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Are There Such Things As Reapers?

Hey, just one of many thoughts that always intrigue me. Since there’s God and the devil with the paranormal then Death himself must be involved in a way.

I heard stories of people who witnessed a silhouette of a tall man in a cloak, sometimes with a scythe.

One thing is “Does death exist as an actual being and is there more just like him, like how there’s more than one angel or demon.”

Asked by Alex

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Hi Alex,

Great question! 🙂

The human mind is a wonderous thing, and creates all sorts of images with which to frighten ourselves. A frightening image becomes part of popular culture, and we either ‘create’ an creature with our thoughts (enough people believing in something ‘can’ make real – call it a daemon), or those entities in the spiritual planes that do not love humans, create something that looks like what we fear .. hence the tall guy with the hat and sometimes the scythe. The ‘hat man’ has been seen by quite a few people, usually as something terrifying .. but is it a terrifying entity, or are humans simply frightened by what they don’t understand?

Elementals are a good example. Fairies are not all the cute little flighty winged things we see in movies, they can also appear as ‘almost’ human, or incredibly ugly (to our eyes) .. or just kind of odd .. and the blue colour (skin and clothes) did have me startled for a moment, but once we started talking .. they are incredibly wise, fierce and fascinating.

There is no angel of death, although humanity believes there should be. There is no scythe that ‘cuts’ the cord between the human body and the spirit .. what actually happens is that chakra system gently winds down and the spirit separates from the body, after the body stops functioning. That takes 72 hours (which is why people were not buried for 3 days after they died, just in case the person ‘wakes up again’, which would sometimes happen in the ‘dark ages’, before we had a better understanding of modern medicine .. and death itself.)

The tall guy in the hat might also be a shadow person, and we know next to nothing about them too .. but I don’t see that as necessarily a good reason to fear something.

Fear of the unknown creates all sorts of problems, not just within us, but through our thoughts – as we create the world (and spiritual planes) as God intended us to. Just think of the good we could do if we could learn to control our thoughts more clearly!

Love & Peace

hi Ama!

well, u sed, “the spirit separates from the body, after the body stops functioning. That takes 72 hours”, but in our religion, the body is cremated within few hrs of death! so what does the spirit do?!!

Hang around its place of death, Shreesha .. or with their family, or the priests. Which religion are you? You would hopefully have ‘prayers for the dead’ to help them cross over … Since its a custom for your culture to have the body cremated as it is, then the spirit knows this and won’t react as fearfully as, say, someone in a house fire who burns to death, but they still remain on the earthplane for the 72 hours.

Love & Peace

What you say is as a label for death in the literal world. Also those who have made this label intended to hint to the angel of death. Although nobody (usual persons) has seen him yet but I personally think it is a proper imagine of him. His cloak is the sign of his unknown, mysterious and horrible presence and the scythe is the sign of his awful task. Of course angel of death doesn’t appear thus always. He can appear in a horrible shape that nobody can describe him, also he sometime appear as a beautiful angel. This depends on the God’s decree to a human. Grip raper does obey God indisputable. He is not death himself but is the agent of death that extract the human’s soul from his body.

Great answer Mans and yes, Azriel’s appearance is whatever the person might accept, in order to be willing to return to God.

You could say, the Azriel are comforters and guides to those who have just died and, who may well be in a state of shock or confusion.

I agree with both you and Ama that to assume the Angel of Death’s role is to kill or take life away, isn’t strictly correct. Azriel’s job is more about protection for those who are already dead. They help with the transitional period between worlds.

Shame the Azriel get such a bad press – lol!


Hello A.J,it is a long period of the time I haven’t met you. How are you?

Well, I know somethings about Azriel or the same angel of death but those are not enough for knowing him. He is one of the 4 major angel of God and his capacity ,dignity and mysteries is upon the ordinary angels. I myself am not interested think or talk about him anymore and I hope when I meet him ( when I grew up enough and reached to 120 years old ) he encounters me gracefully and if not, the strongest creatures are not able to tolerate him. However, death is scary for the most of people because it is the unknown way to an unknown world

ohhh! had i known this, i’d have prayed so very hard for my gran who passed away few weeks ago, i’d tell her departed soul that its okay and she can finally rest in peace as her horrible pain is now over and god will look after her from now…i thought she was already somewhere else..not crossed over, but not hanging around either… 🙁

Unless you are having bad dreams about her, I am sure your grandmother crossed over when she died. There is no grim reaper, its just a creation of human imagintion. Don’t worry.

Love & Peace

God is so gentle with people . He is more merciful to human than a mother to her baby. I said angel of death can be horrible but not always and not for everybody

I absolutely agree with you Mans. God would not create an entity such as that, but people do, when they either want to fear something, or make other people afraid. God is Love .. but we have to accept that, like everything else, for he gave us free will. 🙂

Love & Peace

Hello Ama

Yes, God is love for those who know what is love. Those who believe in him, worship him honesty and remain loyal to him, whether in the hard situations or in the comfortable situations. He also is merciful to ordinary people. Those who eschew of major sins and cruelty. God also gives opportunity to evildoers in order that they get out of their wrongs, does repent and request forgiveness of him. If they encountered to God arrogantly and continued their crimes, God would catch them hardly and torment them violently whether in this world or in afterlife. There are two necessary things about God , love to god – fear of God

Spoken like a true Christian, Mans, only I think you are Muslim. 🙂 My question, of course, is why then does so much darkness prosper on this planet .. evil people rule the world, get rich on the suffering of others, and stay that way all their lives. Where is God in that? He allows the suffering of his true followers while also allowing the evil to prosper.

It makes more sense to me that God ‘observes’ his creation (humanity) and allows us to make our own choices without ‘his’ interference in any form. It is us that is good and evil, and so is God. Evil exists because we allow it to, as does God. And yet Jesus taught us that God loves us truly and deeply, the way he did .. the way Mohammad did, the way Buddha did. I cannot fear Jesus’ God because it has done nothing ‘to’ humanity, and nothing ‘for’ humanity, since before Jesus came – otherwise someone would have written it all down.

But that’s just my opinion,
Love & Peace

An apology. In one of my previous post I wrote grip raper instead of ” grim reaper” mistakenly and it was because of carelessness , so I apologize readers.

Hi Ama
Just wanted to share that my husbands mother was a Cherokee Indian and their belief was to have the body ‘Lay in wait’ for 72 hours before burial or cremation for the very reasons you mentioned. They believe it is after that period of time that they cross over and no sooner. Of course we respected her wishes and will be asking that our family waits the 72 hours when our time comes. Take care

Hu All

I do believe in Soul carriers, these would be mistaken for Grim reapers, they tidy up some lost souls, but mainly they take them after death too a better place. But, they only do it if you wish to led to the better places, and has human beings, we generally argue the fact we are not dead. And these Soul Carriers only ask once, and if you do not say yes, well, use your mind on that one.

The Soul Keepers, are ones which do not help, they keep many souls on earth, to carry out deeds for them, and cause rifts in the spiritual world, and so fourth. The Realm of physical death, that is on earth, we can see and hear, and our bodies are not flesh and bone, sometimes it be like nightmare world, or some people call it Hell, or lost world of souls. Nevertheless, its hard to say and explain in full. I am researching a lot information, and beginning to write a book on such events, and everything. In my own words.

Grim Reapers is just one of many names, and there are two above.

Hope it helps to understand the subject.


Dark blessings


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