Is It Possible For A Demon To Protect You?

Is it possible for a demon to “like” you and to buddy up with you? Like going into a gang and one member takes to you really well and says to all of the other gang members: “Don’t mess with this person, or else.”

I occasionally feel like I’m being protected by a semi-sinister force; something that’s not a heavenly being, has negative and stirring energies to it, is ready for a fight, but has no intention of hurting me…

Asked by Grace Simons

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Hi Grace,

Your story is not unusual, but the answer is still the same – demons only protect humans like farmers protect cows. They are a source of food.

Demons will tell a person that they are protecting them from other demons, but how do we actually know its true? Sometimes a stronger demon will come through and beat up the living person that is supposed to be being protected .. but how do we know its not the same demon just pretending to be ‘a stronger one’? We don’t. Even clairvoyant people cannot always see guides, ghosts, angels or demons. We only have their ‘word’ for it, and I wouldn’t trust a demon for any reason under the sun.

The truth is demons hate humanity. They despise us as a species. We stop them from getting what they want. We are a source of constant irritation, and demons are, by human terms, totally insane. We wouldn’t let a psychopath protect us, so why would we let something we cannot see or touch do so?

And what exactly is it protecting you from? Again, the person being ‘protected’ actually has no idea, they only have what the demon tells them they are being protected from.

No, no, don’t believe a word of it. It’s far safer that way. If you form an attachment, and being grateful for the protection and allowing it to continue, is forming an attachment, you will end up being hurt, physically, emotionally or mentally, or all three.

Have no illusions here, demons hate. They do not ‘like’, they do not ‘love’ .. they do not know either of those emotions. They are the opposite of all that is good in the heavens, and humans are their food.

Love & Peace

In a fact, Demons came from Ancient Greek religion (IMO: the most logical and the fairest religion ever). Demon (Daemon) from Anc.Greek means Soul, Knowledge. There’s no Demons in the christianity only devils, imps, angels and other lieful and/or evil creatures). Greek Demons always protect humans from any evil christian creature. Demons are the 3rd side. Darkness protect people from both unholy and holy creatures. Saving the harmony between good and bad. The heaven and the hell are two rooms in the one jail.
Also Eros/Amour is Demon of Love from Greek mythology. Originally he has pair of beautiful leathery wings.

“We wouldn’t let a psychopath protect us, so why would we let something we cannot see or touch do so?” it’s funny you say that, accusing demons like that, we can’t see or touch the thing you call god or angels. So why would I trust it?????? “They are the opposite of all that is good in the heavens, and humans are their food.” How do you know that all in heaven is good. Because some book says so. And because it could be printed in a book somewhere that you should jump off a bridge, do you do it? I can’t see or touch those that wrote those short stories nor is there any proof, do you have proof that we are fodder for demons???

Hi Trixie,

I have both seen and touched angels, talked with them, walked with them, laughed and cried with them. None of these experience are bible based. All have been very real. It is part of my spiritual gifts.

Add that I take the bible apart on a regular basis, including on a blog at wordpress on the subject of ‘The Mystery of God’s Books’.

What I also have experienced is demons of various types, including fallen angels, which are the greater demons, to the daemon which are human created. I have talked with them, spent months in the company of one particularly persuasive one .. and helped rid them from people who have been oppressed by them, possessed by them and just plain haunted. They drive people insane. They use them for energy. They destroy the person’s life, and then work on the family. These are not illusions in story books. These are facts. I don’t speak without experience, Trixie .. and there is no such thing as a ‘good’ demon.

As to proof of the stories in the bible .. the historians are working on that. We know Jesus, called the Christ, was real, we have proof of that now .. we just don’t have proof that he was ‘son of God’ rather than just an ordinary man. That takes faith .. the same sort of faith that you appear to have in demons. It seems you would rather believe in one instead of thousands of years of other people’s experiences. Look after yourself.

Love & Peace

Ama, let me telling you a story. In the early 90’s, I was so bullied that suicide was an option for me. Then my dads bussniess went bankurpt. We had no food, nothing.. then one day a demon said join me and you can everything I wanted. So, I sold my soul. To feed my family.

After thet ordeal, I had an dream that an light saved me from the darkness. and he won my soul back. Never fet that before. When I grew older into a man, the same demon come back with a message. He want repent thoose “crimes” he did to me.

So he protected me over the years. I ask him: why are you doing this? He felt an redeemption was a part of him. So after an meditation, I set him free. I forgave what he done in the past. So not all demons are bad Just humans are good or bad. They’re just missunderstood. If you had an demon hurt you bad, Im sorry for you. But do not genralise thatt all demons are bad. In this world they are not black nor white. We all live on a gray zone.

Hi Statos,

All demons are evil. Don’t be mistaken about that. They twist humans in knots with their lies and promises. But ..

I also teach that demons can be redeemed. Once that happens they are no longer demons, and the entity helping you, to save itself, would be no longer a true demon form.

Your case, if it is true, and you are not being manipulated, is not surprising, but its not wise to teach people that the demon that is manipulating them is actually a ‘good’ demon now .. how can normal people tell the difference between a good demon and an evil one pretending to be your friend? Better to be safe than sorry, Statos .. and the major majority of people are very sorry once they go through the ‘ordeal’ of be harassed by a demon bent on their destruction.

As I wrote, once a demon is redeemed it is no longer a demon, but called a Child of Illumination (Samael, known as Satan, being the ‘angel of Illumination’ before it fell). I guess you cannot ask it why it appeared to you as a demon if it was redeemed? Perhaps so that you would recognise who it used to be? That would make sense to me. It could choose to look like anything it wanted to.

I am glad you forgave it its past misdeeds .. so did God, which is why it is, or will be, redeemed.

