What Are These Shadow Men?

I am 54 years old. Every since I can remember, I have awoke in the middle of the night to see three shadow men reflected on my bedroom wall. They have always been together and always look the same……. from the busts up, one always wearing top hat and trench coat.

They have moved with me in life. I have noticed that when they appear, something SIGNIFICANT changes in my life. They used to scare me… I can go years without seeing them, other times I see them two or three nights in a row.

I figure they are some sort of paranormal entities preparing me for a life change. They no longer scare me.

What are these shadow men?

Asked by Cincha

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Hello Cincha,

We all have guides and angels around us. Sometimes we can see them clearly, sometimes not at all. I am wondering, from what you have written, whether you ‘see’ your guides as ‘shadows’, rather than in some clearer way. Since they are around when life changes happen, perhaps they are advising you when you sleep, and ask you wake you catch a glimpse of them – when you are in that quiet ‘between’ state of drowsiness?

I’m glad you are not scared. Unless something changes significantly for you, I’d let them just be shadows on the wall. You might have chosen them to appear that way for you. What you could do, is ask them to come to you clearly in your dreams .. if you wanted more information. If it is for your greater good, they will.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

My husband sees shadow people, which are flat shadows on the wall that like to check us out from time to time. I see ghosts and other things, but not them. He points them out, usually with amusement. Generally they don’t offer harm to anyone, just observe. There are other entities, that pretend to be them, that are not so friendly.

Ok, I wrote that answer rather oddly .. must have been more tired last night than I realised.

Love & Peace

I have seen shadow beings recently, and most of them are harmless; they just seem to be curious of our existence. They merely watch or pass through(such as doorways or thresholds) rather rapidly and never stay long.I am not sure what, exactly, are shadow beings, but I know they are neither human nor demon. They can not be “cleared” but they will leave your home if you ask them or even “demand” it but will eventually return. There are some ghosts who also don’t fully manifest themselves and appear as “shadows” (or we may only see them that way!) but you must be careful of them; they are more than likely lost and will feed on you energy.
Ama mentioned the possibility of them being guides and I agree. Ghosts don’t usually appear at life changing events; they only appear when they are “hungry” and in need of our energy!(whether that’s a life changing event or not!) also, you do not fear them, so they are more than likely not harmful. est of luck, and it sounds to me like it could possibly be your guides.

To Everyone,
This is my first encounter with this site. I am an avid fan of all things supernatural, paranormal, extraterrestrial, hauntings, etc.
Still, i am a bit stunned at the “level of the room”, understandings as well as the questions and responces.

First of all, many of the answers to these queries are dripping with religious and mystical “dogma” from as far back as the 1950’s-60’s.

Have none of you read any more recent studies than say “New age”, fluff from 1970?
Is everyone watching these “kids” on the A&E Network, “Paranormal Catholics”, and such?

It is way beyond time to raise the “level of the room” on this subject lest it go the way of “peace & Love”
and “flower power.” And, i love flowers! Don’t get me wrong.

But greater minds than mine have uncovered treasure troves of data and info that is so far beyond the conversations going on here.

So many aren’t even asking the right questions never mind the answers.

Heaven is real but it has no gates. Angels seem real as they are embedded into the human psyche, devils and demons, ditto for some.
Though, all that appears is not what it seems.
Still, its great fun and we all love a good scare now and then.

But, perceptions are not “reality.” Study quantum physics even briefly and one can learn much about the
“illusions” of our universe.

As someone once so wisely said, “If you want to change the world you must change the way you think
about the world.

Suggested reading:

Disappearance of The Universe” by Gary Renard

Illusions” by Richard Bach

Take Me To The Truth

“Now” by Eikhart Tolley

Alice in Quantumland

“Quantum Mechanics” by Dr. Earnest Mitchell

Hello Dr Livingstone,

Thank you for the book suggestions. I’ve even read some of them over the years. ‘A course in miracles‘ is supposed to have been channelled from Jesus Christ, so it has to be added into the New Age fluff, along with any book that is described as being ‘similiar’ to it, in my opinion. The concepts were fun, and I believe many of them, although I prefer to keep believng this chair I am sitting on is solid, and not about to disappear, nor the floor beneath me .. the drop might kill me.

Yes, this world is an illusion that we have created for ourselves, or had created for us, either way, its not that important. What is important is that we, as spiritual beings, have chosen to appear within this illusion, in this time, place and space, to ‘experience physicality and karma (cause & effect)’ in its many levels. That includes all our developing learning about quantum physics .. thats probably all an illusion too .. or delusion, but if it satisfies the scientific mind .. no problem, until we learn something better.

