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Arm Grabbed In My Dream And Woke With Bruises

2 nights ago I had a dream that a man was chasing me and grabbed my left arm and wouldn’t let go. I finally broke free from his grasp and got away.

I woke up yesterday and went about my day and yesterday evening I went to take a shower and noticed 2 bruises that resemble fingertips on the exact spot the man in my dream grabbed me.

I am trying to find a logical explanation to this but can’t. I have been waking up recently with bruises on my arms and legs with no explanations.

I do wake up a lot at night so I’m very familiar with how I sleep and where my arms are. As a child I was haunted by ghosts and even had an apparition of a devil appear in front of me when I had finished bathing.

In my teens I would have ghosts wake me up by staring at me (all male) and there were times I would run down the stairs and slip on a step and something would grab me under my arms and place me down on the step. My grandmother witnessed that event.

I have heard ghosts speak to be and every once in a while I feel something touch me. I am in my mid 30’s now. I have gone to clairvoyants and they told me nothing bad is around me but I keep getting bruising and getting touched. I’ve been told I have the 6th sense but it is not as strong as it was since I was terrified as a teen. What may this mean?

In my previous house I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a shadow person (man I believe) looking at me from my doorway, I felt calm, turned on my right side giving him my back and fell asleep.

Another night I saw a ghost of a girl walking towards me in my bed whom I thought was my sister talking to me and I fell asleep again. She was in her room sleeping the entire night.

I don’t know who else to ask or talk to since my grandmother has Alzheimer’s now and no one else has ever believed me. Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Asked by Joanna

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Hello Joanna,

When we sleep its normal for us to ‘astral travel’, which is when our spirit goes out of our body and into the heavens and has experiences, good or not so good, that we might manifest within, or on, our physical bodies when we return to them. I got a lot of bruises and sore muscles over far too many years from those sorts of experiences, most not remembered.

You are psychic (6th sense). One of your gifts is clairvoyance (it means clear vision). You see ghosts. For those of us who do, and we number in the millions, its normal. But .. because you are manifesting running into some nasty characters, I would suggest that you scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to both the Michael Invocation and the White Light Shields. The Invocation you can use to clear your energy and your home, the shields to protect you and it .. so that you have good night’s sleep, without the complications. If you want to learn more about your gifts you can look them up on the internet, or on my site .. that link is there too .. Sacred Gates.

Love & Peace

I don’t know why I’m waking up like I am all the time but all I know is something grab me in my arm and I woke up with a bruise on my arm it looks like three fingerprints

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