Love & Peace

again, how you can believe in something you can not see or touch. you said it yourself. this makes you a hypocrite in the worst way, the way that makes you look good in the eyes of those that know the truth. so as it is above, it is also below.

Because I have ‘seen and touched’ and talked with them Trixie. No hypocrisy here, just simple ‘reality’.

I am not sure what you mean by the use of the phrase ‘as above, so below’ in this case.

Love & Peace

Yes it is possible but I don’t know how they can help you against the gangs! It is not so they do whatever you wish in every situation ( for example they begin beating the gangs invisibly). Also it is depended on which demon has fallen in friendship with you. They are like humans and have the different societies like us ( they have many various folks with different traditions and diets). Also every demon have the different morality and behavior to another ( like we humans). Some of them believe in God and are peaceful and some of them are unbeliever, abuse and turbulent. Some demons are more powerful than others. However I wanted to say, some demons are the gang themselves. LOL
connecting with demons ( for friendship or possessing them) is not simple. You have to know its ways and techniques. Some magicians, wizards and exorcists connect to the unbeliever demons by satanic manners but I am not agree with such unpleasant ways. I can call the good demons and subject them by some origin prophecy prayers but I am not interested to do this because God has restricted the believers to connect to the demons because of some probably corruption ( there are some exceptions herein )also I don’t like to see or deal with demons and lose my normally living. I believe, God is the best protector so I try to call him to protect me and gives me whatever I wish (specially by original prayers).

Ancient Greek Religion is oldest than the christianity and judaism. Demons originally from Greek mythology. Daemon (is a Greek dialect) means “Soul”, “Knowledge”. They are the wisest beings in the Universe. Moreover, I think they have created all Gods.
In example. Zeus could affect on Demons. Demons is like our Fates. If you good you gain a goodwill from your Guardian Demon, but if you bad/evil – Demon can punish you, or even kill.
Without Demons humans are nothing.
P.S. Do not confuse Demons with devils, imps and other evil creatures. Demons and evil spirits are not the same! Demons are physically beings, spirits are aura of a negative energy. You cannot be possessed by Demon, but evil spirit (that controlled by devil).
You cannot summon the Demon, you only can try to invite him. Because Demons are the most highest beings. Also don’t confuse upside Pentagram (dark symbol of microcosm. the highest point is the Spirit) and invert pentagram (unholy the satanic symbol. the lowest point is the Spirit).
P.P.S. Sorry for my bad English.

Demons are the creature less than the (good, wise and faithful) humans . They are after human in dignity about God. Of course, in a comparison, bad humans are less than the theist and faithful demons.As I explained in previous post, every group of demons, follow a special belief and religion. For example, the demons that are living in Tibet region are mostly, Buddhists. The demons that are in England are mostly Christians and the demons that are living in Islamic countries are mostly Muslim. I can say the demons of an area follow the same religion that the humans of the area believe in it.

Hello Ama, how are you? I am glad to meet you again as well

There are some Islamic information about daemons. The first explanation of daemons that I want to say, is in scripture Koran.
Basically, there is a chapter in Koran that is called ” Jinn” and due to my knowledge and researches, Jinn does mean the same daemon in Greek or English, because their signs, quality and behaviors is one.
God has described them in some of the other chapters of Koran in summer. These are the first verses of “Jinn” chapter in Koran :

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

( O Mohammad) say: ‘it is revealed to me that a party of jinn listened then said: “we have indeed heard a wonderful Koran,(1)that guides to the right path. we believe in it and we will not associate anyone with our lord. (2)he exalted be the majesty of our lord, who has neither taken to himself a wife, nor a son(3)the ignorant fool among us has spoken outrageously against Allah,(4) We never thought that either human or jinn would ever tell a lie against Allah” ‘ (5)
( God himself is saying directly) but there were certain men from mankind who would take refuge with certain males from the jinn and they increased them in tyranny. (6)like you, they thought that Allah would never raise the dead. (7) (the jinn continued saying): “we made our way towards heaven, but we found it filled with stern guards and a flame. (8)there, we would sit to eavesdrop, but now an eavesdropper finds a flame in wait for him. (9)and so we do not know whether evil is intended for those on earth, or whether their lord intends to guide them. (10)some of us are righteous, but some are otherwise, we are sects that differ (11)we know that we cannot frustrate Allah in the earth, nor can we frustrate him by flight (12)when we heard the guidance, we believed in it, and whosoever believes in his lord shall fear neither shortage nor injustice (13)some of us have surrendered (Muslims) and some of us have deviated. those who surrendered sought the right path, (14)…

In these verses, God announces his messenger Mohammad about a folk of Jinns that heard the word of Koran, found it right and believed in God and his last religion,Islam. While some other daemons of that folk
didn’t believe in.
Of course, this is just one of the words of God about daemons in Koran and I will bring the verses from other chapters of Koran that God has hinted to daemons otherwise. But these verses are about the difference of beliefs that daemons follow them like humans.

