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Could Using A Spirits Name Cause It To Haunt You Again?

Could saying or spelling aloud the name of a spirit who has haunted me cause me to be haunted again?

I did something pretty dumb earlier this year, by using a ouija board by myself at home, and it resulted in haunting. Actually, I think it just made a haunting that was already happening much stronger. Anyway, my friend performed a purification spell using a crystal necklace I had, and it seemed to ward things off a little, but it did not completely go away until I had gotten rid of the board, and performed my own purification spell to get rid of a curse I believe had been cast upon me.

Tonight, I was explaining to my boyfriend about how I was haunted. I was afraid to say the name of the spirit in my own house, so I waited until we were somewhere else, but still couldn’t quite say it, so I spelled it. My question is, could spelling or saying the spirit’s name cause me to be haunted again?

Asked by Ally

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Hi Ally,

Your fear of the entity returning is more likely to draw it than saying its name. Let go of the fear. To help you feel safer, at the bottom of this page is a link to White Light Shields, and the Michael Invocation .. the first protects your energy from negative entities (including human emotions) and the second clears it, if you feel the need.

Stop worrying, unless you talk about the entity over and over again .. its unlikely to return.

Love & Peace

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