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Could This Be My Husband Or What Is It?

My husband died June 2013, with cancer. I have seen his face beside me twice and he was smiling. This morning when I got up, there was an orb in front of my night stand. I put my hands in it and it looked like the shining long strings that you put in a gift. I put my hands in it laid some on the bed, put some on my arms let it fall through my fingers, when I turned on the light it was gone. It also happened last week but it was like a large ball of cotton and I did the same thing with it.

Could this be my husband or what is it? I have seen things and people that are dead since I was 7 years old, now I’m 66 and still see them.

Please help

Asked by Sandra Harrison

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Hi Sandra Harrison

How lovely!

Do you talk to your husband when he comes to you? He sounds so happy but I feel he is worried that you’re not? I think the orbs are there to help you set yourself free.

Next time it happens, rejoice. Open your heart to your husband so he can stop worrying about you so much. Then go play with those orbs and have lots of fun.


Hello Sandra,

It’s so lovely to hear that your husband is cancer-free and happy and wants you to know that he’s just fine. I always love to hear from people when they get those fleeting visits that remind them that they are never forgetton, and so very much loved, the way you have been reminded.

You are the first person I have ever heard from that actually touched an orb .. Did it make your fingers tingle? What colour was it? When you touched it what part of your body reacted (heart, mind, tummy region?) Are you keeping a diary? If not, could I suggest you start one? Write it all down. There are so many of us who want to learn about them, and you might become one of our teachers, if you want to.

As AJ suggested, don’t be made nervous by your husband checking up on you, if he could pick up a phone and call, I am sure he would. We don’t stop loving after we die .. we love even more.

Love & Peace

Sandra, I too experienced an Orb like a blue ball that came to me after my husband died. He had cancer too. It only happened once, but it was such a wonderful feeling and after that I knew he was okay and I could start feeling better and move on because he was okay and at peace. 🙂
Nancy Abbott

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