…hey Grace…

…yooh have no need to ask others for what yooh need to know…juss trust in your intuition and go with it…others beliefs is only that…their beliefs…this entity yooh talk of protecting yooh might juss be your guardian…so believe in that…

…and also i would like to address GoodyDemon’s comment on your knowledge of demons…thank yooh…it is appreciated more than yooh think…

…dark blessings…


If we look in history the original gods n goddess were demonised and forgotten. so yes, I do believe they can protect but as with all of the living beings on this world and the others nothing is for free. I have a dark protector myself who originally was a goddess n was demonised by Christians as the demon of death, however when she visits me I do slip into a bad mood and feel weighed down n drained. yes she protects me n I willingly feed her my energy I store for her as payment

I’ll tell u a story of many I have

When I was but a child my mum was in a abusive relationship this is when my lil friend as I call her turned up. I was really scared one night so much so I did a prayer to god to help me n my mum to be safe. god didn’t answer, at least that’s what I presume. well any way, she turned up in the corner of my room and said “be still child I can not protect your mum as she’s been tainted by that man but I can protect you”, stroked my hair kissed my head n disappeared. the next night the same thing happened however this time I wasn’t scared I felt strong n numb. I went into the room that my mum was in, and my step dad, at the time, went to go for me. I uttered some word without the knowledge of doing so n only know due to my mum telling me this. my lil friend turned up right in front of me and as my step dad went to hit me he bounced back. my mum was in the corner as she could see what I could and was frightened. my lil friend then to my mum n told her she must get rid or, for the safety of me, she will harm my mum until she does.

Well my mum did what she was told n whenever something bad is to happen whether that be the loss of a loved one or a attack from something or some one, she shows herself to me n helps me by warning me. if I am left with no energy be that physical mental or emotional she helps me by returning some energy to me.

So I’ll end it with this note she may be of the dark but once she was a worshipped goddess and a much loved one. I believe that mankind is the only thing that’s truly evil, for we are the ones that destroy and take more then our fair share. we demonise things we don’t wish to take the time to understand, and like all things, there is a balance that is needed, be it male/female good/evil light/dark. but everything comes at a price, even angels if u want to call them that, have a hidden agenda. I’m going to stop now as I think I’ve made my point hope this helps

Hi All

After reading the accounts of this question! I have studied daemonology for sometime, and I do not believe in the Christian demonology. I have read some of their books which I find distasteful.
nevertheless, each to their own I say.

Can daemons protect humans? Well, there is a answer, yes and no. Daemons and Aerial Beings, and Entities. Have been on this Earth longer than mankind, understood themselves.

Daemons and Aerial Beings, taught humans to be has one, and taught them to build and etc. In the ancient world, they were worshipped, and everything else.

Their are many entities out their, some have not even been written about, but do exist in the physical world, and different realms of spiritual and Astral. We must understand, that many humans on this earth have Guardians, and some humans do not have any.

Daemons and Aerial beings, from the higher and lower orders, do protect some human beings. They have symbols of summoning them, and some do not. I have seen and talked to many, either way, they have a good sense of humour, and can be very difficult to understand, if you are really on their level, because, they are clever, and highly intelligent. They know your answer before you ask it, and tell you two answers to the questions, they also get very, very angry if disrespected. So be careful. Yes, both beings, do have the powers of death, they can either play you, until you reason too them, but, many will not harm you. They can be helpful in all different areas, they are gifted with many branches, from science to languages, to stars, and everything you can think off.

I never really understood daemon or aerial possessions. Maybe, why would they do this, because they can come on earth in Human form if they so wish.

Daemons being Buddy, buddy with Humans, well, maybe, it matters what the person is within and out. These beings, can come and go to pleasure, and can come and say things to humans by telepathic communications. But, in the eye of the subject, they can look after many humans in same time, because time for them, does not really exist.

Nevertheless, Summoning such beings, from the Higher and Lower orders, is somewhat difficult for human to do. Its takes a lot of time and patience. And Humans DO NOT have such patience. We believe we are more intelligent, then them, and that is one emotion which cuts a deep bond across them. Because these beings, are far more intelligent than we will very be. In the light of matter, has Goodydemon says, is right, but only in part.

There are 12 forms of Nasties, out there in this spiritual realms, some are very, very dangerous, and only a few daemons and aerials beings can rid of these powerful entities. Nasties can do such harm, and can also confuse humans, believing them to be past dead humans, and cause rifts within many places and houses, and so forth. It is unknown science and spiritual branch. The Supernatural or paranormal, whatever you may call it, is a curious realm to study, because everything within is unknown. We can read a book, or two, and find the information different to other, and so forth.

OK. Ranting to much here.

Hope this is answers some of the question!

If you wish to know more, do not be afraid to ask


Dark Blessings


If you say demons cant protect us how do you that some arent misguided fallen angels? Who were mistake for something bad or dangerous?
I myself do have something following me.
He claims to be a demon but shows no evil.
(No I’m not saying I see him physically or I talk to him like he’s a normal person) but at night I hear his voice telling me things I never knew of.
To some this might sound crazy and complete bullshit, but I do believe he is real and that he is good.

There is a demon attached to me, assigned to me. By who or what, I know not. He has been with me my entire life. He protects me, though he has stepped back for years at a time so I can learn to protect myself. He isn’t able to leave me. He wants to be good; he is good, but he did bad things and was not “good” for a very long time. He is paying those debts. Part of that is his commitment to me. He won’t tell me his name because of the power it holds. He won’t give me details, but I can feel that he is afraid when I bring up the subject. I call him Aimon. He has never shown himself to me, not even in dreams. He will not show himself to me. He says he cannot shape-shift and I would be too afraid if I saw him. He showed himself to my husband in a dream just last week so I finally have an idea of what he looks like and I understand why he won’t show himself to me.
I agree with a previous post above that the best protector is God, so in any moment of need, He is the one to reach out to. That is more true than I can express, but I do not believe Aimon views me as food. I can feel that he does love me. He is my friend, and while God is the greatest protector, I am grateful to have my friend by my side.

Hi Rosemarie
All I want to say is you can’t be sure of what others say about demons because their seeing things from point of view of a human which is way more limited than point of view of a demon or other creatures..this means their information may be completely wrong or completely right in some cases..
I believe that if you find trust in this demon you talked about then you can’t do anything about it but trust him..which is not a bad thing but be careful…

Daemons are two kind:

1- Those daemons that believe in one of the formal religions, like us ( The religions that have been sent by God himself to people. Two prior religions that are Judaism and Christianity and the last religion that is Islam.)