But that has nothing to do with shadow folk, and truthfully, nor does your comment. You don’t like the level we ‘play’ at, or the symbolism of our belief systems .. either explain yours without the putdowns, or go play somewhere else.

Wishing you LOVE & PEACE
Ama Nazra LOL


This is also being covered on another page of this forum from the perspective of “shadow people” and where they might/might not come from:

I recommend reading that as well, before making assumptions of the “Everyone” of which you speak.
But I’m mostly responding because I believe I’m the village idiot here, when it comes to sensitivity of the spirit world…and with that comes certain dissociative responsibilities, like sternly addressing folks that feel the need to tell others they are uninformed…their logic is silly, or they “aren’t asking the right questions”. Seriously? It’s not like the OP asked how to produce or procure a delightfully robust, yet mild-tasting chili and lemon-grass sauce.
So, I believe any and all questions about the paranormal are welcome and legitimate here. Whether I’m automatically sceptical about something or not, I’m always happy to entertain, discuss and learn.

At first glance, I thought your post was directly regarding the shadow people (and would have left it alone)…then I quickly realized it was an advertisement to the concepts that spawn from “A Course in Miracles”…but only citing the supplemental data and not the course itself. Sneaky! NO problem! That’s fine…I would just rather someone come out and say it, rather than hint around.

If taken from the perspective of humbling Ego…well, sardonic responses dripping with sarcasm is close enough for me to volley back. I even brought my Ego to bat with me….because I don’t think it needs to be silenced or controlled, but rather understood. There are times when it’s quite useful…others when it’s not. And peace could still result from either, given the situation.

[quote]First of all, many of the answers to these queries are dripping with religious and mystical “dogma” from as far back as the 1950′s-60′s. [end quote]

–I don’t see that. I constantly cite material from Quantum Mechanics, the Bhagavad Gita, various codecs from the Nag Hammadi and Dead Sea Scrolls (the list goes on)… Aside from that, I have lucid dreaming, and an upbringing in a religion/belief system that I have outgrown as a result of my unabated thirst for knowledge and general belief that no one sacred text holds all answers….only parts. But also, I thought “dogma” was an “official system of principles” based on a certain belief structure….how you said it…sounded like “mystical bylaws” to me…and now I want to write a goofy song.
“Mystical Bylaws….drastically dripping with undeniably dogma….then it goes into the chorus…maybe a refrain too…we’ll see. 🙂
Point is, I learn from resources that span as much of humanity’s timeline as possible.

[quote] Have none of you read any more recent studies than say “New age”, fluff from 1970?
Is everyone watching these “kids” on the A&E Network, “Paranormal Catholics”, and such? [quote]

–Hmm…ok. Again, I can’t begin to cite exactly how many sacred works, philosophical treatises and scientific materials have been discussed on this forum (in the new incarnation or the old). Everything from Eastern culture, to paganism….all the way to thoughts we’ve all had out of the blue and scratched down on a post-it-note. It feels a lot like you are accusing folks here of watching shows like “Ghost Hunters” and using that as their informational base for all beliefs in the paranormal. Please rephrase, or I’m forced to think you are much more myopic and obtuse then you let on. I don’t like to do that based on one “shotgun approach” comment….so help me out.

[quote] It is way beyond time to raise the “level of the room” on this subject lest it go the way of “peace & Love”
and “flower power.” And, i love flowers! Don’t get me wrong. [quote]

–So….what? New-age concepts really annoy you? Is that what you are driving home? I don’t know what you mean by “raising the ‘level of the room'” on this subject, either. Again, are you talking about shadow people? Or our levels of frequency? Please define “level of the room”. At this moment I can’t tell if you are mocking again, or humbly stating that “we need to reassess our motivations for all things spiritual…and therefore “raise the bar” in our spiritual evolution and learning? That I can get behind! Being open to new ideas is what promotes learning….considering the unconsidered, even better of a start. That I would completely agree with you on. However, your statement sounded more like “OMG, new-agers are like, so hippy!!!”

[quote] But greater minds than mine have uncovered treasure troves of data and info that is so far beyond the conversations going on here. [quote]

–Nah, we just haven’t gotten through all the material yet. I know I won’t even be able to do that before I die. A concept that honestly elates me, quite a bit. But also, don’t sell yourself short. I know my response has been thus far defensive, but I personally believe in a collective consciousness. That makes you a major part of our progression (all of humanity does…whether they think they are contributing or not). Something I was not so honest with myself about, until a gentle reminder from Ama, another fantastically enlightened soul/poster on this site….see? We learn all the time. Yet your response makes me think you believe the collaboration that exists on this site is misdirected. Lost.

