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Could Spirits Make Your Belongings Disappear?

Could spirits make your belongings disappear and why do they do this?

Asked by Rebecca Reed

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Good morning Rebecca,

People who are haunted often complain about things going missing. I tend to think its fairies (elementals) who borrow things, but ghosts will do it too. And spirits.

Elementals like pretty things, or things we focus a lot of attention on .. like hairbrushes for some women, or car keys .. if you ask for them back clearly they usually return with in a few days.

Ghosts like to draw attention to themselves, so they take things that might frighten the person they are haunting, or just shift them around, or knock them down ..

Spirits, will often move something, like a photograph, to help the person they are ‘visiting’ to realise 1) they are there, and 2) who the spirit actually is, or what the issue is they are trying to get a message across to the living about. I think of their visits more like jigsaw puzzles .. unless a medium can actually talk to them, they have to sort out the clues.

Moving things is called ‘aporting’ .. or translocation.

Is something happening at your house?

Love & Peace

I have heard some demons do this and as I know demons are able to perform the physical actions I don’t deny this issue surely.

Demons usually won’t waste time with such subtle techniques, not when they have the power to physically assault you or move larger objects like tables and chairs. Playing hide and seek with your small trinkets is not usually on their agenda. I agree with Ama, it’s usually a human spirit or an elemental.

hi! there is a situation in our house that i cant explain. it all started when our teacher ordered us to cosplay a particular anime. me, being a good student bought everything that i need. 2 days before the cosplay, my skirt was missing. i just put it in our bed yet it was not there. i was sure that it was with my black socks and scarf. its really frustrating. till today i cant find it. tomorrow is our cosplay. i did everything to get it back. i begged the ghost in our house to bring it back beacause everytime there is something lost, it was found somewhere dark or something. please help me

Hi Sam,

Why do you think the cosplay and the missing clothing are connected? What else has been happening? How did the play go? Did the clothing come back?

In the meantime, did you scroll to the bottom of this webpage and use the Michael Invocation to clear yourself and your home .. that should take care of the ghost, and hopefully stop other things going missing.

Love & Peace

I live with my bf in a small studio room. Yesterday, my bf couldnt find his wallet and we looked everywhere for it in our room. I was cleaning the room yesterday and threw away some trash, so he says i probably threw it away his wallet with the trash. I am not 100% certain but i am pretty sure i did not throw it away. I looked threw the room again and in the bathroom too. Few min later i tried to go in the bathroom and it locked itself from the inside. This actually happened before too when we had a painting that was leaning against the wall in front of the bathroom just falling in a weird way and the bathroom door being locked from the inside. Also, yesterday i had a nightmare and aome weird paralysis moments today when i was napping. My bf dealt with some missing keys in the past couple years ago before we were together and ive been feeling a presence of a women and a girl here and there. I havent felt anything weird for more than a month but i feel like whatever it is just comes and go. What is the best thing to do?

Hi Kiyomi,

For the past week my husband and I have been discussing what sort of battery drill he would purchase to replace the one that vanished from the back yard about 8 days ago. Yesterday afternoon, after spending the morning in the back yard, Tom went back out to finish what he had started, and there, sitting in the middle of the yard, near a pot plant, was the battery drill. Now I know, for a fact, that it was not there the day before, because I had been in the back yard cutting up so old canvas so that it can be burned, right near the location of the drill. And we both know that no one was in the backyard because we can hear people moving on either side of the house, with ease, when we are indoors. I say things like ‘the fairies borrowed it’ .. whenever something goes missing, and ask for it to be returned, and it usually is.

The bathroom locking itself on the inside – does it have a bolt, a button to be pressed, or some other way that it HAS to be manually locked, or have you checked to see if the lock is faulty, because that can often be the case, or the house might shift on its foundations a bit and make doors stubborn to open? Also nightmares can have lots of causes, and sleep paralysis, which is the name for what you experienced, can also have natural causes .. so what was the nightmare about, and did you experience anything during the paralysis?

That being said, at the bottom of this webpage is a link to the Michael Invocation which you can use to clear your home/room .. if you are in a room at college, or in a unit/flat/apartment, you can you use it to clear the whole building by saying the address. Then clear yourself, and get your boyfriend to use it too, and that should take care of any spooky problems.

