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Will Objects Come Back If The Spirit Is Gone?

So lately activity has been picking up slightly. Things are full-on disappearing. The objects that are disappearing are the strangest too.

First face towels were disappearing and then spoons and then my iPod. All of these objects are always put in the same exact spot so they can’t be misplaced. Nobody is breaking in because it’ll be there one moment and almost as fast as you blink…’s gone.

I’m beginning to be frightened by the occurrences. Every time I walk into my brother’s room to grab a new book to read, etc. I find myself apologizing because as soon as I cross his doorway, the room feels hostile. It’s very hard to deal with. Even walking by his room to go downstairs, I feel like there’s eyes on me. My parents do not believe in such things because stuff only happens when I am around. I can’t be imagining it. Things just don’t go missing like that.

I’ve been told to do a prayer to the archangel Michael to get rid of the spirit, but I am more concerned about the objects coming back. If I rid this spirit (who I have been around since I was a child) will the objects he have taken return? He used to be friendly but now things are changing and I kind of want him gone.

Should I give him an ultimatum like “Return the objects you’ve stolen by the end of the week or you will be gone.”? If he’s gone then I want what he has taken to be returned. Any help would be greatly appreciated since I don’t know much about objects appearing and reappearing.

FYI: the objects have been missing for months and I have asked for them to be returned to no avail. Maybe a threat will work? I just want the objects returned and if he needs to go for it to happen then I am willing to do it as long as a church doesn’t get involved. Thanks!

Asked by ashley

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Hi Ashley,

There’s no point in threatening a ghost, as they don’t really care. There’s also little hope of having your stolen items returned at this late stage, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find them somewhere after he’s crossed over .. so I recommend you do the Michael Invocation immediately, before things get worse, or get your brother to do it as his room seems to be haunted. It’s a pity your parents don’t believe, since it would help to have them do it as well. Request your home and your whole family be cleared. Name them individually to make sure its done right. Then relax. Some wishes do come true.

Love & Peace