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Sleep Talking And Speaking In Latin?

Hi! So I’ve recently found out that apparently I occasionally start speaking Latin while I’m sleeping. Like perfect Latin in perfect structured sentences.

I don’t know Latin and this freaks me out. Then, today, my roommate called me and on both ends of our phone call, we couldn’t hear each other, only these creepy Latin whispers. Any ideas to what it could be?

Asked by Lexi

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Hi Lexi,

What were the words on the phone? You can also bless people in Latin, even if it is in whispers. And what are the words you say as you are waking up? Have you looked up their meaning?

When I was born, after I started speaking, I spoke perfect French and another language, and confused the heck out of my family. I have a strong connection to all of my past lives. You might be reliving one of them in your dreams and still ‘talking’ to someone as you wake up.

I don’t think its something to worry about unless there are other signs of paranormal activity around you.

Love & Peace

I occassionally speak Spanish and/or Russian.
Albeit mostly in dreams now, for a couple years in university roomates mentioned that I was “speaking perfectly” in either of the two.
Actually led to me learning both. Well…spanish and very broken Russian.

Now my wife says I speak in mumbles, gibberish or like a zombie.
Tend to fully appreciate the latter, because it’s the one dialect I can’t seem to find help on….and really, who would want a zombie mentor anyway?
Could help greatly during the flesh eating uprising….

And I jumped shark again.
My bad. ๐Ÿ™‚

– Siddle

Hi all,

Speaking in tongues is not a new concept. Some do it in their sleep, whilst others do it whilst awake. Many churches encourage their parishioners to talk in tongues during prayer.

Why not try to record your ‘gibberish’ Siddle? I bet it is anything, but ๐Ÿ˜‰

BTW – I sometimes catch myself mumbling something to myself, but don’t understand what I’m saying. I can only assume my sub-conscious is having a conversation with itself – or a 3rd party. I don’t feel in the least bit threatened by it though – so I may well be chatting to an earth spirit. Dunno, but it’s interesting.


Good point, A.J.!
I have written down some that I recall from dreams. The ones my wife hears…apparently come very suddenly. So I need to find my digital recorder and have it close to her so she can record.

Also thought about setting the voice activation on it, but our cats might meow and set it off….which would result in sifting through a lot of dead silence following feline exclimations. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Don’t be afraid of the voices you speak when your asleep.

Romans 8:26 ESV

Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words

Hi. I am just writing to you . Because I had a recent sleep talking . And it is always the same thing. I am always pointing . But this time I spoke this language very clearly and full on sentences. I think the language is Latin. I am still not sure. But it has been doing this much often now. I had this going for two or three months now. But I am trying to record myself when I sleep. But it never happens when I record myself. And I don’t understand what am saying. I only know two languages in my life. And that only English and Spanish. I think I need advice or help. I want to know what going on with me. And why is it getting worse. I hardly get any good night sleep. And I sound like am possessed when am not. It very creepy. Thank you .

I was praying in the cemetery. The lady in my dream told me to dig the grave and pray at the sametime. I said our father in heaven. She screamed and hit the ground with the stick and telling me I’m not praying enough.Then suddenly my prayer changed into another language which I remembered the words so well that I would not forget when I wake up. As awaking and opening my eye above me I saw a beautiful light in a shape of around ball like a dove in kyrtals colour blues light in white colour.As I open my eye I said it very clearly disappeared from my bedroom window. I have never spoke this language before. I believe it was the holy spirit came upon me during my prayers.

Hi Elenora,

I gather you were dreaming that you were in a cemetery when a grumpy lady demanded that you dig and pray at the same time?

Praying in what is called ‘tongues’ is not unusual in some churches, and quite truthfully, I would not be worrying about it now. It might be what the dream lady was expecting .. and so made her feel better. It is entirely possible that the Holy Spirit did help you help a ghost find peace in heaven. So, well done!

Love & Peace

I sleepwalk every night it’s been a week now.. my boyfriend told that I speak latin and I wrote latin sentences in a wall like: ad vitam aeternam or soulmate meum or alterum Dimitrium. FYI we’re Moroccan and we speak Arabic french English and Spanish. .. they don’t teach us latin over here,

Thank you Ama peace and love

Hi Amal,

Ad vitam aeternam is Latin, and meum means ‘my’, but neither alterum Dimitrium is Latin. No, I don’t speak Latin, but I did find this webpage that translates … http://www. You can check what you write there. If its someone trying to speak through you, you can ask them to leave in peace, and if the problem persists, you can use the Michael Invocation (link below on this webpage) to clear your energy and your home/s, and that should settle the problem.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama. I recently had this happen to me the day before my dads memorial service. Iโ€™ve never spoke Latin nor do I watch movies etc in Latin. What could this mean? I was not scare I was calm but I was speaking Latin sitting up on the edge of the bed. My sister woke up and said my name, and I answered with yes but continued to have the convo then went back to sleep.

Hi Hunter,

How do you know it was Latin? Did you wake him? Did he remember what he had been dreaming about, because he might have been dreaming about a movie he saw where they spoke something in Latin? (our memories retain everything we see, hear, smell, touch etc, even when we don’t think we remember). And the other possibility is that he might have been a monk, or someone else, in a past life and used Latin as his normal language .. so there are lots of ordinary possibilities before you need to look at anything paranormal.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

My mother woke me up this morning scared to death she said that I was speaking Latin in my sleep that I spoke in a monotone soft sweet voice and that it almost did not even sound like me. She said it sounded like I was speaking to a lover. Are we all eating the same thing is there a common denominator or do we just have some kind of special thing going on with us? I have Rh negative blood type and have read a lot of theories on it is anybody else a negative

My stepson was just whispering in his sleep in Latin. I was watching a TV show with my wife and altho I don’t speak Latin, I recognize it. The only word I could make out was “intratus” which means ‘i have entered’..