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Spirits – Is There Something We Can Do Before It Worsens Or Becomes Violent?

My boyfriend is away a lot for his military training so at first this was only happening to me. I would wake up with this overwhelming sense of anxiety, we have two dogs and they would wake up also.

Some nights I would be laying in bed and I could hear a man speaking sternly and a woman sobbing. The conversation sounded muffled so I just chalked it up to someone outside on the sidewalk talking but when I checked no one was outside.

This morning when I woke up for work my boyfriend told me he hadn’t slept all night. He then went into telling me how he woke up with the same sense of anxiety and looked down our hall so see a shadowy figure standing in our bathroom just looking towards him. He then went on to explain to me that it stood there for a long time and when he finally decided to walk down the hall it was no longer there.

Yesterday when I came home from work he told me that in the morning he heard the same type of muffled conversation and checked all around the house and no one was to be found. The noises happened in the same area of the house that I heard it in. I never told my boyfriend about the experiences I had.

There has also been some other strange events happening in our house. There are times where it sounds like someone is walking around upstairs when we are sitting in the living room (these sounds of someone walking around would be coming from our bedroom which is right above the living room).

When I was doing laundry one time I had started the washer and closed it and started the dryer and walked upstairs, when I returned down stairs to switch over the loads the washer lid was open and the wash had stopped mid cycle, no one had gone down stairs at any point.

Our living room light has a remote to control the dimmer and on/off function along with the fan speed. Some nights the light will shut off on it’s own, dim on it’s own along with brighten or turn the fan on.

Our dogs wake up from napping at random points and just go off and stare at corners or up the stairs. There are many other things that have happened but nothing violent in nature.

My boyfriend is deploying in the next few weeks, I need to know if there’s something we need to do about this before it worsens or becomes violent.

I should also tell you that both his grandfather’s and my grandmother’s spirits have been known to be around us.

Any and all information would be very helpful and appreciated,

Thank you.

Asked by Alicia

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sounds like your house (or apartment,you dont say which) is haunted.first,how old is your home? have you talked to any one or naighbors (if there is any)if anything happened in the home or near by.have you or your boyfriend made any changes to the home?sometimes the smallest things can awaken not only spirits but other things or a past trama.look into it,and if the grandparents are there,talk to them,see if it is one of them.if its not them,still talk to the spirit or spirits,it might help keep the activity from getting worst.good luck.

Hello Mary,
I agree with the majority of your suggestions, and it is a good idea to find out the history of the property, but I do not advise talking to the “ghosts.” There is a difference between a Spirit and a ghost/lost soul. Lost souls have not crossed over into Heaven/the Light or whatever name you wish to call it, for healing and there for need to “feed” on the energy of the living in order to maintain their existence on our plane; all lost souls do this either intentionally or unintentionally. If it is the grandparents, They may have a message, but if thy have not crossed over, they still need to. Spirits who have crossed over do not feed on the living and do not appear to their loved ones to scare them in any way. In fact, many that I have known(including my father) will appear in dreams because it is less frightening.

Alicia, if it is your grandparents, ask them to give their message to you in your dreams and ask this for three nights in a row, on the third night, make a conscious effort to remember the dream right before you go to bed and keep a notepad or journal and pen by your nightstand. Jot down whatever you remember when you wake. But, Alicia, please still do the Michael Invocation and clear your home. Lost souls do not belong in our plane and our deceased loved ones can always visit us once they have crossed over. talking to them, or allowing them to hang around, allows them to feed on us and it is unhealthy and can lead to many physical, emotional an psychological problems down the road, not to mention that it does not help the soul in question get their much needed healing to be able to continue on to the next chapter of their journey. Best of luck and again, keep us posted. LunaTerra

Hello Alicia,
It sounds to me like you have a lost soul hanging around trying to get a “rise” out of you so he/she can feed on your energy. Lost souls are what many refer to as ghosts, but are spirits of the dead who haven’t crossed over into the Light; they NEED to. To send them into the Light with the help of your Guardian Angel, go to the bottom of this page and find The Michael Invocation. Read it, practice it and say it out loud. Replace from me with “from my home” and even have your boyfriend say it out loud to remove any attachments from him as well. This should remove the ghost who has been a nuisance along with anything else that doesn’t belong. While you are at it, check out white light shields, learn how to use them and then “use them!” They can be helpful as well. If you have any further questions, there are several of use here that are more than willing and capable to help you. Best of luck and keep me posted! 😀 LunaTerra

Hello Alicia,

It’s highly unlikely the situation will become violent. Most hauntings are not like the rubbish we see on tv and in the movies. The ghosts simply want to be noticed and acknowledged. They remember being alive, and some of them still think they ‘are’ alive, and can’t understand why people can’t see them anymore. I would get frustrated and upset too.

