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Am I Dreaming?

I have not experienced this in a few years, but was thinking about it now and could not find any answers on the internet. A few years back when I had been staying with family, I would sleep walk constantly. I would be in such a deep sleep, I would be dreaming, but walking around all over the house.( upstairs etc). There are alarms in the house, but I had always seemed to avoid those areas unknowingly.

Here comes the strange part –

During my sleep walking missions, I would come across a silhouette or two. Completely human shaped, no facial features though. I did not feel alarmed or scared of them. They seemed normal to me and non threatening. I would have conversations with them and “sleep overs” as if this was normal. They never spoke back to me, but would always listen to what I had to say.

After some time, these silhouettes would become familiar faces of people I deal with or see on a regular basis. They still never spoke back.

On one occasion, I had lost my camera charger. I had searched the house for about a week. That night, one of my “friends” had appeared. It was standing beside my drawers, swinging its leg to the top shelf. I climbed out of bed and opened the top draw. There was my camera charger.

My question would be- has any one else experienced this before, if so, what is it all about? Does anyone have an explanation as to what was actually happening?


Asked by Court

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Hi Court,

You seem to remember what you were doing while you were sleep walking. From what I have read, that’s very unusual.

It was lovely that one of your visitors helped you find the lost camera charger. I understand the frustration of losing mine. I once left one in a haunted house and had to wait a week before it arrived in the mail .. actually, come to think of it, that one got lost in the mail and I had to buy another. It made me a bit more careful of checking rooms I stayed in overnight, even when not ghost hunting.

What I am actually wondering is if, instead of sleep walking, you might be lucid dreaming. If you don’t know what that is, there’s plenty of information on the internet about it. You see, you wrote you climbed out of bed .. so did you wake up in real terms, or did you do it in your dream?

Love & Peace