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Cloaked Entity In Lucid Dream

I had a lucid dream where I was interrupted by a ghostly / grayish figure floating in the air.

He was small 3 ft). It wasn’t supposed to be there.

It stopped me in my tracks as I was flaring through the air and began to feelĀ  as if I was being suffocated.

It seemed to have bony like hands with flowing reaper / phantom like prowess with pa strange pointy jaw or something just barely noticeable for a second as I stared down the stranger in my dream.

I want to know exactly what it was and how common is it to have the kind of interaction I had.

Asked by Justin

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Hello Justin,

There are all sorts of beings in the astral planes, which is where we go when we are ‘travelling’. Some are friendly, some are not. Best to avoid them.

Do you shield your body before you leave it to go astral travelling? That might help.

Love & Peace

I just had a dream like this yesterday it was morning like around 10am when I dreamed a 3-4 foot being at the foot of my bed. It was covered with a purple towel I have which is one of my favorite towels. When I noticed it it started to slowly walk away from the foot of the bed towards my bedroom door, which was closed. As it walked out it walked thru the door and disappeared. I was still staring at the door confused at what I had just seen. Then, as if it was a ghost peeked it’s head back in the room to look at me as if it wanted me to follow it. I decided that I wanted to follow it but when I tryied to get up my body felt heavy and dizzy as if I was very drunk.. luckily my sister came in the room and work me . I stared around the room and everything was the same as I had just seen in the dream I’m so confused. I’ve never had a dream like this.