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Did She Want To Tell Me Something?

My friends mother died last year. I never met her in life. I did go to her service for support of my friend.

I recently had dream of her. She just stood there looking at me. Did she want to tell me something? I just don’t understand this!

I feel bad for my friend. I know how much she misses her and I think of my friends father as well I know how much his heart breaks. I just want to understand why she came to me

Asked by April

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Hello April,

I have some questions ..

Have you seen ghosts and spirits before?
Are you open to the possibility they exist?
What did the mother look like when you saw her – was she happy or sad, bright and shadowy?
She might not have spoken the words out loud, she might have just sent you a thought or two .. can you remember the first thought on your mind as you woke up – was it about her family?
Did you see anything else around her, small things, usual things, pets?

Why did she come to you – perhaps all you have to do for her family is to tell them that you saw her because, you see, they might not have the gift you have – to be able to see spirits? And, truthfully, often family members don’t believe it when they see someone they love visit them after dying, but if a person not connected to the family sees them, or a friend who never met the lady ‘also’ sees them .. its a lot easier to believe that everything is all right now.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra
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Well, some other persons have explained to me the similar dream as yours. They told some familiar deceased had come to their dream and just looked at them but have not expressed anything. Yes I think they want to say something but are not allowed. In other word they are not allowed to say a thing that it must be covered from alive people. May they have been announced about an event in the future but God has not allowed them to reveal it to us. Also usually they are not permitted to explain the events relative to the next world that they are there.