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Effects Of Emotional States And Thoughts On Discarnate Beings

I had a strange week where I was woken up by nightmares around 3am which left me in cold sweat, chills, and racing heartbeats. Something strange made a crinkling noise, slowly shoving painful items of my past onto the floor. Then heavy hot air with a scary tingling sensation would descend upon me leaving me stricken with fear uncomfortable chills. I don’t remember why, but I had the impression of the color, bright red. I was shaken.

Something was following me. Lights in every room would waver whenever I entered it. I felt weird crawling sensations on my skin at night. And I had strange mental images when I closed my eyes. Like I saw a caterpillar with red spots after I felt like something burrowed in my stomach. It was weird.

But something was protecting me every night. I think it did something to my chakras because I would feel a click and a sense of relief at these points. I heard an authoritative female voice say, “Listen.” Was that my guardian angel?

Before coming across the Michael Invocation, I cleaned out the stuff associated with my painful memories, tried to practice forgiveness, and relied on reading the Metta Sutta every night. It seems to be a recitation of intent for loving kindness towards all beings. When I first started it, I would hear clicking/crinkling noises at night. After a while, the nightmares ended and the clicking/crinkling noises have decreased considerably.  (Also, I wish I had come across Michael invocation before, but I am thankful I know of it now.)

I’ve wondered, do discarnate beings have a set form or are they reflections of people’s thoughts and emotions? Like do their appearances depend on how we think they’ll appear?

To what extent do our thoughts, emotions, and intent affect them and vice versa?

Asked by Diana

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Hi Diana,

The voice that said listen .. depends on what you were supposed to listen to? It might be your guardian angel. We all have one, behind our right shoulder, from the group governed by Archangel Michael.

There are a beings in the spiritual planes that have never been human, nor will they be. They can look like anything under the sun, from fairies to a giant prawn (shrimp) like being that was attached to one lady who came to me for healing. They might appear as something you think is frightening .. like the entertaining (sarcasm) giant spiders I saw for about six months until I told the entity trying to scare me that it had become boring, so it stopped. They can mimic the look of humans, but do usually get that perfectly right.

Disincarnate is usually used to describe ghosts or spirits. They normally look human. A ghost might look the way it imagines it looks, such as the man with the axe still embedded in his head, but a spirit will usually look the way you remembered them when they were alive .. if not a little younger. The difference is that when a spirit visits all you feel is love, but when a ghost visits, you feel whatever emotion the being is projecting at you, because its their way of getting some of your energy to feed on .. such as anger or fear.

Angels are not disincarnate beings. They have never ‘incarnated’. They can look like anything they want to, being made of energy only. They appear human because we are most comfortable with them in that form, but they can also look like aliens, or dogs or elephants, or mice … or whatever .. pretty flickery fairy lights .. they have no particular form. Demons can do the same, for the same reasons, but when they hang around your life may well turn into chaos, so its better to steer clear of them, and certainly not invite them, or ghosts, in.

So no, the appearance of spiritual beings do not depend on how we think they will appear. For the Light, their appearance is to bring comfort. For the dark, their appearance is used to create fear .. because they feed on negative emotions. We have little or no influence over how they appear, it is generally up to them.

Love & Peace

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