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Can Spirits Follow You In Your Dreams?

I’ve always thought I could see and feel things that others can’t. I actually had an experience 3 years ago, I took 4 pictures of 2 skeletons being behind my friend. Gripping her arm tightly with their claws. I’ve always thought there’s something following me, always having that hardcore chill spots…

My question, can spirits follow in your dreams?

The reason I’m asking is because I’m on vacation in my friends house in El Paso. I feel like there’s something in this house and it’s interfering with my dreams and the ability to sleep…

Could you have any suggestions?

Asked by Lisandra

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Hi Lisandra,

Ghosts are everywhere, they don’t have to follow you around, they can just be living in the house you go to visit. You will have the same sort of energy reaction to each ghost, because that is your body’s way of telling you they around.

The skeleton photo .. did they appear on it? Sounds fascinating. I’ve seen plenty of other entities in photos, but not ghosts thinking they were skeletons. Ghosts often appear the way they ‘think’ they look in reality, so either the ghosts had been dead a long time, or not buried, or they knew about the process of decomposition.

Do you still think something is following you? I suggest you clear your energy. At the bottom of this page is the Michael Invocation, which clears negative energy. The instructions are on the page. Use that to send whomever is following you (presumably attached to your energy in some way) into healing, and give both of you a break. It’s exhausting to have a negative entity attached, or around in any other form, for a long time.

Yes, spirits will visit your dreams .. spirits are humans that died and went into heaven. They are just fine, very loving and don’t stay long. Ghosts, who are not fine, nor generally loving, visit me in my dreams because they show me how they died and I show them the door into heaven, and give them a little push through. That’s the right place for them to be, not still stuck here among the living. And ghosts can follow anyone anywhere, and then appear in their dreams, so they don’t do that specifically .. its just part of having them around.

What do the ghosts do in your dreams?

Love & Peace

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