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Can Evil Spirits Be In A Mirror?

Is it possible that a mirror could have an evil spirit in it?

Asked by Rebecca Reed

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Hello Rebecca,

Do you have a mirror that is doing something odd? Or are you seeing unexplained images in it when you look into it?

Otherwise, a mirror can be a doorway between the planes. It doesn’t have to remain that way, you can close it.

Why do you ask?

Love & Peace

Hi Rebecca After reading your question today I thought of sharing an incident that happened to me and a friend when I was around 11 years old. She lived on some property by the coast that had rumored hauntings through the years. There was a pond that had a supposed body thrown in it after a murder some 80 years prior and people say they saw this mans spirit and also one of a little girls once in a while walking around the property. Kids being kids we decided to take a couple candles and go to an abandoned shed. We thought we would try to see a spirit that night. I remember when we walked in I felt goosebumps on my arms and an uneasy feeling. But not wanting to appear ‘chicken’ to my friend I went in anyway and quickly lit the candles. By the door was an old full length mirror. As we started to ask for the so called spirit to make his appearance suddenly a blurry face and shoulders of a man appeared in the mirror in front of us. You would think there is some truth to being ‘frozen in fear’ for we stood there immobilized for a good 2 minutes as they face remained, not doing anything. Finally we bolted the candles blowing out as we ran. We went back to her house where her mother and aunt were. After telling them our story they ran and got some sage and we all went back to the shed.The face was no longer there but my friends aunt lit the sage and started chanting something. About 5 minutes later, ( and I still cant believe this happened) a face showed up once again and a couple seconds later a white mist came out of the front of the mirror and shot out the front door while we all stood there in shock. I do remember her aunt saying, ” I did’nt think that would really work!” So I dont know what kind of spirit that was but I do know it happened.

Hi Ama Its weird but I feel like I still can see it today. He was neither smiling or frowning, it was neutral and what stands out most in my mind is that it stayed the same almost like a picture froze in time.

Not so weird, Cindy .. I have ‘faces’, and images of other entities, as captured ‘moments’ in my mind too. Perhaps the images do change a little over time, but mostly they are still as I think they were then.

I wonder if the poor man had trapped some emotional part of himself in the mirror, that when your friend’s aunt asked for his release, he finally let go. I hope he crossed over. Sometimes they simply run away.

Since you can remember his face, what you could do is ask your angels to find him and make sure he made it into heaven.

“Archangel Michael, please Find the man in the mirror (think of his face) and Take him into healing”. The angels know what to do, they just need permission to act.

Love & Peace

Thank you Ama for the advice. I am doing this for him right away. I would hate to think of him still stuck or lost after all this time. Take care.

It has been said : don’t look at the mirror at night ( in a lonely place ) because may you see a demon instead of yourself unless you mention the God’s name ( because when evil demons hear the name of God does escape from that place – I usually say ” In the name of Allah, the merciful, the most merciful then I don’t avoid of looking at the mirror at night )

My ex always sends texts about mirror and how he sends evil after me that the mirror never sleeps. Crazy shit has been happening to me and my daughter. Can anyone help?

Hi Bridget,

Your ex is causing himself a lot of bad karma. The mirror reflects – so what he sends through it to anyone will come full circle and hit him.

Can you describe the crazy stuff please? It’s hard to help with only that description.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

It started with texts that would just say MIRROR…. Sometimes with sees all. I thought he was telling me to take a look at myself then he sent a text stating he loved the mirrorcant wait to send them ur wayjust wait til they find ur daughter its gonna be awesome things will happen and the cops will think ur crazyhow can I tell ghost to come for u hmmmmm ….mirror….can’t wait ull see that’s a promise .\/. That was when she was first pregnant then my daughter got preeclampsia and had to deliver her baby. I still didn’t think nothing but crazy stuff would happen in the car that day lights wouldn’t turn off inside windshield whipere going crazy. I wasn’t alone so people seen it. Then he sent another text after I asked him to ease stop i ts long if there’s a way I can send it basically he said yes not sure if she will live but the baby will. I got in a car accident that shouldn’t of happened I went in a ditch and the airbag messed me up real bad. I had a weird feeling so I slowed down I was almost stoped. That was the same day his mom and I started talking again we were best friends but then he kept us apart. He used to beat her and barely sees her. Yesterday she defriended me and only texts cause he saw on my Facebook and lyed and told her I went there bragging I have him blocked from my phone and haven’t seen him. I’m always looking around my best friend he tryed to keep me from that I move in with after I left him died 6/12/2016 by a drunk driver with five kids in the car. The kids survived but said it was weird how it happened. And it was a little car that hit her van and the engine went in her lap and something went thru her leg. Well hope this helps. Thank u so much for taking the time. I didn’t believe but let me tell u since I met him my life has been so bad u wouldn’t even believe everything that happened to me. No one does I can’t make friends cause it changed me.

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