Fallen Angel Following Me?

Okay, I have been trying so hard to come up with reasons, but I just can’t. Long story short, I have had what I believe to be a fallen angel following me for a while now (why I think he is a fallen angel is because one “dream” I had, he approached me & big black wings appearing out from him). Another reason is because a few nights ago I asked for help from an angel and saw “Arakiel” well, when I looked it up I found out Arakiel is a the 2nd fallen angel from the 20 watchers out of the 200 angels that fell in the Book of Enoch.

This has been going on for about 4 years by the way – He is always handing me a red rose too, and fallowing me while talking to me occasionally. I’ve always rejected him, but he is still here. Recently my earrings have been disappearing, and I have asked my family member by they haven’t touched them.

At first I thought it was just my fault, until I took them out before showering and when I came back out of the shower they were gone. I know for a fact that no one had been in there besides me because I had the door shut and locked.

I have now “lost” about 3.5 earrings (.5 because one was stolen out of a pair). Please help me understand the situation…

I have ALWAYS been extremely sensitive to spirits and demonic/angelic beings as well, but this case genuinely puzzles me. Please help! I appreciate any comment with advice!

Asked by Emalee

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Hi Emalee,

Keep rejecting him. The rose is a symbol of love. Demons do not love – but they do play games with human minds if they can.

What did you ask an angel for help for? The fallen may look like angels, but they are no longer angels. So it did not answer your request. The fallen are demons. They also have no gender, they only look male or female.

The fallen can be redeemed and return to heaven, but since the one you saw still has wings of black, it has not gone this path.

I would suggest you scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your energy, and that of your home.

As to the earrings .. it is probably a complaint that you are not focusing on your ears .. in other words, listening .. good idea. Listening to demons is NEVER a good thing to do.

Love & Peace

Well i do not normally see angels or fallen angel by definition nor see them so clearly but one thing is assured , be that he loves you or not or she or it , who cares .
A being that ”loves” does not bother its mate if he stole your earings to just move them to another place he would be trying to get your attention but if he is keeping them that defines an obsesive trait and as much as i dont agree with the lady above and her commentaries ( just diferences of opinion ) i do accept you see it as an entity and it interacts with you and by the looks of you it is very interested in you so yes the best option is you gave a no .
But no Dear let me clarify something the more you say no the more it will like you and you like it or not in time it may become agressive so completely ignore it i know its hard but if you do it everytime and act like you dont notice it even if it may get agressive in the end will leave as you dont give it any other option .

People are not able to see angels (not the fallen angel who is Satan). Angels are different and have different tasks.

What I say is based on Islamic declarations:

There are four archangels; Gabriel,Michael, Esrapheal(Seraph) and Eazra’ael(the angel of death)that each one has a particular task.

Apart from these four archangels, a lot of angels are worshiping God in heaven nonstop (from the time that they have been created). These angel just are praying and worshiping God all the time and don’t do any extra work. It is told all heaven is full of this kind of angels and there is not a vacant place.

A group of angels are in the earth and do somethings behalf God in the nature. Every human has an angel that protect him against death until the time that God has specified for him. at the time the angel leave the person and goes back to heaven and the angel of death appears. There are also two angel along with every human that note all his bad and good actions (one notes his good actions and another notes his sins).

God also has other types of agents on the earth. The angels who supervise and control the nature phenomena and also as the guard in the holly places.As well as, there is a group of angels who appears as the agent of ْGod for public punishment or as a corps against evil armies (they help small population of believers).

However, there is other sort of angels in heaven and the earth but common people are not able to see them.

It is told even many prophets with a lower rank were not able to see Gabriel (just heard his sound) and he just appeared to the major messengers (Noah, Abraham, Muses, Jesus and Mohammad). Gabriel is called the messenger of heaven and he is a great angel. But I think (personally)all prophets were able to see some of the lower angels due to their innocence and piousness.

Yes, Satan is the same famous angel that God drove him out from heaven but he was the only angel that was banished and there were not other fallen angels along with him.

So what you feel or see is not a fallen angel because the only fallen being is Satan that usually doesn’t appear to human at the time of awakening.

If it is not from your imagination so it will be a demon.