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What are Mermaids And Mermen?

So what are they? Are they physical creatures, just myths, or are they elemental beings? Are mermaids both in physical form and in elemental/spirit form?

A Mermaid by John William Waterhouse
A Mermaid by John William Waterhouse

I have a friend who asks mermaids for help when she does her tarot readings and other things and ever since I started talking to her, I have had 2 dreams of mermen and mermaids! I never have any dreams of them and they were quite nice to me in my dreams. They even took me swimming with them in my 2nd dream and I ended up turning into a mermaid. It felt awesome and in that dream, all the mer-people got together with me to create positive energy and to protect me from negative energy and negative people. It was very interesting and I did like the dream.

The Fisherman and the Syren, by Frederic Leighton, c. 1856–1858
The Fisherman and the Syren, by Frederic Leighton, c. 1856–1858

So far, when I see the mer-people in my dreams, they look like normal humans. As soon as their bodies touch water, their lower body transforms into a fish tail like a mermaid and it has scales like a fish and it is usually blue color with greenish blue fins.

Are these nature spirits visiting me? Are the mermaids safe to be contacting with? I don’t want my friend to get into any trouble. My friend really feels connected to mermaids. She even cleans the beaches when she has the chance as a way of saying thanks or something out of respect for the mermaids.

Thank you for reading! I figured this might be one of the few mermaid questions because I couldn’t find any on this website!

Asked by Micle

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A Mermaid by John William Waterhouse

The Fisherman and the Syren, by Frederic Leighton, c. 1856–1858

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Hi Micle

When I think of undersea exploration vehicles that are being developed these days, I wonder if we’ll have a shock and find hidden cities where the merfolk live, but then, I would hope they would hide them very well .. because humanity is destructive, and likes to dissect what it does not understand.

Merfolk are elemental beings. The water elementals are called ‘undines’. The ‘human’ form is because human beings created the myths and legends, some of which Caretaker has given everyone links to above.

And then we go a little mystical. I have met many fairies in human bodies, having human lifetimes ‘for the experience’. It would not surprise me that your friend is a mermaid in a human body, having the lifetime ‘for the experience’. They are all elemental beings. These bodies we wear are just a vehicle to run around in. They house our ‘spirit’ .. so why not house the spirit of other energy beings as well? Because your friend is a mermaid she will be called back to the sea, and want to be part of it and protect it, but she has to remember .. she chose to be human for this lifetime .. so be human, learn what she can, for when her body dies she’ll return to her own energy (elemental) .. and might even choose to be human again.

Yes, merfolk exist. They are part of the elemental kingdom, which is very different from the ‘human’ kingdom, but comes from the same Source. The elementals were created with the planet, and are tied to the planet. Humans are only visitors here. The elementals are the owners. We should remember that, as we go about destroying their world.

Love & Peace

Oh wow so they are nature spirits! That is so cool! Are there any links to websites to get more accurate information about mermaids? I forgot to mention that my friends contact with the mermaids is usually in her dreams. They meet her in her dreams which is why I felt they visited me in my own dreams! So after my friend dies, if she is a mermaid in human form for now, will she go to heaven and heal like a normal human being or will she automatically go back to work as an elemental? How does the process work for people who are elementals in human form? Thank you so much for your response!

Sorry, Micle, I don’t of any webpages, but you might find some if you search.

Heaven is everywhere, all around us, all the time. If your friend’s spirit is not human, she will return to the water from which she was created. That is ‘heaven’ to them, their true ‘element’. There she will find the peace she needs, just as humans find peace in healing in the planes we inhabit when not in human bodies.

Love & Peace

Oh ok. So elementals in human skin return to their ‘element’ when they die? Also, is it ok if my friend tries making contact with the mermaids? Is there any danger in trying to communicate with elementals? I just want her to be safe.

Oh ok thank you so much! They seem friendly enough from what I experienced in my dreams. Thanks!

My father was a commercial fisher man. In later life he retired from the sea and told us some stories of strange events that happened while he was at sea.
He said when they were way out to sea and there wasn’t any land or other boats for miles around, at night he would see strange lights and hear music. A lot of people would just laugh and tell him he was just at sea at too long and had hallucinations.
He quit the sea after he almost drowned when their boat was capsized in a storm. He never went back to the sea again, but he had a lot of stories to tell.

That’s a lovely story, Nancy. I would love to hear tales like that. I’ve drive through the desert being followed by strange lights .. even stopped the car one particular night and demand the ‘lights’ come closer so I could check them out. They didn’t .. just stayed at a distance and then started following again, for a very short time, after I returned to driving. We call them ‘min min’ lights here in Oz. Might be created by natural occurrence, but I never found out. And I was a bit chicken .. me, in the dark, about midnight, on a dirt road between Woomera and Roxby Downs. These days I would have walked right up them and demanded an explanation. LOL

I do know that sound can travel very long distances in very strange ways, particularly over water, but how do we explain the lights? LOL

Love & Peace

I read somewhere that Whales make noises that sound like music and when seamen drink too much, Dolphins look like Mermaids! lol

Hi, am from Nigeria. Am an half man half fish in humans body, I belong to the good water spirit kingdom(White n Blue)am looking for a metaphysical fraternity thats meant for merfolks and they worship water God that i could join for free without payment, can you please help me out?

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