[quote] Perceptions are not “reality” [quote].

–Sure, maybe. But you will have a hard time convincing me that perception isn’t a functioning part of reality. You speak of quantum mechanics and the “illusion of reality” yet you don’t even mention David Bohm…whom, I might add, besides postulating that reality is a hologram also taught us about the need for wholeness in truth. To not allow ourselves to fall prey to fragmentation in any form (thought, spirit, etc…).

so, please…please…please…please: Make your argument about shadow people….tell us it’s a part of our psyche, I don’t care. But if you throw the likes of Gary Renard at us, at least consider that other authors/thinkers have also been visited by “ascended masters” claiming to be incarnated saints. Consider further that it could just be another perspective of the same wholeness of truth and that all those perspectives could very well add up to our reality.
If that doesn’t fit your fancy (or your ego), then perhaps a simple “in my opinion” (IMO) might work better then knocking CT’s “thoughts and discussions sandbox” he’s so painstakingly built for us.

As for the links to the books…thanks…I’ll have to check out the two I haven’t read yet.


I have been seeing shadows in MTV home every night now for 4 months and my husband to. As we hear footsteps on the roof a d glowing eyes in the trees and voices I started seeing sparkles in the house everywhere we lived here for 8 years and just starting to get crazy so I started taking pic outside to see where the lights were coming from that are everywhere all night and flashing through the window . Someone told me too google shadow people and I about passed out cause the pics I took looked very familiar to the websites and the things happening . I have 2 boys and I don’t wanna freak them out but my husband swears they are people but I td him they look human from a far but the pics are scary creature, witches , vampire and animals I took some that looked like people on my neighbors roof that were tall long black humanoid figures and it came back as UNO or a and bears and a Viking and little small people trolls anything and everything. But I shoe my husband and he refuses to believe it’s not people and wants to move but I wanna know if it will help cause now they are showing themselves to me with my own eyes at times not just in the camera . And following me to work and I decided to take random pics one night going down interstate and there they were. I also see they are trying to make our lives HE’LL my husband and I are arguing and I know they are the cause and I took pics in day time and they were in my tree right there in front of me on the camera but not while I saw it standing there but as I looked thru the camera too take it I saw a green head floating and took camera away didn’t see it looked thru it again and there it was and now I am seeing white sparky mist forming all overt house and I know it’s manifesting so I see it but not my husband . I wanna know if its demonic and what to do. Then I had a Clairvoyant tell me I had a fairy like in me and never gear that before then saw your sight about element and fairies and a lot of the pics were similar to what I have seen so I don’t know if its element or demons or both I am going crazy and my husband is starting to finally believe me and I worry why it has shown itself al of a sudden and will not leave!

Hello Anonymous,

It would be nice to know your first name.

Pictures .. if you send them to CareTaker he can upload them for us to have a look at. I would love to see the witch and vampire photos.

Elemental beings (nature spirits) can look human .. only oddly so .. glowing red eyes and footsteps .. might be cats, or possums. We have a possum that I swear dances on our roof, or my cat chases him .. or both, some nights. He sits outside our bedroom window and hisses worse than a cat. The first time I heard it I nearly jumped out of my skin, but my husband just laughed. He remembered the noise from his childhood.

None of it sounds demonic to me. Sounds like the nature spirits are really causing you problems .. in the meantime .. if you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you’ll find a link to the Michael Invocation. Read the page, then say the Invocation, to clear your home. The instructions on how to do it are there. That will clear out anything that could be harmful, and only leave the pesky visitors who don’t sound like they are coming inside.

The elementals are beginning to show themselves to people a lot more than they did even a few years ago. It can be very strange experience to see them, and interact with them. I’ve had conversations with a few of them over the years, and always found them fascinating, but they are not to be trifled with. Fairies might appear cute, but they certainly have ‘attitude’. If they are interested in you, they might feel some affinity with your energy (in other words, you might have been a fairy in another life, and are choosing to experience a human lifetime – if you believe in reincarnation – I’ve met a few of them over the years as well) .. just say you are not interested in them in a firm way each time you see them, and stop taking photos. They love the attention and more than likely don’t realise you are doing it because they are frightening you.

And tell your husband its real, from me. My husband says so too, he’s had his own experiences with them for many years. He used to work in orchards!

Love & Peace