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Do You Summon Ghosts When You Talk About Them?

My whole life… why me, but everywhere I go I feel like ghosts get attracted to me out of everyone else…

My first question is why do I always seem to attract them literally EVERYWHERE?

And my second question is, can you summon ghosts when you talk about them?

Because I recently moved and I noticed nothing has happened in my house until I mention ghosts and ghosts stories and now I can start hearing things, and now I always get this weird vibe on my upper floor of my house and it doesn’t feel right.

Asked by Danielle

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Hi Danielle,

1) Ghosts are everywhere, particularly where living people are.

2) Does talking about ghosts draw them in .. yep. Particularly if you name them specifically.

3) Do certain people attract ghosts .. another yes.

I have a beacon over my head that either says ‘free meal here’ or ‘I can help you’. Sometimes I think it says both. I am a Spirit Rescuer, pretty name for ghostbuster. I help ghosts find peace and healing, sometimes whether they want it or not. You might have that same gift as me, so that ghosts will always be attracted to you ..

Do two things .. scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the links through to White Light Shields and the Michael Invocation. Learn the shields and use them to keep the ghosts out of the house. The Michael Invocation is for when the house really needs a ‘clean’.

And if you never want to experience ghosts again, make an attempt to turn the beacon off. Use the shields to keep them away from you, and then pretend you don’t see/sense/hear them. Eventually your mind will give your energy the message that ‘enough is too much’ and the switch might switch to off. There is no guarantee on that, because you might have chosen to be a Rescuer in this lifetime .. so learning the skills is actually quicker than trying to switch the beacon off. It only takes a moment to make a difference .. and to cross someone into heaven ..

Love & Peace

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