Some explanations: the sense of anxiety comes from our body’s natural ability to speed up our energy to match the energy of a spirit or ghost, to aid in communication. Our solar plexus chakra spins faster when unseen entities are about. If you don’t know about the chakra system, you can research it very easily on the internet – its a very interesting subject. The solar plexus rests over our tummy region and can cause feelings from ‘butterflies’ to plain terror, depending on how fast it spins, and how your mind reacts to the energy. When ghosts are around me I take a very deep breath and huff the extra energy out, to slow myself down, and ‘then’ I try and talk to them, but I am trained to cross them over .. I don’t recommend people try and talk to ghosts unless they know what they are doing.

Your story reminds me of when I lived in a haunted apartment over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, many years ago. The place was ‘not’ haunted, except for the anniversary of when a living man terrorised a lady by trying to break through the fire door with a sledge hammer. Once a year that was repeated. It was a ‘memory in the walls’, not real ghosts, just residual energy that was loud, clear and very real .. since I basically stood and watched it happen from beginning to end. Only, residual ghosts don’t adjust dimmer switches.

It is possible your ghost is a lady, given the washing machine incident. I am not sure how many men are interested in turning off washing machines. 🙂

These days it doesn’t matter how old a building is, or isn’t, ghosts are everywhere. They haunt, or hunt, emotions rather than the people (or places) they had an emotional connection to when they were living. They are lost souls, they really need our sympathy and help, but given they also feed on human negative emotion, its much better all around that we clear them into a healing place, rather than let them hang around.

As Luna said, the Michael Invocation clears the energy of people and houses and is easy to use. You don’t even have to believe in a religion of any kind, its just as effective for athiests. Both of you read the page through, then ask your boyfriend to ‘say it like he means it’. That should settle the whole thing down, and you can feel safe in your home while he is away.

Any questions .. there are email links to me on the site, or you can ask them here. The answers help lots of people, because often they write and thank us for what we do on these pages.

Wishing you a lovely day,
Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

im sorry, your is a good idea for spirits to move and yes,finding out what they have or need to tell you may help them to move on.but,im wondering,what if its not the grandparents?is it safe to try and find out why they remain in the house?ive heard of some houses,no matter what you do never leave.and please,im not trying to scare anyone,but if thats the case,what then?i would hate to think things could go south and force them to like to know if it happens to me,is there a way to truelly clean and clear a home?but i am praying for them and sending good thoughts and wishes.

Hello Mary,

Some ghosts are best left alone, unless you are qualified to ‘cross them over’. Some are simply looking for help, and anyone can ‘show them the door’ (either tell them to leave, or cross them into heaven in some way) and some are messangers (usually spirits), who, once the message is received return to heaven, or go there. The violent ones are ghosts, not spirits. People should really learn to separate the two. A ghost is a person without a body who never went to heaven, for many and varied reasons, and a spirit is a person who died and went there. When we are in heaven we let go of our attachment to the earth, our personality but never our spiritual family. We still watch over those we love.

In most cases ghosts are generally harmless, seeking only attention and a reminderer that people have not forgotten them. They also seek human energy, which is the real problem, as they can attach to the living and exhaust us and influence our thinking (if we are weak willed), but it doesn’t happen as often as people think. The real problem is the movies and television programs that exaggerate, or just plain lie, about what hauntings are really like. They take the worst scenarios and make them even more graphic and violent, and frighten the living into thinking that every ghost is a demon .. which it isn’t. Some churches also teach that every ghost is a demon, which is nonsense and not even supported by the Christian bible. So people become frightened by what ‘might’ happen, rather than just examining the reality of what is happening, and asking for advice, as Alicia did in this question.

My advice to everyone is to clear their homes, and themselves, via the Michael Invocation, which works the majority of the time. If it doesn’t work there’s usually something going on inside the person that keeps the ghost, or other entities, around. That’s when a psychologist can help. We need to learn to understand why we form ‘attachments’ to things .. because, not only do ghosts attach to us, but sometimes, we attach to them. In that case it can be very complicated, but in most cases, the house is ghost free and so are the people.

It’s very easy to live in fear of the unknown .. but much wiser to learn enough about a subject to understand, in this case, that ghosts are people too .. with all the same beliefs, attitudes and actions they had when they were alive. If one was your loving mother in life, she’s still loving you after death .. only moreso.

Love & Peace

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