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Is My Family Cursed?

Before I was born, my grandpa got sick and died of cancer. My grandma went through a really strange time as he was dying and still is today.

She met a psychic in the woods who knew everything about the situation with my grandpa without my grandma even saying anything. The psychic told my grandma that her and her friends could come to my grandpa and “help him to the other side.”

My grandma said that they could and my uncle, who was there, was telling me about how in the basement of my grandmas house, where my grandpa was dying, the women were burning sage and doing rituals. He had just gotten his wisdom teeth removed so his head was hurting, he said that when one of the women put their hands on his head, the pain was gone. They continued to do rituals throughout the house and my grandma, who is very christian, started to realize that this was ungodly. (I’m just saying that this is her opinion. I dont want to offend anyone.)

A few weeks later my grandma saw the psychic in the woods again and started talking about god, and as my grandma walked away she said “and may god bless you.” my grandpa died early 2001. In the past 15 years my grandma lost 800,000 due to stock issues, my parents got divorced and my mom has had a lot of addiction problems causing endless battles in court (my grandma/moms side losing), my uncle kind of went insane and has been to jail multiple times, my uncle saw black cats running in a circle, my grandma has had stage 3/4 cancer 4 times now and it keeps coming back, I had dreams about witches and voodoo when I was younger and horrible sleeping problems, and our entire family is kind of a huge mess. Nothing like this has happened on my dads side, especially not to this extent. There was also a rotten smell coming from the walls of her house after the witches left.

I’ve always been really interested in the paranormal, so I took my EMF into my grandmas house and it went nuts. It goes completely crazy in every room of my grandmas house and its really confusing because it doesnt do that anywhere else. my friend and I like to spend the night in her basement, where my grandpas death bed was, along with the witches, and each week the lights flicker more and more, sometimes turning completely off but only in that room.

I dont know if this is just coincidence, but I feel like constant bad things are happening with my family. are we cursed and if so, what should I do?

Asked by Emma

Ghosts And The Spirit World

Could This Be My Husband Or What Is It?

My husband died June 2013, with cancer. I have seen his face beside me twice and he was smiling. This morning when I got up, there was an orb in front of my night stand. I put my hands in it and it looked like the shining long strings that you put in a gift. I put my hands in it laid some on the bed, put some on my arms let it fall through my fingers, when I turned on the light it was gone. It also happened last week but it was like a large ball of cotton and I did the same thing with it.

Could this be my husband or what is it? I have seen things and people that are dead since I was 7 years old, now I’m 66 and still see them.

Please help

Asked by Sandra Harrison