2- The daemons that believe not in God or any religion, or believe in some man-made opinions that are called religions but are not heavenly actually.

As I told in another post a long time ago, daemons are everywhere on the earth, and usually the group of daemons that live in a land follow the religion that the people of the land follow. For example, the daemons that live in Europe are mostly Christian and the daemons that live in middle east are majority Muslim. In fact daemons are like humans but with different essence, quality and physiology that is almost unknown for us. They have some affection and emotions like human and have daily living ( night is day for them). They eat, sleep and have parent and family. Like us, some of them are male and some female and there is marriage and breading offspring for them. They are intelligent and understand the issues and intentions. Of course some of them are in a lower intellect and knowledge, just like some low humans that follow low cultures (like scoundrels, rascals, mobs and other criminals.)

As I heard and the news is reliable, the faithful daemons are not interested to have any communication or connection with humans and don’t like to show their presence. And the daemons that communicate with some special people, among sorcerers, magician men, wizards and so on, or possess a human usually are those daemons believe not in God and don’t fear his promise for punishment.

So communicating with a daemon is a risk, especially if the communicator is a naive and crude person. Such unbeliever daemons can hurt in a time. Friendship with these daemons is like riding on back of a lion! If the communicator can’t control the daemon he can hurt him. Basically, daemons have a a very high power and ability, especially that they can be invisible. As I told, they have some emotions that can turn into the negative things.

It is good you know, Satan himself is from Daemon race and based on some Islamic quotes daemons are prior to human in creation and they lived on the earth thousands years before creation of man.

However, no human can be competitor of an evil or malicious daemon by himself and by his power. Such daemons go not away by these things. There is a need for origin heavenly prays. Those miraculous and powerful prays banish those evil daemons or hide a human from their eyes ( they can see the prayer or fear to come close to him.) There are several of such Islamic prays that I am familiar with. They have saved me against presence of bad and evil daemons frequently. Apart from every religion, I have experienced them many times and say by all my heart, they do miracle! No bad daemon dare to come close to me and the area that I read the prays there, will become empty of every entity and I see that actually. This is not an advertise for those Islamic prays, but I wished to express what I have experienced exactly. Therefore I never scare bad daemons that trouble me and put me in danger. No daemon can pass through the impermeable,invisible and heavenly stronghold.

In the end, I hint to a fact. Everything on the earth or in the heaven scares of God and his greatness. I don’t know what is your belief or religion but whatever it is, if you encounter a bad situation like encountering the evil daemons that try to annoy or hurt you just say faithfully and hopefully:

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

May he will save you

Allah is the same greatest God’s name

Sorry, I can’t learn you more, because you follow another religion.

I simply just do not understand why is god allowing all this absurdness to occur? God has the ability to prevent these people from selling their souls away to the devil, so why won’t he stop it ? Why is it that demons show themselves more than actual angels from heaven do? Why are people changing the words up in the bible making their own words up, I believe in good demons I I know there are good demons! I asked god to give a tour to what hell may look like….. And hell looked horrid there were several places of fire torturous demons and devious, manipulative demons mean demons, but there were also a spot where good demons be, when they saw Jesus they were crying out for him while the other demons tried to destroy him, Jesus felt very bad about what he was seeing but he couldn’t make the decision to take these demons back into heaven with him in his father.. I believe demons try to use humans to try to get to god, possessing a human is the only way a demon could escape hell so why be judgemental on this poor guy that’s its only way of communication! God has locked away hell so they cannot escape there aren’t a lot of protective demons but there are a few of them, another thing how do you know when an angel is actually present? How would you know a demon isn’t disguising himself to be the guardian Angel you assume came from heaven? Powers don’t mean anything, Satan has like the same power as God but he chooses to use his Powers for the wrong reasons, Satan used to be the most beautiful angel in heaven this society would walk up to a creature with white wings and automatically assume its something from heaven, first off not all demons have darkened wings and ugly red faces with horns, that’s just what the Illuminati has us to believe demons don’t even have a look, there just bad souls floating around… Like most idiotic specialist think god is a human formed man which he isn’t… He is the heart of the sky… While Satan is the heart of the ground… Demons are bad and some are good just pick your choice wisely

Hello Tyjario

Because of the length of your message I have included your questions with an * in front of them, and then my answers. You raised some interesting points, thank you.

You wrote –

* I simply just do not understand why is god allowing all this absurdness to occur? God has the ability to prevent these people from selling their souls away to the devil, so why won’t he stop it ?

The answer is that God created humanity to learn and grow. It gave humanity the gift of Free Will, which is the right to choose our own destiny, including our own mistakes. If God interfered in any way it would remove our free will, which it will not do. But Free Will comes with its own challenges. We are not children, we should be learning and acting from our growing wisdom, but like children we need boundaries to grow within and one of those is called Karma. Karma makes us responsible for our actions, towards ourselves and others. Karma is also a law of nature “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” (Newton’s Third Law). If we do good we receive good, if we do evil we receive evil – but since we are spiritual beings who have multitudes of lifetimes, we might not have to deal with the repercussions of our actions for many lifetimes. So God will not stop people from ‘selling their soul’, although that is an illusion in itself, our souls (spirits) will always belong to God and are not a commodity to be sold to anyone. We can give it away, but in the long run (multitudes of lives) we never really lose anything, except a lifetime or two until we untangle the knots that we create that bind us to the dark, for a while. But demons lie, and humans believe the lies and waste lifetimes through their own choices.

* Why is it that demons show themselves more than actual angels from heaven do?