Love & Peace

Hello i have had my jewlrey box with my jewlrey in go missing 5 dayd ago in my room and i dont know what it is because lately thangs have been happening to me and my partner because 1 week ago we moved and that first night i woke up about 1.30am and i saw someone sorting next to me on my bed and now my jewlrey box has gone missing and my partner has had stuff go missing in his car when he locks it up. If anyone could please help me find out what it could be that would be great thank you

Hi Zoe,

Did the jewellery box come back? If not try this:

Ask nicely to have it returned. You say it into the air.

There are entities that like to borrow things, and will sometimes give them back when asked. Otherwise, is there a living thief in your home? That is also a possibility.

Love & Peace


I’ve been a psychic ever since I was very young which was difficult for me because I was too pragmatic to believe in such a thing and because people told me it was wrong. When a well-respected woman from my then church showed me where, in the bible, it says that God has given the gift of prophecy to some people, I finally accepted it but refused to acknowledge the spirts I sometimes hear/feel. Today, I rarely am aware of spirits but whenever I verbalize how well things are going to go for me, I “hear” a mischievous voice in my left ear tell me that he is going to mess everything up for me. This happened last night. I rationed to my husband that this mean little voice must be a critical voice, even though my critical voice ALWAYS comes from my upper right brain. I went on to grab my tablet to see the anatomy of the left brain and concluded that this “voice” was just a critical voice and explained how I would stop giving it power. I then, as I do every single night, took my phone and tablet to bed with me. I put my phone and tablet next to my bed and went to sleep. Upon waking, my tablet was missing. We have searched everywhere to no avail. This is the 1st time I have even considered that maybe that mean little voice is truly a spirit as I’ve alway intuitively believed it to be but have never rationally believed it to be. Last night was the first time I ever verbally denied it.

This voice/spirit ONLY speaks to me when I verbally express how well my life, diet, ect. is going. I can think these thoughts all I want without ever hearing this voice. I am aware of critical voices but this one is different. Can this really be a spirit? If so, is there anyway to make him (it is male) go away or stop being so mean?

Thank you so much for your time.




I’ve been missing my witchcraft book for some time now and it seems as if the spirit in my home has hid it from me since I remember placing it on top of my dresser and easily accessible. I told my parents about this (dad is a witch and mom is a tarot card reader) and my dad openly talked about a spirit/ghost who’s been living there ever since he was 6. He then said how the ghost protects our home from other spirits and if it’s out of the ghost’s control it usually lets my father know, with that being said when I confronted my dad he told me that the spirit might have hidden it from me since I’m in no mental state to do magick, even though I’ve reassured them that I’m fine…I wish to have answers.

Sincerely, Destiny

A few months ago I bought a new cell phone but kept my old one near my bed because it has games and pictures on it that I wanted to keep. One day it just disappeared without a trace. I looked everywhere and never found it. My daughter gave me her old cracked cell phone that I use for music and I went to get it from the place I keep it and it’s gone. I know that I didn’t move it at all. Me and my kids have seen and heard stuff in this house so I wondering if an entity took it. Tonight I will ask for it back and see what happens. So frustrating!

I have to talk about this, my phone jut went missing that I bought yesterday. My phone keep missing. I bought 4 in the last month. Whenever I get the phone out of my sight it disappears when I get back to it. Everytime I realize my phone is not where it was I call it and it’s straight to voicemail. Earlier today my boyfriend went into the closet and a hanger fell from where it was. Slippers have been picked up and dropped by him. My dad has seen orbs here. I’ve seen black shadows behind my daughter during Christmas. Was is this ghost trying to do? What does my phone have to do with its communication? I’ve asked it to bring it back sadly I was frustrated. Right no we’re so amazed at this. I just bought this phone yesterday. All in all I’m lost with words, someone please help me. Idk what to do anymore 😔

My husband’s socks keep going missing. Just washed clothes and put his socks away last night before bed and woke up to him saying he doesn’t have any clean socks to wear. I guess this must have been going on for awhile with missing socks but now this incident really has my attention because I know for sure I put socks away. I’m always busy so I haven’t been keeping track when I put his socks away and it’s been an argument with us about him saying that I don’t do laundry enough but I’m constantly doing laundry with us and three kids. Please help.

