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Can Mirrors Draw Spirits?

Can Mirrors Draw Spirits?
Can Mirrors Draw Spirits?

I have written in the past about having things happening in my home, but I noticed from one of the other Questions they were talking about mirrors.

I have a lot of mirrors in my home. Could they be drawing some of the things that have been happening in my house?

Asked by Nancy Abbott

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Hi Nancy,

Entities are drawn to emotions, not usually inanimate objects.

If a living person was fascinated with their own appearance and spent a lot of time in front of the mirror preening and projecting ego based ‘love’ at their appearance (or hatred of others .. or envy .. thinking about the story of the Queen in Snow White, as an allegory), it might imbue the mirror with the emotions .. since emotions are what create ‘residual ghosts’ when they get lodged in time and space .. then perhaps the mirror might appear to be drawing them, but really its just a gate, if it is a gate at all.

Close your mirrors. If you are Christian, and even if you are not, you can go and draw the Christian Cross (or the symbol Choku Rei from Reiki – or any other symbol you think is appropriate) on each mirror, with water and your emotions .. with the intent to ‘close’ every mirror down and not allow it to be opened up to be a door of any kind. I do that in every house I sleep in. You can also do it on any surface that reflects images .. like the tv screen, or the computer monitor, or shiny metal plates.

Love & Peace

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