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Are Orbs in Photographs Paranormal?

I would really like to know what causes orbs and strange shapes in photos. I have always been convinced that they were ghosts or perhaps some other types of spirits until recently I was reading somewhere that they are not paranormal.

I would like to hear about this and to know the truth about orbs because I really think that they are somehow paranormal related.

Asked by Nicki

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My own personal opinion is that No, orbs in photos are not paranormal related. They are dust, moisture, reflected light, even insects. I am not too sure that it is even possible to catch a ‘ghost’ in a photograph.

The Skeptic in me is inclined to agree, CT


PS Sooooooooo glad you decided to start up a new site. I was really missing all my chums, as well as paranormal questions after the demise of TGT. X

Hello Nicki

There are far too many orbs in most photos to be strictly paranormal. I divide them into three types .. the dull ones, no matter what their size, could either be dust, or moisture in the air reflecting the light of the flash from the camera, the third type, which seem to have an internal light source, and sometimes come in colours, are a whole different ball game. They happen very infrequently, and I have a theory that they are composed of the energy of whatever creature sent them out into the world, whether that was human, animal or elemental. They are not, in my opinion, vehicles which spirits travel around in, given that spirit beings live in the ‘here and now’. They can be anywhere, and any’when’, they want to, and don’t need a vehicle to do so.

I don’t get many orb photos, but when I do its wonderful. 🙂

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Always wondered this, my own self.
I know there are some particles (or particulate matter) that is small enough as to not be detectable by the naked eye.

I guess the real experiment would be to take the same camera (35mm from what I hear, is the most common for orbs)and take a few pictures. Then go to a place of great spiritual energy (or a well documented haunted area) and take more pictures. Are there orbs in either sets of pictures? More common in the “spiritually active” place?

I did find this, but I admit it’s only one of the first I’ve found that breaks this down AND shows examples of some of the common orbs.
But I’ll keep looking and see if I can find others.

Ditto. Good to have our playground back, CT. Thanks for that! And thank you for letting me know, A.J. and Ama!!! I look forward to our conversations once again! 🙂

Ok guys, here’s some fun. I have a friend who can ‘call’ orbs.

We tested this. First we took a photo of my backyard with a digital camera. When checked for orbs, on the camera screen, there were a few – maybe 4 or 5, it was a calm night, no mist, not a huge amount of moisture in the air .. so it was within a minute or so when I asked her to ‘call’ them and we snapped the photo .. and .. there were hundreds. We’ve done this at a number of locations. What’s she doing that makes them appear, or is it just a synch that’s happened four or five different times?


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That is why I expressed the above as an opinion. If I am not certain of something I will not say that I am. In the case of orbs I am not certain but I do feel that they are not paranormal.

I agree with you, CT, I don’t think they are spirits/ghosts either .. nor angels going for a ride – but I have seen human faces, animal and alien ones, singly and in groups, within orbs – all quite clear, so it wasn’t matrixing. It’s a fascinating subject. 🙂

Love & Peace

Gotcha. I thought your first comment was based solely on opinion, CT. Didn’t realize you had researched it to that extent….I must have missed that post on the other site. Sorry.

Mostly I was just excited to be back amongst friends, so wanted to post my two cents on the matter….which was based on very little, I admit.

Never meant to annoy with my post….though it did come to similar resolve (debunked). I promise to never again post until I’ve thoroughly researched all available data, however. Job only allows for so much break time… 🙁

Hi Siddle, no worries! My comment was not aimed at you at all, I was just adding more info to the page for everyone and I included an excerpt of what was written there. Opinions vary even among people who have researched and studied about it.

You did not annoy me at all 🙂 as I said my comment was not in repsonse or about yours. And you said “…I promise to never again post until I’ve thoroughly researched all available data…” to which I reply NO NO NO you feel welcome to post whatever your thoughts are about the topic at hand.

Wow, CT! Never mind. 🙂
I’m really at a loss. I now see other posts between ours. I don’t know if no-script screwed me up, or firefox never fully loaded the page.
I honestly saw a line drawn from your comment to mine. I thought you were replying to me directly. I don’t see that anymore…and I see the revised post. oops!

And thanks for the reinforcement to post at will..I will now revise my previous statement with “hit refresh button….see if I see the same thing before I assume.”
But either way I didn’t take it too badly…I just figured I missed something somewhere..turns out I did. haha!

Thanks! And thanks again for bringing us back together!

I think it looked like that because my post was the next one made. And when someone else comes along and makes a post by clicking the “reply’ it puts that directly below the post which ‘splits’ the listing of comments.

