliant question!!!


Very interesting indeed Siddle 🙂 that is something like I meant by the residual hauntings so to speak.. we are energy and if we can give off something like a “power surge” I would think it would leave some kind of imprint in this world, hmm.. I speak in black and white lol.. not very good with the grey areas hehe…sorry, if you can follow me…to reincarnate would that mean everyone around us would have to do so too in our passage of time? Let’s say I had a near death experience, my spirit has left my body… and I have it seems to me hours since I’ve left my body and I may have saw many things that some people describe they see with OBE… but then I get pulled back into my body and it has only been 3 minutes.. all of my past life up until then flashing quickly through my mind… being relived in a flash, a minute of seconds.. could that not leave imprints that could be felt or seen while I’m still alive.. not sure if I’m explaining in the right words… hope you can read between my lines lol…

thanks bunches