Because demons are not bound by the strict laws of heaven that say that angels cannot interfere in human free will. Demons, more precisely fallen angels, fall into the energy of chaos, which is this planet, and take up free will and use it as a tool to manipulate everyone, each other included. They have no rules, nor boundaries.

* Why are people changing the words up in the bible making their own words up, I believe in good demons I I know there are good demons!

I am not sure what the words in the Bible have to do with good demons, though I agree that the Bible has been mistranslated, adapted and just plain changed over the millenia since it was first created 100 years or so after Jesus died. I have studied Theology and have read the translations of the ancient languages, that are now incredibly accurate in words, even if the meanings of the writers might not be interpreted the exact way (2000 years is a long time). There are no good demons in the bible, nor have there ever been.

* I asked god to give a tour to what hell may look like….. And hell looked horrid there were several places of fire torturous demons and devious, manipulative demons mean demons, but there were also a spot where good demons be, when they saw Jesus they were crying out for him while the other demons tried to destroy him, Jesus felt very bad about what he was seeing but he couldn’t make the decision to take these demons back into heaven with him in his father..

Swedenborg, an 18th century scholar, asked the same. He was shown that the men in the moon breathe through their stomachs, among other odd things. How can you be certain that it was ‘God’ that gave you the tour, and not one of the demons around you that showed you what you wanted to see?

That being said, demons can be redeemed and return to God, but they don’t live in ‘hell’ once that happens, unless you count the Earth and the higher spiritual planes as a form of hell. And you are right, being redeemed, or rescued by Jesus, went against the gift of Free Will, so the demons must seek it out themselves and set themselves free .. and God accepts them back, with repercussions (karma).

* I believe demons try to use humans to try to get to god, possessing a human is the only way a demon could escape hell so why be judgemental on this poor guy that’s its only way of communication!

Possessing a person, suppressing their Free Will, taking away their sanity, will never lead a demon to God. This belief is false. No person has the right to take another’s free will, but we can give it away by choice .. when we are stopped taking it back .. which is what happens in possession cases .. the demon or person’s actions are proved to be evil.

* God has locked away hell so they cannot escape

Hell is a ‘home’ for demons, not a prison, or they would not be able to leave and harass the living as they do.

* There aren’t a lot of protective demons but there are a few of them.

There are no ‘protective’ demons, only those pretending that is their role.

* Another thing how do you know when an angel is actually present?

Your heart opens up and you get a sense of true LOVE and freedom. There is no mistaking the feeling. Often tears will come to your eyes as you release emotions based in painful memories. Their whole presence is entirely healing, and they are always with us, even when we can’t sense them. We all have a guardian angel behind our right shoulder from the group governed by Archangel Michael.

* How would you know a demon isn’t disguising himself to be the guardian Angel you assume came from heaven?

I repeat the above statement. Having experienced a ‘demon’ pretending to be my guardian angel, the energy is not anywhere the same.

* Powers don’t mean anything, Satan has like the same power as God but he chooses to use his Powers for the wrong reasons.

Satan WANTED to have the same powers as God, and fell from heaven because of that. It does NOT have the same powers otherwise humanity would not exist. The demons want to punish God by harming humanity, but for the most part they fail – for which we should be very grateful.

* Satan

… is a human created demon. It is not the true name of the first angel to fall and become the opposite of Love.

* used to be the most beautiful angel in heaven

… and the first ‘fallen’ it is still incredibly beautiful to look at, but if you see it you can feel the twist in its true nature and you KNOW its not an angel.

* This society would walk up to a creature with white wings and automatically assume its something from heaven.

Yes some people would, but not everyone.

* First off not all demons have darkened wings and ugly red faces with horns,


* That’s just what the Illuminati has us to believe demons don’t even have a look,

Illuminati .. may or may not exist, or have existed, but they were not the first people to draw the fallen angels with dark wings. They were drawn that way as a warning to the living, but we forget these things.

* there just bad souls floating around…

.. and having human lifetimes .. they are often a lesson to us, or themselves.

* Like most idiotic specialist think god is a human formed man which he isn’t…


* He is the heart of the sky… While Satan is the heart of the ground…

Satan does not live in the ground, Tyjario. It lives on the lowest levels of the spiritual planes, and God is at the top and the energy of God encloses the whole of the structure, so demons live in the spiritual planes too.

* Demons are bad and some are good just pick your choice wisely

Or better yet, stay away from all of them .. because sometimes people are not wise enough to know the difference.

Love & Peace

Somebodies like to see daemons and some like to possess a demon to do some works for them. That is possible. Usually, some persons can see or feel daemons in a place or everywhere, but not so vivid. And somebodies can see daemons vivid and even talk them; exorcists are among the persons (depended on their knowledge, experience, skill and spiritual power and ability). I have not met an exorcist yet but there were some expert exorcists in our area that I heard some stories about them. Also some expert wizards, sorcerers and magicians may can see and talk them or use them for some purposes.

Some Islamic leaders ( The Islamic leaders are different with the extreme, manipulative and ignorant leaders that mostly live in Saudi Arabia. They are not only don’t know Islam as it is, rather they are the originator of ISIS in the world. Islam, Koran and rightful Islamic leaders condemn them. They are heretic and loathed in Islam ) have banned any communication with daemons, but some other have conditioned the relationship.

For example, it is questioned of one of the Islamic leaders:

” Is it allowed learning and doing sorcery (wizard, magic, hex, witchcraft and so on)? And is it allowed spiritualism for calling out ghosts, angels and Jinns (daemons)?”

A: the knowledge of sorcery is forbidden except for a rational and legal purpose. And the decree about calling out (spiritualism) ghosts, angels and Jinns (daemons)due to the difference of their cases, and purposes is different.”

