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Why Is This Person On Camera But Not On Photo?

My friend and I were leaving the movies when we saw the security guard at out school. I wanted to take a picture of him to show her mom because we hate him (because of earlier experiences).

I discreetly put the camera on him. As normal I saw him but when I later viewed them with my friend, he wasn’t there. Even when the people who could have been blocking the view moved, he was still not there and I know I saw him though the camera to make sure I got him before.

Is there anything like this out there that this could be?

Asked by Rain

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Hi Rain,

In the delay between you clicking the shutter and the camera taking the picture, as small as it was, the guy walked away. It happens all the time. I love my camera, but I wish it was faster in taking photos, and I take a lot of photos.

Love & Peace

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