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Knocks And Shadows

A few years ago, after our grandfather passed away, we had odd things happen in our house. The first thing to happen was actually at my work. I was with a client going over some documents. My business card holder had a small lip along the front of it, probably a quarter inch high. There was a single card left standing and suddenly it lifted above the lip and fell face up on my desk. If it had just fallen on its own it should have been face down!

At home we would catch out of the corner of our eye, a shadow crossing our front window, that would make us believe someone was coming to our door. There was never anyone there. A musical doll on a high shelf, that hadn’t been touched in years, suddenly dinged. Many other things happened but it all stopped when I was in a sound sleep one night, awoke to a tall dark shadow of a man standing over me. I couldn’t see his face..I blinked to clear my eyes, then realized my daughter was standing in my doorway calling my name..when I looked back beside me he was gone.

Everything stopped after that night until 2 weeks ago. 3 nights in a row, a single knock on the wall about 1:30am..we were all sound asleep and it woke Us up. Each of us believed it was a knock on the wall in our room.

Then nothing again until two nights ago..a knock on the wall for the past two nights..the first at 3am, and last night at 1:20..we will see what happens tonight.

Does this symbolize anything.. should we be concerned and should we cleanse the house? Thanks!

Asked by Sherry

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Hi Sherry

It sounds as though you have had a few spooky visitors to your home. Around here it can get like a railway station, with ghosts passing through the house, either through my study from my bedroom, or through the study going to the bedroom .. at which point my husband will generally say we have ghosts in the house. LOL It’s pretty normal. The quiet times are the ones we treasure, they make the busy times more interesting .. and the visits have nothing to do with the full moon .. and sometimes Tom sees the ghosts or sometimes its only me .. and visa versa. We’ve given up trying to work out ‘why’ it happens .. just if it gets too busy, or either of us start to feel uncomfortable about the energy, we clear the house in a number of forms, since we both have our own ways of doing so.

I ask the angels to clear for me, particularly if one of the ghosts stops for a chat, or to ask for help, or to pick a fight .. sigh .. “Archangel Michael, please find the ghost of the man/woman/child .. who calls himself Fred, or herself whatever name she gave you .. or you could say ‘the tall dark shadow of a man standing over me’ .. and send them into healing”.

More concise version ‘Archangel Michael, please Find the tall dark man who was standing over me and Take him into healing”. You can call a ghost an ‘it’ if you want to. Gender is really an illusion connected to our physical bodies, and ghosts only look like who they thought they were before they died. The Take command allows the angel to go to the ghost and say ‘Sherry says I can talk to you’, at which point the angel puts his/her hand on the ghost’s shoulder and doesn’t remove it until he ‘Takes’ the ghost somewhere it can find the peace and healing that it needs. I have seen this happen probably thousands of times in the last 30 or so years. Sometimes the spirit of the person who was a ghost comes back months later to say thank you. We’ve had it happen in Rescue Circles, and privately among the people I who are still my friends from the ‘old days’ when we ran the Circles.

It might sound a bit odd, but its very easy to do, and I can also offer you the link below, to the Michael Invocation, which clears all sorts of negative entities out of the house .. better than smudgin, which I think is totally impractical.

Otherwise, you could ask the minister of your local church to come and bless your house. That works too. But if anyone in the house is a medium, and it sounds that you are .. there will sometimes be ghosts who are attracted to your energy, for dinner, so learning the quick way of clearing them is very helpful.

I personally don’t find ghosts a problem. They are just people who no longer have bodies, and often all they want is help to cross to Home. It’s the place we all began this particular journey we call Life.

Love & Peace

Thanks Ama!
For the past two nights I have tried to catch a recording of it, but there was no knock either night. Tonight I gave up and went to sleep, and once again a single knock on the wall at 1:40 am.
It wakes me from a sound sleep, and I know I’m not dreaming because my daughter yells out immediately as I am waking from the sound. I had found the Michael Invocation on your page after the last time it happened, so tonight I read it. I hope it works, because it’s exhausting me for work in the morning!
Thanks for your advice!