So dependent on the purpose and intention of the calling out and communicating, the result of decree can be ” allowed” or ” banned”.

However, I myself am not interested to step in daemons’ and ghosts worlds and prefer to avoid these things, although the great prayers that I read sometimes open my eyes to the paranormal dimensions.

What does it mean when the original Devil the oldest of old tells me wait until you’re 21st birthday I will become one with him in other words a vessel he told me he will provide me with special abilities on one condition follow his orders if not I will be dead and if I do he will make sure that I stay alive he also said I’m special to him and I was the only human he likes I’m so confused

Hi Austin,

It means you are being lied to by some entity pretending to be ‘the oldest of the old’. I’ve ‘met’ her too. She looks very beautiful, but her nature is nasty, manipulative and destructive. I doubt you really want that in your life.

As for super-powers .. its all “piecrust promises, easily made and easily broken”, but it does sound wonderful, and if you are feeling a little insecure the thought might make you feel better ..

.. but like any bargain with the Dark, the price you pay is far worse than anything you can possibly imagine .. so don’t go there – even for a second. Don’t make any agreements. And don’t kid yourself that the ‘devil’ thinks you are important – you are only one of millions (and I do mean millions) of people that have been told they are ‘special’ and the ‘only human he likes’ by entities like that. It’s just another lie to trap the unwary.

Love & Peace

Is there anyone on this site that can answer questions about a “entity” that’s been with me for over about 25yrs? He does serious DAMAGE to people who have wronged me… I mean SERIOUS DAMAGE… If I get a response, I’ll add all the info. Please let me know, Thanks

what questions do u need answering and what help are you seeking seems as though you are a tad bit scared and frustrated.

Hello Jade, thank you for responding! I’m not scared it’s just I’m totally confused.. I’ll give you a quick background of the story.. So when I was a kid like 12yrs old a guy knocked on the door (was brothers friend) and asked if we could do whatever he did to me what I was like 7yrs old, I must have blocked it in my mind because I didn’t remember it until he said it years later. So not to long after that I was thinking about how much I hated him for molesting me then maybe like a month later he was shot by the police, next- I was at a Concert and the manager was supposed to meet me at the back stage door to let me in and like 4 minutes before the band I was there to see was going on stage and the tour Manager came to door yelling at me like I was trash and I didn’t even wanna go on stage and a couple of days later I was thinking about what he did to me and within a week his Waterfront House in Georgia was floating down the street lolol Next – I was punched in the back by someone I didn’t know was going to do that and I was pissed off thinking about it a week or so later and I found out 2 weeks later he was shot multiple times. Next – my girlfriends brother was staying with us for a short time and he was a BAD druggy and fresh outta jail and one night I asked him something like please quiet down cause it’s late, he got mad and I just started walking away and he punched me in the back of my head on the side near ear, I was in Mid-step so it knocked me to 1 knee then he kept punching me in the back of my head, the neighbors heard the commotion and called the police and he was arrested cause his mom had a restraining order against him. He got outta jail like 4 months later and moved right back in, I tried getting along with him but 1 night I started thinking about what he did and I was very mad about it then about 2 days later the police knocked on the door telling us he’s in the hospital in the ICU unit (intensive care unit) and in a hospital induced coma because he was jumped by about 4-5 people and he was hit in the side of the head behind the ear and his skull was cracked in many spots and his brain is swelling. He was in hospital for awhile. After he got outta hospital he moved outta here. Those 4 examples are ONLY A SMALL FRACTION of the countless people that did something to me and something REALLY BAD happened to them! I have no idea who the people were that went after the people I mentioned above, I never met any of them. Soo moving on,, after the thing with her brother just before it happened I was starting to question if I really have some “entity” that does revenge to people that did something really wrong to me so 1 night I just layed down to go to bed, the TV was on but set to shut off,, all of a sudden I felt INTENSE fear like something was face to face with me (I was facing other way) so I turned over to look and the second I seen him I was immediately calm even tho I was face to face with him, I asked him “who are you” and his reply was “who the Fuck do you think has been protecting you all these years” SOOO…here’s what he looks like – Face to face he had Fangs on the top and bottom in his mouth as teeth, then he stood straight up and he is easily like 7ft Tall with 2 horns on head and horns in the middle of the head (not huge ones) and those horns were like spikes going almost to his waist on his back, he is greenish-gray color and has wings that look similar to like a gargoyles wings, the wings were higher than his head all the way down to his knees. He was VERY friendly to me.. I think he only showed himself because I was starting to question if I really have something that does “revenge” to people that did me Very Wrong.. So basically I am just wondering what they are, I don’t think it’s a demon because for almost 30 years he’s been with the and HAS ONLY DONE SEVERE DAMAGE to people that really Really have done something very bad to me. (a few times years ago my girlfriend and I argued and she went to the other room and said she seen exactly what I described above but with blood red eyes and she said he just stared into her eyes for like 3 minutes and while he was doing that she was totally Paralyzed.. She told me what she seen after we argued and what her description of him is VERY SIMILAR to what I was looking at and talking with except when I was talking with him his eyes were NOT red… Everything in this story is 100% true and nothing is Exaggerated… Please,,, SOMEONE let me know what type of “Angel” these are.. (and remember, he only does things to people that have done something really wrong to me and I gotta be really mad at the person while I’m thinking about what they did to me and then all of a sudden I hear that something REALLY REALLY BAD has happened to them) please can someone explain what this is, ANY INFORMATION will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!! Thank you VERY much!!!!!

Hello Mark,

The entity that is harming people that you hate, or are very angry with, is not an angel. Angels do no harm to anyone, it is not in their nature.

