Demon Wont Go Away

Hi, the other morning I woke up to an adult sized hand print on my abdomen that didn’t go away until an hour or 2 after I noticed it. I am sure it is a demonic spirit, as we have had many issues with one in our family.

Over the last 3 years we had an exchange student in our home that would practice and talk to a dark side in the middle of the night. Since then we have had numerous demonic dreams, crucifixes falling off our walls on a regular basis, seeing black ‘grim reaper’ looking figures walk next to us, appear in the shower, and charge at us when sleeping at night. We have had our beds shake and unable to move or talk as if we were held down. Multiple notes left by it saying things such as HELL or 666. Waking up to scratches bruises hand prints…

We’ve had priests do exorcists on our home multiple times after numerous attempts at blessing our home just aggravated it. I believe that our exchange student was truly possessed, the priest told us to put blessed salt and Holy water in her food to see if there was any reaction and sure enough, after one bite she started shaking out of control and pushed the food away and said she felt very sick. We did this multiple times with the same reaction each time.

My younger sister has had 2 exorcists performed on her as the priests believed the demon had specifically gone after her. They each seemed to work for awhile and then it always starts up again. I moved out and bought a house and think it has attached to me and followed me here as I have been having demonic dreams, waking up with handprint on my stomach, and we hear noises all times of day that have no explanation to.

We have heard footsteps walking upstairs and my younger sister spent the night here one night for a sleepover with my boyfriends daughter and both came in our room crying and scared because they seen what appeared to be something jumping on the bed and heard a large thump on the floor as if it had jumped off. We are a very religious catholic family.

This thing seems to not want to leave no matter what we or the priests do to kick it out.

Can anyone help us out or have any input? My biggest concern is with the hand print I found on my abdomen the other morning, I am pregnant and feel that was a sign from it trying to tell me it is going after my baby. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Asked by Steph

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Hi Steph,

Have you been to your priest to have your pregnancy blessed? Under the circumstances that might be a good idea. You could also ask them to come and bless your new home. If it’s the priests who already know about the problems they should be willing to help.

Your child belongs to God, so has nothing to worry about from any other entities.

Now I have questions and comments.

Is anyone else in your family bothered by the entity?

Hand prints are becoming quite common. Since nothing else paranormal happens except the prints in the majority of cases, this would be a sign of a ghost not a demon. Demons don’t just leave hand prints. They choose to do actual harm. Yes, your house appears to be haunted, but its probably only by ghosts. They can even scratch people at times.

An exorcism is an extreme reaction to a haunting, even if a person who might be possessed is living in the house. It is more logical to help the person suffering than clear the energy of a building that will just become haunted again because of the lady. Has she been exorcised? Has she left the house now? Why was she allowed to stay as long as she was if she was the cause of all the problems?

Things falling off walls, crosses or not, can just be a sign of an angry ghost. Exorcising a demon from a house when no demon in there just means that nothing leaves, because the ghosts can just go outside while the exorcists are working, and come back in after a few days, because everyone is still focused on being haunted and still frightened, and filling the same energy it had before, and giving ghosts a good reason for returning.

Not being able to move or speak can be sleep paralysis, which can be one of two things, your mind waking up before your body does – which is natural and does fades very quickly, or it can be problems with an outside entity.

Did the poor girl know you were spiking her food with salt? Holy or not, it would have made her feel very sick. Too much salt is actually poisonous.

A few facts –

The devil’s number is not 666. That is the number for Nero, who tormented the Christians when Revelation was first written. It frightens people now because they do not know the history of that Book of the Bible.

Any entity capable of scratching is capable of writing the word Hell on a piece of paper. As a scare tactic it would only work if a person is really frightened of what ‘might’ be, in this case, it ‘might’ be a demon, but .. and its a big but .. there are far fewer demons around that we think there are – and sometimes it can be that a living person is mentally ill and creating a lot of the events, such as things falling off the wall, through telekinetic energy (moving things with their minds). This is where poltergeists come from, not demons, human energy.

In the meantime, I can clear your home from here, so if you want to you can scroll to the bottom of this webpage, follow the link with my name on it to get my email address and email me privately with your full name and date of birth, and your home address .. and I’ll see what we can fix.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra (Sacred Gates)

I believe that I have a ghost or demon following me around from one house to the next. I have had several things happen to me in this past week and I don’t know why. Last night I heard and saw a demon growl in my dream which was so loud it woke me up. I also heard footsteps in my hall way and kitchen. I have so many stories the list can go on and on. Why are they after me? I know that my mom was plagued with them too so it might have been passed down to me.