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Do Ghosts Exist Around Us Without Our Knowing?

I often read about experiences of cold spots and weird things happening around someone if a ghost is around but do ghost exist without showing any signs of existence?

They maybe around you but u won’t even have a feeling?

Asked by Amisha

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Hi Amisha,

Yes, ghosts and spirits can, and do, exist around people without us being aware of them. They have been there longer than we’ve been willing, or able, to sense them. Some people do not have the ‘gift’ of being able to sense the unseen at all, and that can be an advantage in a seriously haunted house .. because they never notice a thing.

These days people are far more sensitive to the unseen than they used to be. That’s because the living are changing, ghosts change very little, being trapped in both time and space.

It’s really nothing new, nor something to worry about,
Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

But what if someone who does not have a gift of noticing the unknown tries to pry into their world.Would he/she then feel or notice things?

Hello .. Anon or Amisha?

A person who has a gift must change themselves to be able to sense ghosts etc. You can’t ‘pry into’ the unseen world – and, quite truthfully, it’s better not to open doors that are closed, when you do not know what is behind the door in the first place.

Can you force ghosts etc to appear to you .. why would you want to? Oh, I know the novelty of it might seem fun, but, believe me, its not when the ghost gets angry and decides to either upset your household, or latch itself onto you and start draining your energy.

If the door is closed (in other words, you do not have a gift) its unlikely to be developed unless you have some sort of accident to your head, or a near death experience, that changes you profoundly. Do you want that .. just for the novelty of being able to see or sense ghosts?

Having said that, why do you ask?

Love & Peace

I asked this because all of sudden I have started noticing things.Actually a few weeks ago me and a few of my friends played the game..We did not have an actual ouija board so we made one out of paper.I thought that nothing bad could happen after all it was just a piece of paper & that day also while playing nothing actually happened but after a day or too.I started noticing things around the corners I thought that maybe its my imagination playing with me but now I have started having weird dreams which truly speaking I never had before.I don’t know I am not sure bt I often feel someone’s around me even now when I am writing this I am getting a feeling of being watched.I just turned 16 and I am scared too.I don’t know what to do.

Hello Amisha,

When I was 12 I made an ouija the way you did and had a demon try to create problems for me. The boards, in any form, are dangerous and should not be played with.

At the bottom of this page is a link to the Michael Invocation. I suggest you go and read the page right now, and say the Invocation, to clear whatever it was that came through the door you and your friends opened by creating that game. If that doesn’t settle things down you can write to me privately from a link on that site and we’ll sort it out from there.

Love & Peace

Ive often thought I would like to see a ghost, but if I did I would probably run the other way. I dont think they are Canterville Ghost cutesey or comical and stupid like in the John Kendrick Bangs stories. They exist in an alien and scary world that we cant even comprehend. Even professional ghost hunters with years of experience have had the bejeebers scared out of them, so I dont think an ordinary guy like me would handle it too well.

Hey all,
Haven’t been on this site for ages 🙂
I agree with Ama, those things are dangerous and in most cases or in fact in every case, ignorance is bliss. It’s definitely not what it seems and not as glamarous as it’s made out to be. There are some people who can do this naturally and in many cases have been so traumatised by it that they completely withdraw themselves from reality out of fear of going insane. So why would you want to do it? Life is awesome 😀 live it beautifully.

I work at a rest home in the kitchen. When i first started i would see thing out of the corner of my eye. But that is rare anymore. My question is if there are ghosts and spirits around us then surly they are in that building so why don’t the employees see them? I would guess there to be quit a few.

Hi Brody,

It’s sort of like being colour blind. Some people can’t see red or green. The majority of people cannot see into the frequency of energy that the ghosts exist as – those of us who can are called ‘mediums’ or clairvoyant (clear vision) .. we just see an extra ‘colour’ in the light spectrum.

Love & Peace