You wrote that the entity harms people who harm you, but it did not harm your girlfriend after the fight, which is a good thing, because everyone should have the chance to make amends, rather than die of their wounds.

BTW, the entity appears not to have answered your question when you asked it who it is. Seeing the shape it showed you is not telling you who, or what, it might be. As to why it is protecting you – perhaps you made an agreement with it in this lifetime, or in other lives, or you might play reciprocal roles (it looks after you in one life, you look after it if it has human lives)? It might be using your energy to feed itself. It might be using the energy of those it harms to feed itself. Or it could be teaching you a really powerful lesson .. how not to hate and do harm to others – because the karma from its actions, caused by your emotions, is going to continue to put you into situations where someone gets harmed, not just you, but other people as well. It’s a very frightening spiral to be in, because in the end, the price is yours to pay, not the entity’s.

Under the circumstances, I would be considered learning how to love those who harm you, and forgive them, to save both their lives, and your future. The dark works in very strange ones, and yours is not the first story I have read of such a situation.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Thank you Ama for your reply!!! I don’t know if it would be trying to teach me a lesson to love people who harm me, I don’t understand how that would be possible.? I have a Gut feeling that it truly knows who I love and wouldn’t want harm done to such as my girlfriend as described in first message. I believe I God, Jesus all that… But I am forced to believe that whatever this is knows my heart and only would go after someone I really don’t care about. I don’t put myself in situations to get harmed, things just happen, but honestly I love this Entity because it’s like I have a very powerful protector or something (hard to explain) but are you saying that I should denounce it?

Hi mark
As I have said very urlea in this thread I to have a protector I call my little freaind which isn’t exactly all light and fairy. What I would suggest is try talking with it again at some point when u feel comfortable to do so I wouldn’t denounce it as it has helped u. However I don’t think how u discribed the apprence of this entity is infact it’s true form it’s shown u what would make you feel most at ease. One question I will ask that will probably follow more is are you fasinated by death n feel drawn to grave yards and ruins if so you want to look into Djinn these beauty’s live in these areas and it’s there home’s they protect these areas from people who damage them such as defacing a head stone. I keep getting the words of you already know the answers to your questions just listen to the voice. I would try to learn to control your temper as I myself have had people harmed due to what they have done to myself n I wanted revenge on them and this would happen. I don’t really like using words such as demons angle’s ect as I see this as more of a Christian veiw of things n if you look deeper into demons n there previous names n cultures they come from they are normally god’s/Goddess and elementary spirits. Pan being the big elephant in the room on this one he was and still is the gardien of the forest animals n is a fertility god n creativity (music) then was demonised into the devil himself a truly evil force to be reconed with but this isn’t true n as said before is a Christian concept. As for angles again this is rather a Christian concept alot of angle’s were originally god’s Goddess and elementary spirits although don’t know enough on these to give you a example. I do believe we have both negative n postative energy’s around us constantly but these constantly change due to our emotions n or outer influence. The paranormal is something we are still trying to understand n will never fully get as we are just humans that will demonise or deflect anything we either do not understand or want to understand. There is alot out there to help guide​ you but you need to know were to look for the answers for example if I have questions I need answering I look on the internet in books n if these are of no use I go to the woods with running water with a bottle of cider and two cups I’ll sit drink until I get my answers once I have I’ll leave a cup full of cider for my god offering would be the word. Look online for demon protector’s yes I don’t like the word but sometimes you have to so you can get the answers you seek.
Hope this helps

Hello Jade!Thank you for your reply!! Yea I really have no clue what it is but I’ll search it on the Internet like you said. And you asked me if I’m fascinated with death, the answer to that question is No, I don’t go to graveyards or look for anything to do with Death and in fact I actually hate Death stuff because of my Mom dying from cancer when she was only 57.I never go to graveyards I don’t have any “demonic” pictures of any kind. I was thinking about getting “my protector” tattooed on my leg tho but that’s about it. And with what I said in an earlier message, I don’t wanna denounce him because he’s been literally destroying people that harmed me. (all I have to do is think of what they did to me and get mad and I find out soon after that sever damage was done to that person) you said that it showed itself to me in a way that I would be comfortable, honestly if I ever seen what I seen as I described and didn’t know he was the one that “protects” me I would have Screamed as loud as possible and ran out the door and Never went back into the house. He looked so VERY VERY EVIL but to me I knew who he was so when I looked at him I was immediately calm. Do you have any idea why he showed himself looking like that instead of looking like something “beautiful” he looked beautiful to me but remember I’m not into demon or skull or death pictures or anything like that but I believe he looked beautiful to me because I felt LOVE coming from him,, when I said that he said back to me “who the fuck do you think has been protecting you all these years” I believe he showed himself and said that ONLY because I started to question if I really had a “protector”

I don’t know mark. I don’t have all the answers that’s something u need to find out for urself. Just can’t think of a entity’s that look like u discribed but we don’t know everything about the paranormal and will probably never know. Like I said best trying to reconnect with him to talk more and go from there even more so if he is of no threat to yourself best way to get answers is from the horse’s mouth as it were. I’m still pretty new to all the paranormal stuff and always will be I have a fasination with death as it’s a mystery to what happens after that I have loads of skull pictures and gothic stuff around all the time as that’s what I like and am attracted to. And thought I’d ask about graveyards n that as Djinn was the first thing that came to mind n still comes to mind maybe look online about them for more information. Sorry to here your loss she was very young tbh but don’t morn here death celebrate her life n never fear death it’s just a part of life we are born we live we die no explanation to why other then it’s apart of the balance that needs to be kept. Death is my protector or a old age Goddess turned into a “death demon” which could explain alot about why I’m attracted to skull’s n gothic objects I don’t fear her even if she looks scary but I don’t even think I have seen her true form don’t think we do see there true form they like to play games n are mischievous in nature n I love them for that. Hope u managed to find some more helpful information by now.