The only editing I did to my comment was to remove part of the quote. I did not edit the placement (cant do that).

To sum up my own thoughts on the subject:

I dont believe it is possible to photograph a ghost BUT I am not 100% sure about it. The experts do not all agree on the question. The link and article I posted was UglyNRude at Talk Paranormal. He is very knowledgable about photography and I consider him to be much more so than myself.

I have seen a video where the orb actually moved back and forth, up and down, and dust particles do not move like that. Whether or not this video was authentic footage is questionable. I would love to find an untampered with video of “orb” activity to give us a base to which we can compare. I, myself, have not had any experience with orbs, so as to whether i believe orbs are paranormal, I really don’t know. And CT, thanks for giving us back our playground!!!(sorry, Siddle, but I was actually thinking to say that, but you beat me to the punch!! Guess great minds really do think alike!! LOL!!!)

“(sorry, Siddle, but I was actually thinking to say that, but you beat me to the punch!! Guess great minds really do think alike!! LOL!!!)”

Yes! Or….or we are committed to the idea of collective consciousness. Or we are in the same soul group…Or I’m a psychic ninja that stole your line! MWWwwwuuuHaHahahahaha!!! 😉

Yeah, you know, has anyone ever seen one on a long exposure? (I need to get to the above links!). I didn’t think of video, either…Afraid I would also be sceptical about seeing that on video. Would have to be there. Mostly because of the whole perspective/depth/field of view thing. And human’s inability to stand perfectly still. Actually, come to think of it…I’ve had friends send youtube ufo videos that looked like floating orbs. Problem is, the camera is all over the place, suggesting it’s flight path is impressively quick….while to me, resembling more a laser pointer, directed at a wall, during a sneeze. Just once, I’d like to see one of those supported by a flippin tri-pod….nobody thinks of the tripod!!! 🙂


Okay, Psychic Ninja!!!
I actually like the idea of us being in the same “soul group!” Matter of fact, I think there’s a group of us who could have, quite possibly be in the same soul group! 😀

Yes orbs are spirits. The dust belief began with the ghost hunters show. It is obvious when they are dust and an orb. I recently did an investigation in an old prison and dust and paint chips rained non stop the entire time but NONE ever show up as an orb. So pls don’t dismiss an orb, sometimes that is the most energy they can drum up

I strongly believe orbs are truly paranormal. I see them at times with the naked eye since I was a child.I am now 57. I never knew what the heck they were! One day I got into a conversation with my husband’s friend how I had been seeing a lot of blue ones. He mentioned how he heard someone on a radio station talking about the same thing. Got to really thinking about how as a child I’d see them pass by close to my face. I decided to ask my eye doctor about these very pretty glowing little blue lights. He made a joke out of it and said my eyes were fine and he never heard of anything like it. I felt like an idiot. I was in my 30s at the time. I had found out my niece and two sons see them also. My youngest has seen red ones in our garage. When I feel my (spider senses are on), if I examine my surroundings, I will see one or more. And Yes they show up in my photos. I called some over one night when I was with my family a few years ago, to take a picture with my daughter in law while she was sitting on a bench at El Campos cemetery in old town San Diego Ca..They were gracious enough to cooperate. We blew up the picture and still have it today.
One night I asked my husband to go out in our back yard by our very old walnut tree and take a picture. It was pitch black. Sure enough we got a big bright Orb. We got a lot of them in The Birdcage Theatre, even a white veil by the Hearst behind the stage. I now love to talk about my experiences now. Kept it all inside before. ORBS ARE REAL! I live it. I know.

Hi Ingrid,

I second that statement .. Orbs are real. I believe there are two kinds, those created by humans and those that are manifestations of the elemental kingdom (some known as fairies). The second respond to requests .. I have a friend who can call them and then ask them to leave, and they do .. very odd, but fascinating.

Love & Peace

Hi everyone,

I once was in deep depression after school and I saw a yellow ball of light catapult itself towards me. It then hit right into my belly and I was physically pushed back a bit from where I was sitting. I was shocked but I decided to ask if anyone else in the cafetorium I was in saw what I saw. Surprisngly, one girl said she saw a little yellow light flying around going towards the water fountain, so in my general direction since she was to my left and the water fountain was to my right. That told me back then I wasn’t the only one seeing what I was seeing! But when I asked my best friend who was right next to me, she said she didn’t notice anything. Oh and one more thing, after the orb hit me, I felt slightly better. Not as depressed. In those days, I used to try and talk to nature spirits and ask them for help with my gardening. I really was into saying “thanks” to Mother Earth for her help.