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Dreams Coming True

At the age of 12 I started having dreams that came true for example on the 12th of January 2013 I dreamed that my cat would go missing for 3 days then I would find her on the side of the street dead from being ran over.

I woke up thinking it was just a bad dream and I forgot all about it but then a week later it came true I was scared because I remember my dream.

A few months had gone past and more and more dreams came true and I tried to stay up so I don’t sleep so I don’t dream.

What is wrong with me please I’m only 18 I don’t need this

Asked by Magenta

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Please get your sleep. It’s OK to see the future through your dreams, that is what happens to me too. There is nothing wrong with you, you are perfectly normal. There is nothing to be afraid of about seeing the future. Just know that YOU yourself are in control of your life, you have free will, and you can change the direction of your life at any time.
I have been having dreams of the future since I was a kid and I am an adult now, it’s normal to me now. You have a gift, I think it is called “precognition” or ” clairvoyance” (clear-seeing, look them up on google).

Seeing the future doesn’t mean you are crazy.

Maybe you can try writing down your dreams every time you wake up. Keep a dream journal 🙂 Write every detail just to get everything out. Maybe you can then compare what you wrote down to what happens in your waking life. It might help get the information out of your mind and onto paper. Plus, you might be able to see the difference between a regular dream and when you are seeing the future.

So, again, please get your sleep. You need proper sleep to function correctly. If your gifts ever bother you, take deep breaths. Go out and walk in nature. Do something physical like gardening or exercise. Keep a journal and write everything that goes on in your mind out.

Hi Magenta,

Micle answered very well. There’s nothing wrong with you, you just have the gift of precognitive dreaming (precognitive means ‘knowing before it happens’). The journal you keep will help you track the patterns, and give you information to check back on after each event you think you dreamed about. Very handy. We don’t always get precognitive ones, but often our dreams show us what we think, feel and remember about everyday life. Tell yourself that’s all you want to remember, right before you sleep each night .. do that often enough and you will train your mind to not remember. But you might regret that one day.

Don’t stop sleeping just because you dream .. but if it gets too bad you can talk to your doctor about sleeping tablets that will let you sleep so deeply that you do not remember the dreams.

Love & Peace