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Can Ghosts Talk Over The Telephone?

Can a ghost talk over the telephone? I mean what if you called someone and gibberish talk  prevented you from talking?

Asked by Rebecca

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Hi Rebecca,

It’s called ‘crossed lines’, is a real nuisance, and not the least paranormal. It happens on mobile phones and land-lines. I’ve listened to some really weird land-line calls over the years, like a ghost, not being able to interrupt the callers, and not being able to get them off ‘my’ line until one of them hung up on theirs.

But .. ghosts do sometimes talk to people on landlines, or they did. I’ve read stories of it happening. Not sure about mobiles, but since they work more on ‘energy’ than landlines do, I’d say it was entirely possible ..

.. but not if its just static and someone else talking. They were clear messages. I also get to listen to my own voice on my mobile (cell) phone, from time to time. It’s about not having a good connection.

Love & Peace

I understand what she is telling you but to me yes it can happen all things are possible next time ask them what do they want from you or the other person you are trying to talk to.

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