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Is This A Vision?

What is it called when you, all of the sudden, see an image of someone in your head and feel like they are following you?

Sometimes I hear a little girl in the bathroom at work and blow it off. Today I went into the break room after I heard the girl and an image of a girl, very specific image, popped into my head and now I feel like she is standing behind me and my back right side feels like there is pressure or something. I’m hyper-aware of the right side of my upper body.

Asked by Kylie

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Hi Kylie,

It might be clairvoyance (clear seeing), which allows you to see visions and spirits (in your mind or with your eyes) and other things. Hearing the little girl might be clairaudience.

If you go to the doctors, they will say you might be mentally ill or starting to get psychosis, but the fact that you are seeing an image in your mind followed by hearing the girl and feeling her sounds like it is real. Does the image of the girl in your mind actually move around freely a bit as if you are visualizing in the room you are in around you, like when she talks or follows you? If so, personally I think you have a spirit or ghost or some entity with you at times.

Hi Kylie,

Is she still there? It’s so sad when children end up as ghosts, but society is cruel and the defenseless are often its victims.

If she is still there, I suggest you scroll down this webpage to the Michael Invocation and say it to clear your energy, and then you can use it to clear the building you work in .. so if the little girl is not with you, you’ll help her find the peace and healing that she needs. It’s very simple to do. The instructions are on the webpage.

Love & Peace