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What Kind Of Entity Was Haunting Me?

It began last year with hearing things move violently in my closet, hearing deep heavy breathing next to my (mostly in my bedroom). I awoke once to a face staring right at me.

I also began having vivid frightening dreams in which I would be taken advantage of by this guy, always the same one, and to be honest he didn’t look like any human I’ve ever met. Also bruises on my inner thighs, this entity wouldn’t even let my sister sleep in the same bed as me without trying to scare her away.

My mother is a strong Christian believer (I’m Christian also) she prayed against these phenomena and since then it stopped. Other than a dream every now and them; it’s like he’s trying to get me to let him back in, but I won’t.

So please let me know what you think He/it was, thanks.

Asked by Louisa Strutt

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Hi Louisa Strutt

It sounds like you have a temporary house guest that was very naughty indeed! I’m not convinced it was an Incubus but rather, some nasty little low-death earthbound trying it on.

I’m so glad the prayers worked. Hopefully, it was enough to move your house-guest on to where it should be, in the Light. If not, at least the prayers stopped it from being horrible to you.

As for still experiencing the odd dream; well, that’s most likely just an after effect to the whole horrible episode. We can have nightmares about horrible things that have happened to us years after they’ve happened (ie car crash, fire, failing an exam at school – or whatever effected us strongly in a negative way.) Don’t worry about the nightmares too much. I don’t think the naughty ghost is still trying to communicate with you.


I agree with you AJ, not an incubus, just a nasty ghost.

Your mother sounds like a very faith-filled lady, Lousia .. that’s lovely. Hold to that faith, and your own, that she took care of the problem. When you do have that occaisonal dream do this:

“Archangel Michael, please FIND that man I just dreamed about and TAKE him into heaven”.

You might not believe in angels but they are real, and what the Archangel will do is send a guardian angel to ‘find’ that creep and give him a lesson he won’t forget. He’ll be taken to a healing place, to confront his actions and be shown the error of his ways. He won’t be allowed to hurt anyone again. This doesn’t mean that he actually hurt you, its more likely that he was such a strong ghost that the memory of what he did to someone before he died manifest in your mind and created your body’s reactions. That won’t happen again.

The events you have described have happened to other people too, so you are not alone there.

Love & Peace

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