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Can Spirits Or Energy Twist And Tear Cables?

Never mind the three light bulbs burning out three days ago; today, I went out and did some shopping and visiting in the Christmas spirit, only to come home and later on (just now, actually) discover that both ends of the usb cable I use to charge my cell phone has somehow been twisted to the point where it is torn at both ends, exposing the wire.

So my question is this: Can spirits, or energy do that sort of thing?

No on in my home could have done it, including my animals.


Asked by Kel

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Hi Kel,

Light bulbs can burn out for lots of reasons, but cords don’t twist themselves. Yes, some entities can do that, with a lot of effort. Is anything else paranormal happening in your household? If it is you might consider clearing your home, or having it cleared. The Michael Invocation (the link to which is at the bottom of this page) works very well. Start there.

Love & Peace