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What Are The Origins Of Supernatural Games?

Hello, I’ve been hearing stories of strange games involving the supernatural/paranormal. Besides Ouija Boards (might not count as a game), there are games involving mirrors and inviting an unknown spirit to play a twisted game of cat and mouse.

The part I don’t understand is how would such a person know a game in the first place? I don’t know if paranormal creatures found a way to interest people or people who are involved in cults created it. So what I would be more curious would be the origins of these games.

Asked by Alex

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Hi Alex,

How far back into prehistory, and the story of human fear, would you like to go? I want a time machine. I think that’s the only way we will ever find out ‘when’ the dark (and ghosts) started haunting people through reflective surfaces. It would have started through looking into still water, and then shiny metal mirrors, and then glass ones, as technology improved – but humanity’s capacity ‘not’ to fear hasn’t really changed. We are still trying to terrorise ourselves, with worse and worse imagery (just look at ‘horror’ movies, and the local news). We are still frightened of what we ‘cannot’ see. Truthfully, the startle reflex is supposed to help us stay safe, but it can lead to heart attacks.

Did we create the demons .. some people can and do, their creations are called ‘daemon’, but real demons used to be angels, and some of them ‘fell’ just after humanity was created, and became our greatest challengers. As for people, and groups, creating rituals .. we all do that, its normal. Some are for good, and some aren’t. And, as I said, some are created to frighten (even for fun?) and control others.

The Ouija is definitely not a game, its a nightmare waiting to happen. It’s a door into places humans shouldn’t touch. Rituals like Bloody Mary are also ‘hit and miss’, and are probably more urban legend that actual event, but if a ghost is hanging around when a person makes the request into a mirror, they will probably happily appear, because they feed from the fear. Until humanity stops wanting to scare itself, we’ll always create these sorts of rituals, for fun? Or they think its fun, until something bites them.

Love & Peace

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