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Why Do I See Myself Following Me Around?

I have been seeing me but with something ducking down trying to hide behind this other me, this has been happening since I was 7 and I am about to turn 20. Why is this thing following me around?

I thought I was just seeing things until other people asked me about it.

I feel very uncomfortable when it happens and I just want to understand what it means.

Asked by Mikayla

One reply on “Why Do I See Myself Following Me Around?”

Hi Mikayla,

What else happens when you see the two figures? Where are you and what are you doing at the time? Is it something you do regularly, or a place that you visit regularly? Feeling uncomfortable could just be because its odd – do you ever feel threatened by the figures, or frightened? What does your doppelganger (means ‘double’) actually look like? And what does the other figure look like – is it always the same too?

Love & Peace