I’ve literally grown up with this stuff. I’m used to things happening to me and seeing things that to some are unexplainable. In the house that I live in now, there’s a little girl, symbols pop up on my mirror when it foggy and I lock the door so no one can get in, and I hear humming or laughing sometimes. When I was little I had a lot of spirits around me. Every house we lived in i would attract one. There are many memories that I can share with you, but I’ll share this one that could help you. When I was 4 I lived In this little community like thing, but wasn’t exactly that. Anyways, I lived in front of a cemetery and I always used to ask my arents if I could have lady with the red hat over for whatever reason like dinner, to play, or to have a sleep over. My parents were completely clueless until one day I rolled my blue Dora ball down the hall and it stopped half way and rolled back. My family didn’t know what to do, but they were fine with it as long as I was kept safe and that’s exactly what happened. I say a year or so after that, my aunt was babysitting me and I was already in bed while she was doing dishes. The dry dishes were on the left side and then all of a sudden she heard me laughing. She opened the door slowly to see that my tigger stuffed animal was floating. Now this is a bigger stuffed animal so it was weird I guess for her, but like I said, as long as I was safe, I was fine to be around them. Then she went back to the dishes which were now on the right side. She didn’t mind nor did she bother moving them. She finished the dishes when she realized she couldn’t hear me through the baby monitor. Not only the fact that I never went to bed easy, but usually when the baby monitors on you can hear static at least. She checked on me first before looking for the monitor. After a couple minutes, she found it wrapped nicely in the drawer. Now I do however believe that they can protect you because one of my friends sister lives in that community thing by the cemetery and she saw lady with the red hat and she didn’t take a liking to her. I personally think it’s who you are that draws attention to you because I still have all my senses from when I was a kid with this stuff. But I also believe that they will feed off of you. But I don’t think they would do anything bad to me.

My name is Isabella, I am 13 and I can see ghost, but recently I think that I have met a, Demon. He said that his name was, Owen Cage, and that he was hear to protect me from demonds. I don’t trust him, but he is every where. I see him at school, in the public, and he watches me sleep. I met him a few days ago, and was wondering if you could help me with my unusual situation. Ghost arn’t supposed to tuch you or have a feal to there pale skin, but he tuched me. His skin was coled, yet surprisingly soft. He kissed my forehead and disappear.
I haven’t seen him for a few hours, he always comes back to watch me sleep. What do I do, and what should I think?

Can demons beat up people, that harm you. I have been bullied by a couple of kids at mn school for what I can do, and everyone of them have either went to the hospital, or have been severely hurt. The demon, Owen, does not look hideous, but absolutely stunning. He lookes to be eighteen or nineteen. I am not falling for a demon, but why does he do this.

How do you know he’s a demon? Did he implicitly tell you he is?

The answer is yes, they can do damage. However, you are going down a very dangerous and dark path if you do this. This Owen character, are you sure it’s not a human that is possessed by a demon of a title you don’t know. In any case, if you should learn the title of this demon, never say it’s name out loud or even lip it. If you do, you will become it’s puppet instead of the other way around. Are you sure it’s not some dude by the name of Owen that has a soft spot for the people that are being picked on?

If it’s a negative entitity, not necessarily a demon, it will try to extract as much negative energy out of you, that’s what it feeds on. Anger, sadness, depression and all the negative thoughts, emotions and of course, actions.

Yes, demons can be your guardian but only if you do the contracts correctly. The chances of someone messing up a contract is around 99%. I don’t condone the control of demons or even attempting a binding contract because, as I said before, they feed (grow) on your negativity. If you don’t increase your understanding of the negative entity, even though you may be their master currently (if you do the contract right) it doesn’t mean it will stay that way, when the entity gains more and more power, only increasing abilities, it will outgrow you and your control, then there will be Hell to pay.

Demons, when they attack, they do so as viciously as possible. Also, if it’s a real negative entity ,a demon, they don’t actually need to be in control of a body to do damage. Meaning, they don’t need to possess another person to do their dirty work.

Who are these kids that are picking on you in Minnesota? It’s best to report them to the principal’s / dean’s office. Ask them directly what they do with kids who bully and do physical harm. The kids pending the investigation of bullying turn out to be true, they should be suspended from school.

I know what it’s like to be picked on , I used to get stabbed in the back by sharp objects, like pencils and pens, etc. That happened to me in junior high, what came after that, I’m not proud of. To make a long story short, violence begets (attracts and furthers) violence. While your thirst for revenge of what they did to you is overdriving you and clouding your thinking, a school is a place of learning; not beating, bloodlying up and burning.

Good answer Lex, only one point to add.

Isabella, demons also attack subtly. They entice their victims into their grasp by promising them anything they want, until they have more control over the living person than the person has over themselves. It’s a horrible mind game, that might begin with a desire for revenge, and end with you locked into your own body and mind, in a mental hospital or a prison. No amount of revenge is worth having anything to do with demons on any level. They are NEVER to be trusted.

Love & Peace

To the anonymous Seeker of Answers,

Fall in love, no, be attracted to someone, that’s a given, yes. The attraction is of your energy you give off, has nothing to do with romance, romantic feelings are nothing more than ruse.

Hello ASOA.

Demons do not have human emotions. They cannot Love. However, they do play games with human minds, and pretending to love a human is one of the games. The only attraction they have to you is anything they can get from you, take from you, or get you to do for them, that makes you or someone you know, suffer. That includes all your energy, your good health, your balanced mind and control of your thoughts and actions. Please do not be fooled by anything they say. They are the master of liars and humanity is their fodder.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

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