How Do I Contact My Guardian Angel?

So I’ve heard that everyone has a guardian angel. I was wondering if we can see our guardian angel and actually talk to them?

I just want to know is it possible to contact them, and if yes, then how?

Thank you in advance

Asked by Shreya Pandey

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Hello Shreya

Your guardian angel stands behind your right shoulder, from the group of angels governed by Archangel Michael. Each person has one guardian, and some people have Michael guides as well, but they don’t swap roles. They have been created very specific to the task they do.

We talk to our guardians all the time, in our minds, without doing so in our conscious thoughts. They are not supposed to interfere in our free will, or tell us what to do, or give us any advice. In other words, there’s not much point in talking to them. They are supposed to ‘protect’ our spirit, and watch over our bodies when we astral travelling (from your other question). The Michael guides are also not supposed to give advice that demands action, but only to suggest things, a nudge here, a feeling of ‘right or wrong’ in some circumstances, the occasional word or imagine in our minds. Human free will is a treasure to be valued, and they know this. Any entity that insists on trying to tell a living person what to do is not ‘in the Light’. (Family members excluded .. though those who have crossed over generally won’t try and boss us around, but, they continue to be human even when in heaven).

A person can talk to their Michael guides, but expecting long conversations is pointless. It is a distraction from the reality of being human, and the angels are not supposed to distract us, they are supposed to help. Their help only takes a moment, a word, a thought, a feeling, an image in our mind, as I already said. Occasionally a person might get a sentence .. but long-winded quasi-profound messages are generally not the way of the angels, regardless of who the entity says it is.

How to talk to them .. say hi each morning and thank them, and God/Creator/Spirit for them being there ‘watching our backs’. We have other angels around us as well, equally important. The Gabriel inspire us, and help with communication; the Raphael help with our healing, when we let them; the Uriel help us learn the profound life lessons .. they are the ones that usually hurt .. until we stop fighting the changes that seemingly must happen, and go back to moving with the ‘flow’ of life. There are other angels as well, but those and the Michael are the ‘big’ four that help humanity.

Ask the angels to help you with everything during the day. I mean that sentence literally. Give them permission to speak, because they really shouldn’t unless we do that. It’s very easy to misinterpret a thought in our minds, particularly if its saying something we don’t want to hear .. eg. forgive that person .. when we would rather continue to be angry at them. Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and emotions .. they are usually a good guide to what is being said, or suggested, to you. And trust God, it gave us angels.

Love & Peace

So Ama, all the ‘instincts’ we get are actually our guardian speaking to us? or we are just being ‘instinctive’?

Oh no, Shreesa, all our instincts are our own. What the guides do is add to the messages we give to ourselves. Really its to teach us trust, which is often not an easy life lesson to learn.

Love & Peace

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