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What Was The Spirit In Our Home And Will It Return?

Where did the spiritual entity go? Or will it return? / Man in trench coat, what does this mean?

Around the years 2009-present – Me and my family members have witnessed Paranormal “occurrences” first hand, and we believed our house to have a Spiritual Entity, Ghost, or whatever term you’d use.

One night we were awoken by the sound of someone walking up the stairs, it was so loud we believed it to be someone stomping loudly, my Grandmother walked down the stairs reading verses from a Bible. And every other event that happened after that has been subtle voices coming from empty rooms, doors closing, and loud creaks in the floor. Nothing too recent has come up, except for one thing that leaves me baffled, and confused. Nothing so far has been seen by the naked eye, by me and everyone else, except my grandmother.

She got up for work one morning, going outside onto our outdoor patio to have a cigarette, she said she was going about her quick cigarette break before finishing getting ready, when she noticed a man standing on-top of my Uncles house, who happens to be our neighbor. She described it as a dark figure wearing a long trench coat, coming back inside to get someone to look, the figure was gone.

Now we rarely got anything before this, and now nothing seems to be out of the ordinary around here, I also used to have a feeling of being watched constantly, and was terrified of being home alone, but those feelings seem to have faded.

Now for the ACTUAL question.

What “Exactly” was in our home? Will the spirit(s) return? And what has my Grandmother seen? And what does this mean?

Thank you so much for taking the time to review and answer these two questions. I really appreciate this.

Asked by Darius

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Hello Darius,

The loud footsteps and whispers etc could be a ghost or ghosts. Your grandmother reading the bible may well have calmed everything down, and so the ghosts moved on .. but just in case .. at the bottom of this webpage is a link to the Michael Invocation which can be used to clear a house of all entities that should not be there. I suggest you either use it, or give it to your parents or grandmother and ask one of them to take care of it.

The man in a trench coat could simply be a ghost in a coat he loved before he died. ‘He’ could also be an angel watching over the house. Every house has a homogeneous .. which basically means a ‘house spirit/protector’ as does every person. I met the one that was in our house when I was a child. They are generally Michael angels.

Otherwise, I don’t have enough information about what your grandmother saw to define it as anything else.

Love & Peace