Hi Jessica,

I blame the sock monster in my house. Or my mother, who borrows ‘single’ socks from the washing basket, only they are usually not single before she borrows one. She doesn’t see very well. 🙂

My advice is to ask for the socks back. I know it sounds a little odd, but whomever is borrowing them really doesn’t need them .. so go into whatever room they are kept in, and in a calm voice say something like “I appreciate you like my husband’s socks, but he needs them more, so can I have them all back please”. All being well, they should start turning up within three days, usually in unexpected places, like the fridge. There are mischievous little beings who love to ‘borrow’ things ..

If you think you are being haunted, you could clear your home with the Michael Invocation (link below) but I don’t think that’s the problem.

Love & Peace

My underwear keeps disappearing. I set to pair on a basket so I would know for sure where they would be. Well the next day I’m getting ready for a shower, and I go to get one of the pair and of course there bother gone. Why would a spirit keep taking them?

Hi Clay,

In our house we call it the ‘sock monster’, but something also ‘borrows’ my husband’s t-shirts, occasionally shoes, car keys .. and drops stray pegs around the place. It’s not the cats, because we’ve kept watch, and usually items are returned in unusual places, like in the fridge, or the middle of a freshly made bed.

In a calm voice ask for your missing items to be returned. Truthfully, you can’t think of a good reason why whatever-it-is has gone missing, and, if you are willing to do this, once a day for three days, they may well return. That’s what I do.

It’s not spirits. They have no use for your clothing, and nor do ghosts .. but there are creatures out there that find humanity fun to play with, even if we are not aware of them when they are around.

After many years of experiences, I class them as mostly harmless.

Love & Peace

Hi there,

I have been experiencing since 2012 jewellery and a scarf disappearing. Some times I would find them,sometimes not. Recently I had a jewellery box that had been put away and when I needed it I noticed a sticker on it with my mother’s name wrongly spelled. My Mum is still alive. Yesterday when I opened my fridge I found an orange that I am 100% sure I had not put there.
My point is that it is no longer about disappearing object, but about appearing ones now. Any explanation??

Are there any signs of paranormal visitors in your home, Laleh, appearing from the apports (miscellaneous objects)? Does anyone else live with you? If the answer is no to both, I have no idea why objects are appearing .. although perhaps they are a message to keep contact with your mother, and get more vitamin C in your diet?

Love & Peace

Hi Ama,
I have two spirits/ghosts in my home. One has been here for several years.
I believe this spirit/ghost is my grandmother as ‘things’began happening shortly after receiving my grandmother’s large mirror.
We have had sums of money disappear, items hurled across rooms, items levitating in mid air, also female underwear goes missing and often you can hear footsteps throughout the house. But two figures have seen one around 5″2 and the other over six ft tall. The taller one has been present since moving in, it mainly walks around and tries to open doors. And one night a women’s voice spoke into the baby monitor saying “just go” while my daughter was tending to her 4month old baby. I have tried smudge sticks and white sage, but I always get a feeling of unease during and afterwards, then items start flying across rooms. Doesn’t matter what I say while doing this plus being polite they will not leave. What else can I try to rid my home. Also no one has ever died or been attacked in the house

Hi Ama and thanx for the reply. I live with my partner who is now starting to believe what I have been telling him. I have had 13 incidence all together and since my last orange appearing I had another appearance of two oranges in my fridge!!Today I popped to the supermarket and gone for 10 minutes to find a flower I was making in silk fabric with the number 19 missing. I am currently working on a project and had made 32 flowers with different colours.
These have been happening to me since 2012 and in 4 different houses and 2 different countries.


Cam you please help me my dad died on the 8th February 2018 and he was my best friend. I cared for him for the last 5 years and the last 3weeks I could hardly see him, I was supposed to go away to New Zealand for my brother in laws wedding Tuesday 21st march and could not find my passport, even though it was always stored with my partners and his was still there, I searched and searched and it was no where in my flat. I just went into my top draw and there it was plain as daylight, I cannot believe it and I feel shaken up. I often feel like dad is here with me and could be upset with me, I am so sad all the time. My dad was a very strong powerful man and fought for so long, is he still here? Could he hide my passport? I didn’t want to go to New Zealand at all and think he hide it because of that please can you help me x

Yesterday afternoon, June 21, 2018. First day of summer, a quarter 25 cents was outside my door, i picked it up, put in my jean capri pockets, proceeded back into my apartent, walked halfway up the stairs, 25 cents still there. Got too the top of the stairs. 25 cents disappeared. Still cannot find. I asked tonight June 22, 2018, for the spirit to return my quarter. Will see. If it appears.

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