Azrael Angel Of Death?

Hi I wanted to ask a question about information that was told to me during a reading I had done. She had previously did a reading for my friend and told her what Angels were assigned to her in this life. So I asked her if she could tell me what Angels were helping me and she said that she was getting the name Azrael. She said she had never heard of that Angel, I had but didn’t really know anything about the Angel. So she did a search and said interesting Azrael is known as the Angel of death.

Angel of Death by Evelyn De Morgan, 1881

Immediately I was like WHAT freaking out haha, but she stopped me and said no it’s not that, so are you a medium? I said well I am pretty sure that I could be and I have done divine communication or received messages, but I’ve had a fear that I can’t explain why every since a young child of being able to see spirits so I think and have been told that I’m blocking my abilities. She then told me well he’s with you because you are have the ability or are suppose  to help spirits cross over and he’s with you to help you when you start.

After leaving I started to worry because I just had always heard of Michael being the Angel that assist in that kind of work. Now I’m a little worried that she may have been inaccurate in the reasons this Angel was around me, and that I may be about to die in the near future.

So my question is can the Angel Azrael or would this Angel be around a person for the purpose of that person having the ability to assist souls cross over that are stuck here? Most importantly if the answer is no then could her seeing this Angel with me mean I’m near death?

Asked by Danielle

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An artistic depiction of the angel of death. Painted in 1881 by Evelyn De Morgan, née Pickering (1855-1919). Source: (found inactive 2006-10-27) Alternate source:

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Hi Danielle,

It sometimes feels better to say you work with the Michael angels, who are the protectors of humanity, than with an Azrael, and there are many of those, who help the dead cross over.

Since you are a medium who can rescue ghosts, just like me, its highly unlikely that an Azrael will be hanging about to take you into healing when you get around to dying, more likely it is simply waiting around to do its just next time a ghost tries to get your attention. Personally, I’ve always given all my rescues to the Michael angels who are around me .. who they hand the ghost off to once I make the request has never been an issue.

So no, I don’t think you are about to die. But you might find that you can rescue lost souls, which is a weird and wonderful job – which I’ve been doing for over 30 years now. Wow! 🙂

Love & Peace